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Through the Looking Glass.

Chas threw his jacket on the aging coat rack in the corner of the office and walked across to his desk. The office was empty but at 8 am in the morning he hadn't really expected Spikings or any of the others to be there. He smiled slightly as Bucks Fizz blasted out of the radio. He knew Dave would cringe and Dempsey would tease him if they ever caught him singing along to My Camera Never Lies. He carried on mumbling the lyrics to himself as he set about making tea and reading the file that had been left on his desk.

"Chas, this is SI10 not Opportunity Knocks." Spikings snapped as he walked in.

"Sir." Chas reluctantly turned the radio off.

"Where are they? The Dynamic Duo."

"Makepeace isn't due in until 9. She has that meeting with the CPS and Dempsey. Well? I think he's "

"Still propping up a bar in Soho."

"I was going to say still undercover." Chas handed Spikings a mug of tea and took a sip of his own. "He's not due to make contact until at least 10."

"Right well." Spikings sipped his drink. "Let me know, as soon as he does." Spikings marched towards his office and slammed the door shut. He didn't notice his junior officer wince as the wood shook in it's casing.


"Damn thing!" Harriet Makepeace hated being late. She knew that Dempsey was more lacksey daisy with his time keeping but Freddie had instilled the importance of punctuality in her from a young age. Now that she was due to meet Junior Crown Prosecutor George Castle she really didn't want to break the habit of a lifetime. She stared at the flat tyre and knew her white patent leather boots were about to be ruined.


"Hello Sweetcheeks." Dempsey raised his head as Ginger Morris walked towards him. The woman was roughly the same age as Makepeace but looked years older. He had assumed it was due to her alcohol and drug intake. He smiled as she jumped on the bar stool next to him.

"Hey," He pushed his hat back a fraction so that he could see her clearly. "How's that plan of yours? You worked it out yet?"

"Yeah." The Scottish woman spoke. "I think so. You still want in?"

"Is the Pope Catholic?"

"Is he?" Ginger frowned. Dempsey tried his best not to roll his eyes. She was not the most intelligent crook he had ever met.

"He is. Yeah, yeah I want in. I also want a share of the takings. My fair share."

"And you'll get it." She smiled as she ran a finger along his denim clad leg. "I've talked to Ricky. He says he could use a driver."

"And I am the best."

"So you say." She smiled at him. He looked away and lifted his glass to his lips. "I'll be the judge of that."

"Look. I'm in or I'm not. It's your call babe. I got other fish to fry."



"Well, Jimmy. I want you in. Ricky wants you in so you are in."

"I'm in." He laughed. "This is going to be bigger than the Great Train Robbery in the 60's. This is bigger than most raids. 1 million in diamonds. You sure you up to it? Cops gonna be crawling over the place like locusts."

"We'll be long gone. If you ain't got the bottle Jimmy."

"Oh I got bottle." He held her gaze for a moment. "Just don't fancy getting my well toned ass sunburnt on the Costa Del Crime. I got plans here, you know what I'm saying? And speaking of plans I gotta split."

"Where are you going?"

"To see a man about a dog." He pulled his jacket over his shoulder. It was almost ten in the morning and he knew Makepeace would be wondering where he was. It was time to get the team together if they were ever going to stop Ginger and her friends committing the robbery of the century.


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