This story is dedicated to my #1 reader and reviewer, Cocobutterrox, who will later on become a character in the story!

I kinda suck at writing their accents, so if you ever need clarification on something they said, feel free to PM me :)

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"Get outta here, you mangy cat!"

A white tom with black and orange stripes shot out the restaurant's kitchen door as the cook chased him with a steak knife. The cat looked back, triumphant. He wore a bag around his waist that contained bowls of rice pudding.

"Be gone with you!" The cook chased him out of the alley before returning to his kitchen.

The tom ran through the dark streets as he dodged the feet of people. The stars had started shining and the moon rose into the sky, casting a soft glow on the streets below. He had a weird feeling to look back, and when he did, he saw a Pollicle that the cook has sent chasing after him. His eyes widened and he ran faster.

The Pollicle was much bigger than the tom and caught up to him soon enough. The striped tom didn't dare look back, but could feel the hot breath on the back of his neck. The bag thumped against his leg as he ran down a narrow alley. He skidded around the corner and came to an abrupt halt. Dead end. The tom swiveled around to face his fate. The Pollicle was grinning menacingly and licking his lips.

"Well, well, if it isn't Mungojerrie!" The Pollicle greeted nastily. "I should have known. You've been stealing from my owners far too many times this week."

Mungojerrie looked confused. "No Oi 'aven't. Oi nevah came neah yah restaurant oll week!"

"Filthy liar!" The Pollicle spat. "I may be old, but my eyes are not deceiving me. There was a cat who looked exactly like you stealing from us. It's time that I ended your thieving days."

Mungojerrie thought the old Pollicle was a lunatic. He'd never gone near the restaurant. Mungojerrie may have been a liar, but he was telling the truth this time. Mungojerrie closed his eyes anyways and wished for a painless death. The Pollicle gave a loud squeal and he opened his eyes to see a black cat attacking the dog. The great Rumpus Cat!

The Rumpus Cat looked up and signaled for Mungojerrie to run. He gave a thankful smile and took off. He ran past the wrestling pair and out of the alley way. He hid behind a pile of garbage and gave a huge sigh of relief. He opened his bag to check on the rice pudding. One of the many bowls had fallen over, only spilling a little bit of its contents.

"Thonk Evahlasting Cat thot's ovah," Mungojerrie whispered. "Oi 'ope Boss doesn't moind moi being lote." He closed the bag and ran off to the old abandoned warehouse that stood at the forgotten part of the city.