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Shiina's P.o.V:

Shortly after dinner awhile ago, Yukari and I decided to go to sleep.

She put the futon mats out on the floor slightly separated from each other.

It seems Yukari is already asleep though...

As I roll over silently to look at her I can't help but blush at what I see.

She's so cute, but beautiful.

Her short messy hair is all over the place, her pale eyelids shut covering her magnificent indigo colored iris's.

I sit up for a moment rubbing my eyes.

I don't know why, but I'm having a hard time sleeping.

Is it the thought that I'm sleeping in the same room as a girl?

It shouldn't be that strange though...I've slept here plenty of times before now.

Yawning quietly wasn't quiet enough I suppose, because Yukari is sitting up at this point rubbing her eyes with one hand.

"Hey, Shiina-Chan, is something the matter? Can you not sleep?" She asks me quietly, because she just woke up.

"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry, did I wake you? I'm okay. I'm sorry, I can be more quiet if you'd like. I just can't sleep for some reason." I tell her quietly.

I'm slightly ashamed of waking her up like that.

I guess she's just a really like sleeper.

"Oh, it's okay, Really. You don't need to feel bad about it." She assures me quietly.

It's still raining outside.

I listen as the rain patters against the window as I gaze towards the moon.

"...H-hey, Shiina?" I hear her call.

I looked back at her, "What is it, Yukari?"

"Uh...If you're having a hard time sleeping, you could come and sleep next to me and see if that helps..." She says nervously.

I immediately blush at this and look away then look back at her.

She jumps a little in shock at what she just said to me, "U-uh...I mean, if you want to. I mean, when I was little...I liked to cuddle with my brother when I couldn't sleep." She tells me.

I nod at her, still blushing but now smiling.

Yukari's P.o.V:

Oh my gosh, Yukari!

What were you thinking asking him a question like that?!

I shake my head for a second, then I see him nod with that feint grin on his face.

He begins to scoot closer to me quietly, and I lay back down.

He wraps his arms around me from my back, while i'm facing the window.

I begin to turn 4 shades of red, but then everything is okay; Nice, calm, and comfortable.

We just kind of lay there together for a moment in each others grasp.

Eventually the two of us doze off together as we ignore the sound of the rain.

~That morning~

I sit up slowly as I rub my eyes to wake up faster.

Something holds me back as I try to sit up though.

I look back at the floor and see Shiina latched on to me.

I lay back down and look at him silently.

He looked SO adorable!

His medium length grey hair was so messy, while his soft pale pink lips laid still.

I subconsciously leaned over, kissed him, and then blushed a light shade of pink as well.

Shiina's P.o.V:

I wake up quietly, only to find Yukari's lips pressed gently against mine.

She pulls away from my face slowly, turns her head to the side a little and says, "Good-morning, sleepy head!"

The color of red flows over my face as I feel so embarrassed and nervous.

"G-good morning, Yukari." I tell her, but i'm still really tired so my voice cracks a little which makes me even more embarrassed.

"Your sleepy voice is so adorable, you know?" She tells me while a bright grin widens across her face.

"U-uh...Thank you." I smile back at her.

She laughs for a second and stands up.

"So, I called Minato, and we need to get ready to go see him. Okay?" She tells me.

I nod at her for a second, then stand up too. I get some clothes and go to the bathroom to change.

Yukari's in the living room, still in her P.J.s, while she waits on me to get changed.

I'm getting undressed in front of the mirror as I think about our kiss this morning.

I look up at myself in the mirror and find myself blushing.

I smile lightly and look away.

Eventually, I finish getting dressed, and I go to the living room and tell Yukari that I'm ready so she can go get dressed now.

Soon enough we're both ready to go.

We start walking out the door and begin on our way to Minato's house.

I can't help but wonder who this guy is, what he looks like, and what kind of person he is as well.

"So, just a warning, sometime's my brother can be a real weirdo, so don't get weirded out or anything if he does something strange. Okay?" She warns me, and gives me a feint smile.

I nod at her, "Oh, okay. I'll try." I tell her as I laugh at the statement a little.

Once we get there, she taps lightly on the door waiting on a response.

A lady with purple hair opens the door and greets the two of us, "Oh, Hello. Welcome to Maison Uzimo. I'm guessing you're here to visit Minato. Correct?"

Yukari nods, "Uh, Yeah. How'd you know?" She asks kind of curiously.

The lady just gives this strange smile and I feel like Yukari and I can feel some dark aura coming off this lady.

She kind of scares me so I hide a little behind Yukari.

"Oh, I just know. That and Minato gets a LOT of visitors these days." She tells her. "And who's this?" She asks Yukari as she looks behind her at me.

"Oh, This is Shiina. He's my seki-I mean he's just a friend of mine!" She smiles and laughs lightly, but nervously.

"So, you two are a part of the Sekirei plan as well? I see, well feel free to come in and chat. My name is Mia. I'm sekirei No. 1. It's a pleasure to meet you too."

"Okay, thank you! Same to you." She tells her and begins to walk inside.

I follow behind her quietly.

Suddenly I feel like Kusano is somewhere close, so I tug on Yukari's shirt and whisper, "Yukari...I think Ku is somewhere near here!"

She looks back at me, "Really? Well, give me a second to say hey to Minato, and we'll go looking for her, okay?"

I nod at her and we start walking towards a room.

Yukari goes into this room that looks like a living room so I follow her.

I step into that room and see four girls and some guy, which I'm assuming is Minato.

I look for a moment then see Kusano, "K-Ku?" I say out loud.

"Shiina!" Kusano shouts loudly and runs to me.

We hug for a second, and then I say, "I'm so glad to finally find you! I want you to meet my Ashikabi, Yukari."

Kusano looks at Yukari for a moment and Yukari looks back and smiles.

She bends down and holds out her hand to Ku, "Hello, It's nice to meet you. We've been looking for you for quite some time now."

Ku dodges her hand and hugs her, "Thank you! Thank you so much for showing him to me." She tells her happily.

I feel so happy to see Ku, but then I remember that I still have to introduce myself to the others in the room.

Yukari welcomes Ku and then she greets Minato.

"Hey, big bro! What's up?" She says to him.

Minato looks at her for a second, slightly confused, "So...Wait, You're an ashikabi too?" He asks her.

She nods at him. "So, you're an ashikabi? That's too cool! This is my sekirei. Sekirei No. 107, Shiina." She introduces me.

I smile brightly at him, but i'm nervous.

"Oh, nice to meet you Shiina, I'm Minato; Yukari's older sibling, and these are my four Sekirei's." He points to a brunette one, "Musubi, no. 88" Then to a Kusano, "Kusano, No. 108" then to a red haired one, "Matsu," and then to a blonde haired one, "Tskumi."

The both of us smile at them and nod, "It's nice to meet you all."

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