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Chapter 1

Somewhere over the South Pacific Ocean a hot air balloon was slowly floating westward. Its course was set for a small island roughly thirty miles in diameter, Known as Kinkow island. The pilot of the hot air balloon was a young man around the age of nineteen. He was known to the islander's as King Brady, one of the three triplet kings of the island. He was coming home from a quest of self-discovery and maturity.

Eighteen months ago he overheard a conversation between two girls. He had a huge crush on one of them who went by the name of mikayla. They were talking about how mikayla would never go out with King Brady, because he was so immature and would always be immature as long as he was king. King Brady left the island making a vow not to return until he manned up and became more mature. During the time he was gone he also vowed to become stronger in mind and in body, so as to prove that he was not the same old weak and immature Brady that left the island; but that he was a changed man.

"Brrrrrr!" said Brady as he pulled his jacket tighter to himself. Although it was august; in high altitudes temperatures and winds where different than those nearer to the surface of the planet. It was freezing Brady to the bone. He decided to lower his altitude by about a thousand feet so he could warm up. He was extremely good at controlling a hot air balloons because of an incident that forced him to spend over seven days, a total of 172 hours piloting a hot air balloon, because the pilot of the balloon fell into a high fever while they were flying over Alaska in the dead of winter and the emergency satellite phone was busted.

Brady started to lower his altitude when he saw it, The Island! it was about seventy five miles south west of where he was, instantly all the cold went out of him, so instead of lowering his altitude, he rose it so that he could get faster winds. His heart took a leap when he thought of Mikayla.

"It's been over a year and a half! I wonder if she's changed." He thought as his altitude increased.

He was going really fast now, he looked at his specially made speedometer and saw that he was doing one hundred fifty miles an hour. He made a quick calculation and estimated that with the current speed he was going at that would be there in about half an hour. Although with the time it would take to slow down and descend from this altitude to land it would probably take over an hour. "I'm nearly there!" he thought excitedly