Woohoo! Chapter 3! I own nothing! Except the plot, and two OCs you will meet later. Eheheheh.

Captain Waddle Doo cackled as he walked down the hall, an army of Waddle Dees marching loyally behind him. The staff clutched in his fingerless hand. An evil glint in his eye. He led them straight down a side passage. His eye curled into an evil smirk. For a creature without a mouth, he pulled it off fairly well. He picked up a sock.

"It does not matter that Marx said no." He laughed loudly. "Yeeeeeeees. It doesn't matter. He was not the only enemy of Kirby's."

"...And really, how did you even become a king in the first place?" Marx finished after a long rant on how incompetent Dedede was. "Now, about your mother-" Dedede snapped.

"That's it!" He pulls out his hammer and begins slamming the cage, making dents here and there. Marx just smiled.

"You swing like a girl!" He yelled. Afterwards he cast a "sorry" glance to Fumu.

"I do not!" The king yelled, hitting the cage harder and harder.

"Oh right. You swing like a fat old bird! Heeeeeey..." The puffball smiled.

"Don't say it." Escargo pleaded.

"You know what..." Marx continued.

"Don't say it." Captain Waddle Doo said.

"Now that I think about it..." Marx continued.

"Don't say it." Fumu whispered.

"Say it. Say it. Say it. Say it." Bun chanted next to her.

"YOU ARE A FAT OLD BIRD!" Marx screamed.

"N-No." Escargo said, turning white.

"N-No." Waddle Doo whispered, pupil dilating.

"N-No." Fumu cried silently, looking worried.

"Yes!" Bun yelled, abandoning his hiding place. Not that anybody noticed over the king. He had turned completely red. His eyes were bloodshot and his beak was turned into a great scowl. He lifted the hammer up and with a fire in his eyes, brought it down, destroying the cage completely. Crushing it like no more than a tin can. However, in doing so he opened a hole in it, allowing Marx to jump out and run up the stairs.

"I'll show you!" Dedede cried in outrage and followed up, shaking the castle itself. Waddle Doo and Escargo sighed before following as fast as they could.

Jake turned to the sheriff, still ignoring the shot gun being prodded at the back of his head. The snake talked fast, forked tongue licking the air.

"You need to evacuate Dirt. Move everyone to a safe location." The rattlesnake peeked out between the blinds again.

"If you say one more word I'll shoot ya full of lead." Beans threatened.

"He's getting closer..." Jake whispered.

"I am serious!" Beans yelled, though a little confused. This seemed to hit Jake like a ton of bricks.

"And so am I." He hissed threateningly. "You want to die? We're all going to die if you don't listen!" He peeked out and snarled. "Look for yourself." Rango, after giving him a sideways glance, peeked out.

"Jake, that is just a sandstorm." He replied.

"That is what he wants you to think." Jake slithered out of the office again. Rango pulled his belt up a little higher and followed. Bean, after grumbling a little, followed too. Rango noticed the large sandstorm. It actually seemed like something was throwing the sand up in the air.

"Who is he?" Rango asked. The rattlesnake just gestured to the dust cloud.

"Whoever that is." He said. At this point all of the people in town were coming out, to see Rattlesnake Jake and Rango sitting there, watching a dust storm coming progressively closer.

Something rolled over the sign that announced the town's name, and it cracked again, so now it looked like 102.

From far away it kind of looked like a snowman. One round thing on top of another. And then they could see it. It was a round creature of some sort, running on top of a... a... What is that thing?

"Oh no." Jake hissed, shaking his head. "No no no. Get everyone out of Dirt. Now. He's gonna blast this place to Limbo." The creature was a purple, with the remains of a shoe on one foot. A jester cap bobbed merrily on his head. He stopped, the remains of a bow tie waving in the wind.

"Hellooooooooo." The odd circular creature said. "I am Marx." He hopped onto the ground as two white robots came out from behind the bomb that he was walking on. "And I am here to kill you all."