This is my first ever story on wrestling with the two favourite couple I like AJ & Cm Punk. I just hope you enjoy it.

Ain't Fridays supposed to be good? This one has to be one of the worse Fridays of my life. Daniel has kicked me out again, this has to be the third time he's done it. I have already tried to get hold of kaitlyn but shes not picking up the phone. I start to slowly walk around the hotel place. Why can't things go right to day? As i was thinking that. My luck gets even worse, I end up tripping on my own two feet and ending up bumping in to someone from behind and falling to the ground in shook. I look up to see the person I had just bumped into.

"John, I'm sorry I didn't mean to bump in to you like that I tripped."

John looked at her and smiled. "It's okay AJ, I'm fine." Looking at AJ brought a smile to john's face, she looked so worried that her little frame could injury a big guy like him.

I look at John to make sure that he is really okay then I start to wonder what time it is.

"Um John, do you know what time it is?"

"Yeah, it should be nearly 9:30."

John's eyes starts to drift down to the little suitcase she's holding and was about to question her on it but she had already said thanks and skipped off to where ever she was going.

AJ was skipping down the hotel hall, She looked a little excited because she had just picked up her new comic book she had ordered offline.

AJ is about to go to the elevator when her phone starts to vibrate in her pocket, she takes it out and looks at the flashing light what shows Kaitlyn's name in big text. AJ clicks the green button to answer. Aj puts the phone to her ears.

"Hello." Comes a whisper from her best friend.

"Hey kaitlyn, I tried to ring you earlier."

Kaitlyn whispers back. "Sorry my phone was dead and why was you trying to ring me earlier?"

AJ bites the corner of her lip thinking of the memory of Daniel kicking her out of his hotel room.

"I need a place to stay, Daniel kicked me out again and I have no where else to go."

"Isn't this the third time he's done that?" Kaitlyn hisses.

"Yes but we will probably be okay tomorrow."

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