Crushed and Created

By: Lightmyfire2254

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Summary: What if Chloe was the featured dancer, the favorite one? What if Maddie was pushed to the edge of the dance floor? What if Melissa pulled Maddie from the studio and took her to Miami where she would meet the stars of a century?


Chapter two 'I'm Leaving'

Brooke's POV

I walked into studio B so I could begin to work on my solo called 'Almost Lover' {See Bottom} I loved the music it was beautiful. I walked in and saw Paige and Kendall working on their duet, "STRAIGHTEN YOUR FEET PAIGE!" Abby screamed in my little sister's face. They continued to dance, "PAIGE, ITS 1, 2,3,4,5 NOT 1,2,3,4 AND A 1, 2 IT'S 5, 5 MEANS FIVE DUNDERHEAD!" Abby bellowed. My jaw dropped she did not just say that. Paige ran out of the room crying, "BROOKE, BROOKE, GET IN HERE!" Abby yelled; I sighed I have to go in there now don't I. Abby pulled out an ugly short table, "Come on Brooke, we don't have all day get on the table." I began to go through the routine it was a pretty dance if only Abby would stop yelling at me, "Brooke, make another mistake and I will pull your solo in a second!" Abby yelled my eyes glazed over with tears. "BROOKE! STOP WITH THE CRYING YOU'RE NOT FIVE, SO STOP WITH THE CRYING!" I began to do more turns, but quickly fell out of them. Abby flipped the table onto the floor, "BROOKE, IF YOUR GOING TO BE LIKE PAIGE THEN YOU'RE DONE. NO SOLO!" I ran out of the room tears falling down my face; Nia came over to comfort me, but I quickly pushed her away. I slammed the dressing room door, "I'M DONE!" Tears flooded my vision as I ran down the street on the way to my house; I pulled out my phone and proceeded to text Maddie; 'Maddie, I've made up my mind I'm going to ask my mom and see if I can come stay with you and Kenzie. I've had it with Abby, and I've had it with the 'Momma Drama'. A moment later Maddie replied, 'Ok I told my mom she said if you didn't want to ask her than she would talk to her about it.' I walked into the house slamming the front door in the process. My mother and Christi sat at the kitchen table drinking tea.

"Hey Brooke," Christi greeted me.

"Hi." I quietly said.

"Brooke, what's wrong?" my mother asked. I ignored her.

I stormed up the stairs my mother close behind me, "Brooke, sweetheart what's wrong? Why are you home early? Where's Paige?" She called to me.

"I'm fine, I'm home early because I got done early, and Paige is at duet practice." I opened the door to my bedroom, my mother at my heels. My phone vibrated; looking down I saw that Maddie had texted me 'Does my mom need to call yours?' I thought for a few minutes before replying 'No I'm to going to tell her in a little bit.'

"Um mom I'm fed up with Abby and Maddie and Melissa invited me to go to Miami and train there. I know it's a long ways away and that we can't just pack up and move, but this is what I want to do; I've heard great things about the studio and I've looked up some of the kids that go there and watched them dance, and they were pretty amazing." I pulled out my laptop and typed in the name 'Lucas Triana I Believe in Something.' My mother watched the whole video while I sat nervously looking around my room at all the trophies and crowns I had won at Abby's, 'No I'm not going back to Abby's I may miss everybody, but she is the only reason why I would not come back.' When the video finished my mother looked over at me, "Are you sure you want this?"

"Yes, I want this more than anything else."

"Okay if this is what you want."

"But Mom, wait did you just say yes?" Yes, I know what you're thinking 'what a weirdo', but it's a natural reaction for a teenager.

"Yes Brooke, you can go, but I need to talk to Melissa about this." I hugged my mom and kissed her cheek.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" I cheered. My mother got up hugged me and left the room probably to go call Melissa. I pulled out my suitcase and began to pack all my clothes and a few personal items. I stared at all of my old costumes and tiaras; I pulled my most recent win, when we won nationals. I grabbed my two most favorite costumes, the diary of Anne Frank and Metamorphosis; I sighed as I looked at them, they were amazing, but I want to go somewhere that I wouldn't be put down for wanting to be myself.

~~~~~~~~Time Skip to the Next Week~~~~~~~~~~~

Maddie's Pov

I can't believe it we are officially starz dancers I for one am excited. This week I'm just a guest in the group dance, I'm ecstatic. My mom, Mackenzie and I headed into the studio Victor came over and gave us a hug.

"Hey Maddie, Kenzie, my beautiful dancers, how was your guy's day?" I smiled at the nickname.


"That's good. Well this week Maddie will be the featured dancer in the group. I just wanted to let you know that." With that he walked into studio A. We looked through the window wondering what was going on in there.

Victor's Pov

When I got finished teaching the senior dancers their dance for the week I made my way over to teach the junior competition team; as I was walking into the lobby I saw Maddie and Mackenzie come in. We had a brief conversation before I had to go to the junior team for practice. I walked in the room set up the music and waited for the kids to come in. Lucas walked in first, followed by Kimmy, Jessi, Hannah, and last was Sammy; their mothers right behind them.

"Okay, first on the list is Lucas, your solo was amazing and first overall is amazing, next is Kimmy, you did amazing in the group dance and stood out a lot, next we have is Jessi, your solo was beautiful, Sammy you are fourth on the list because you blended way to much in the group enough said, Hannah you are last on the list because of your technique. This week's assignments are Lucas, you will not be in the group dance, but you will have a solo and a duet. Jessi, Sammy, you will have a trio with a surprise guest we have. Kimmy, you will have a solo. Hannah you will also have a solo, but you will not be in the group." I said, now it's time to introduce our special guest.

"Okay, kids I have a big surprise for you guys have you ever heard of the names Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler? No, what about Brooke Hyland?" the kids started cheering and looked toward the door Maddie did a side ariel through the door and Mackenzie had to up her one by doing a round-off back handspring. Brooke entered in on her hands just walking around.

"Sammy, Jessi, meet your trio partner Brooke. Brooke these are the girls you will be doing a trio with. Lucas, meet your duet partner Maddie."

Maddie's Pov

When my eyes landed on Lucas, I knew I was hit by the love fairy baby or whatever he is called. I stuck my hand out to him.

"Hi, my name is Maddie Ziegler it's nice to meet you," I began to blush so bad he was so cute. He shook my hand and opened his mouth to speak, but was cut off by Victor.

"This weeks group dance is acro, I know not all of you are good at acro, but these three girls are amazing at acro; the dance is called 'Nightmare'. Maddie has the lead part of the little girl being haunted by the nightmare creatures. Lucas yours and Maddie's duet it called 'Love the Way You Lie'. Lucas your solo is called 'Affect.' Hannah your solo is called 'To Build a Home.' Kimmy your solo is called 'Fragile.' Brooke, Jessi, and Sammy your trio is entitled 'I Believe.' Okay girls let's get started on the group dance.

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