Rock Paper Scissors

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Chapter Two

That was six months ago. Jo and I became best friends and the same with his girlfriend, Megan. She was this really sweet girl who was still in university, following her dream of becoming a microbiologist. She was an amazing cook, bringing me meals (as I am too incompetent to cook my own food, although you have to give me credit – I learned how to use the microwave, it only exploded once) and she also taught me how to use the washing machine and dryer downstairs in the basement. I also fell in love with the clothes shop across the road – the garments in there were simply gorgeous. So unique, soft to the touch... they were amazing.

My image also changed dramatically – one day I had long, brown hair – the next short, dark blue hair with seven piercings in total in my ears, and a nose piercing, all as an act of defiance. When I walked out of my apartment the next morning from when I first got it done, Jo burst out laughing. When I walked into school with my new do, the School Body President thingy, Nathaniel, freaked. He also freaked when I punched his bitchy sister, Amber, in the face. Because she's so loved by all the teachers, I was almost expelled for that action, which is unfair considering that she slapped me. But Nathaniel stopped me from leaving the school property early that day, so I guess I kind of owe him.

Sweet Amoris High... the name of my new school. It seemed sickly, like it was going to be a pink-and-yellow snobby school full of pricks. It was full of pricks, of course, but it was a dull grey building that was run down and dirty inside, covered in litter. On certain events, like open evening for the new, little kids and for inspections, they cleaned up pretty well. Other times? It was bull.

I sat there, my head resting against the cracked, mossy window, at the back of the empty classroom. I was in no hurry. After a few long minutes, I slowly pushed myself out of the orange plastic chair and made my way over to the door. Stepping out into the crowded corridors, I felt as if time had sped up around me, and I was left behind...

I pushed open the doors to the student council room and pulled out a slip of pastel pink paper. A familiar face looked up in mild amusement as I slammed the flimsy note onto the desk before me. I pushed back a hard plastic chair and sat down angrily. Nathaniel frowned slightly.

"Another detention, Charlotte? You know, this goes on your record..."

"I know, and I don't care, frankly," I snapped, leaning forward temporarily to exaggerate my point.

He sighed, closing his golden eyes. "Charlotte, you're on the brink of being expelled, so get a grip." I sat back, slamming my spine against the back of my uncomfortable seat.

"I don't care, Nathaniel, so cut me the crap, already," I huffed. A small smile played across his cheeks, and he leant back with the air of victory around him. "If you get expelled, you'll have to tell your father..." His finger fiddled with the pens in a small pot balanced on his desk.

My eyes widened. "I-I can't... if he finds out..." I stuttered, frowning, wondering how to fix this.

"You could always try to improve your attitude. I'm sure you're a lovely girl, you could make loads of friends, if you would only try," he suggested.

"But I – I just can't... Everybody thinks of me as bitchy and rude, I can't change their impressions of me now!" I exclaimed, panic creeping through my voice. "I've been like this ever since – ever since..."

An expression of pity showed evident on Nathaniel's face. "There is a way that you could try, Charlotte. You can change even your mother's opinion of you, if you really tried. She knows, as does everybody around you, that you are a good person at heart, you just... find it hard to express!" Nathaniel smiled, trying to cheer me up.

"Pfft... Yeah, I'd have to try very hard," I grumbled.

"Charlotte," Nathaniel's voice was demanding and controlling, forcing me to look up into his eyes. "It's this attitude that caused all this trouble. You want to be expelled, and tell your father?"

"I-I guess not..."

"Then, Charlotte, you have to try. Work for it. You can change from being the bully to-"

"To what? The victim? Because I already am!"

Nathaniel pressed his lips into a thin line. "You know, you really remind me of Amber sometimes."


"Used to be sweet and innocent, but one day, just changed..." My face reddened.

"Don't call me sweet, you perverted... you perverted... monkey! You perverted monkey!"

He chuckled. "You're not used to receiving compliments?"

I sighed. "No, usually it's just insults or asking me to go away."

"Anyway," Nathaniel ran a hand through his hair. "Back to the improvement thing... do you have any idea how I'm planning to improve your attitude?"

"Um..." I was absolutely rubbish at trying to solve things out. "Making me knit socks for kittens?" I watched as Nathaniel's expression went from serious to something that was filled with pure love, back to serious.

"No, however gleeful that may be, we will not be knitting for kittens. Instead, I am going to MAKE you a nicer person."

"And how to you plan to go about doing that?"

"Trust-building activities, going about town trying to be nicer to people... and maybe we'll squeeze in kittens somewhere."

"What? NO!" I yelled. "I am NOT hanging out with you."

The blond before me looked offended and hurt. "Why not? What's so bad about me?"

"Just... just... just look at you! Uber-nerd alert!" I rolled my eyes.

"But I want to knit footwear for kittens, too!" The expression he wore then made my heart melt. He looked so sweet and adorable, I wanted to hug him... My cheeks flushed and blood started roaring around my head.

"It's still a no!"

"Expulsion," he threatened.

"I'll manage on my own!" "Just like the last six months?"

I froze, about to get up. Sighing in defeat, I slowly lowered myself back to my seat. I had about a bezillion detentions and one suspension.

"I'll cut you a deal – one round of rock paper scissors. I win – I get to help you. If you win, you can fight this battle on your own," Nathaniel said hopefully.

"Fine, I guess..." So we both pumped our fists three times, saying, "rock, paper, scissors!" and I held out a fist, representing a rock, whereas Nathaniel had his hand in such a position that it looked like he was about to high-five me – paper. He wrapped his hand around mine.

"Paper covers rock," he said, simply.

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