I know, I should be working on my current stories. But I WANNA DO THIS!

Master of Dimensions, Lichylichy.

Kirby happily walked through Whispy Wood's forest. He had a basket of apples on his head as he walked. He waved to all of the animals as he passed. Not knowing of the creature lurking, watching the young hero as he entered Cappy Town. All the Cappies waved as the pink puffball walked past. He walked into Kowasaki's kitchen.

"Poyo!" Kirby yelled, ringing the bell. Chef Kowasaki walked out.

"Oh! Kirby! You brought me the apples I asked for!" Kowasaki said happily. He counted out the apples. "And you didn't eat one of them! Wait here. I will go get your reward." He entered the kitchen again. Kirby swung his legs patiently.

"Gaaah!" Someone yelled.

"Poyo?" Kirby wondered aloud. He exited the shop. He saw a great cloud of dust coming from a hill. And then he saw it. A large group of waddle dees chasing a puffball. This puffball was running on a huge ball about the size of himself. The ball hit a rock, and the ball went flying. The puffball got to his feet, with some difficulty do to the fact that he had no arms. He shifted himself, adjusting the jester-like hat on his head. The pale purple-pink puffball turned around.

"Kirby!" He cried and ran up to the surprised puffball. "He's coming! I know how to beat him! You have to listen! Their in trouble! The prophecy! The heroes! You must find the heroes!" He jumped slightly, dropping his hat, just as the Waddle Dees tackled him.

"You, Marx, are under arrest for causing the sun and moon to fight." Waddle Doo snarled.

"Hahahahahah!" Marx cackled manically. "The device! The device! Ahahahahahahahah!" The Waddle Dees preceeded to drag him away, laughing all the way.

"Poyo?" Kirby asked. He glanced at the hat. He picked it up and looked inside. A small remote fell out. It was green, with a button and a lever to twist. Kirby put the hat on after replacing the device.

"Kirby? Kirby? Oh. Kirby? What are you doing out here?" Kirby turned to see Chef Kowasaki. He had a chocolate bar in his hand. "Where'd you get that hat? Oh. Here's your reward." Kowasaki hands the puffball the chocolate bar. Kirby looks at it. He hands it back, before running off towards the castle. "Oh. That was odd. Kirby turning down food?"

"Meta Knight!" Bun yelled, trying to keep up with the caped puffball.

"Where are you going?" Fumu asked, keeping up much better.

"To see someone." Blade Knight replied for him.

"Someone that would reveal something too much." Sword Knight continued.

"Stay away kids. It is too dangerous." Meta Knight replied.

"No way." Bun replied. Meta Knight stopped in front of the staircase to the dungeon, and in one fluid moment, Galaxia was out and pointed between Bun's eyes. Bun stopped, an inch from the blade.

"Stay. Away." With that he ran down the stairs. Bun immediately began down the stairs, quietly.

"Bun. Meta Knight said we shouldn't." Fumu whispered.

"Then there has to be smething cool down here." The cappa said happily. He continued down, Fumu following behind, albeit reluctantly.

"Heheheh. What's the matter Meta Knight?" A puffbal sat in the jail cell, rocking back and forth on his bottom. He was smiling widely, his eyes slightly unfocused.

"What are you doing on Popstar, Marx." Meta Knight asked.

"Hahahah. What do you think? Nova granted me Popstar as per my wish." Marx cackled.

Meta Knight crossed his arms. "What's the real reason you came into town?" Meta Knight asked.

"Oh ho! What's the matter? The big boss man won't reveal all of the truth to you?" Marx cackled insanely.

"That is of no concern to you."

"No concern? No concern! I believe the destruction of the Multiverse should be EVERYONE'S concern! Wahahahahahah!"

"You will keep your mouth shut. Do you understand?" Meta Knight drew Galaxia, pointing it at Marx's head. Marx just smiled.

"You going to kill me? With your scythe? Isn't that against the rules?" Marx sneered.

"I don't know how you get this information, but I assure you, I will not hesitate to strike you down." Meta Knight said threateningly.

"Fine fine. But then you won't know where it is." Marx smirked. Meta Knight flinched. "That's right. It's in the castle. I came here to warn you. He'll blow it to smithereens~ And when he does, the creature that comes out will destroy everything else! Bwahahahahahah!"