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Chas downed his coffee in one mouthful and winced. He didn't like the idea of telling the world Harry had been killed in a car crash and that they were looking for witnesses. He closed his eyes and sighed. It was late and he knew that any time now Dempsey would be calling to say that they had the getaway vehicle. What he really wanted to know was whether Robert Makepeace was around and if so, why?

"Chas." He looked up as he heard Spikings call his name. "What is it?"

"Nothing Sir." Chas lied. He had known the senior officer for longer than he cared to remember and knew he was just as worried as he was.

"Where's Harry?"

"Gone to get something to eat." Chas explained. "No news from Dempsey as yet."

"Right." Spikings looked out over the outer office. He knew the rest of the team would be looking to him for guidance. It was the only time he wished Dempsey was back to offer another wise crack or anecdote about his time in the NYPD. At that moment in time he could cut the atmosphere with a knife.

"Sir." Chas placed his mug on the table. "If Ricky and Ginger are being financed by Harry's ex how do we keep Makepeace out of this. You know what he was like."

"Yes Chas." Spikings leant against Dempsey's abandoned desk. "That's what I'm worried about. But if it was an ex of yours that turned out to be a psychopath then I'd have to treat you exactly the same way. Just because it's Harry doesn't mean we should show her any less respect than the men on the team. She is a trained police officer. A bloody good detective, she knows what she's doing."

"Yeah." Chas sighed. "That's what worries me."

"Me too son, me too."


"Hi." Dempsey leant against the glass wall of the phone box and sighed. "You ok?"

"Fine." Harry smiled as she heard his voice on the other end of the line. "How's it going?"

"Ginger is a tramp and Ricky is in over his head. He thinks he's some big gangland man but he is just an idiot."

"An idiot with a gun, Dempsey."

"I know." Harry was right. Just because Dempsey thought the people he was infiltrating were drug addled morons didn't mean they were any less dangerous. "I got a getaway car."


"Blue A reg Ford Transit." Dempsey desperately wanted to talk to her about anything other than the case but they were both at work. Everything else would have to wait.

"Is he there?" Dempsey didn't like the emphasis on the word 'he'. He knew exactly who she meant and knew that despite everything she said she was scared of the man. His conversation with her father had told him that. Freddie was just as concerned as he was.



"Yeah, he's here. Listen, Princess."

"Be careful James."


"No, listen to me. Robert is dangerous. Let him think I'm dead. For now at least. It's safer if he thinks that he succeeded this time."

"This time?"

"A long story for another day."

"One you ever gonna tell me?"

"We'll see." Harry sighed. Dempsey was more than just her partner, that much she knew. What she didn't really know was what she was to him. Not really. Nothing had ever really been said and she daren't just hope. Her marriage had taught her that, never read a man's feelings. It was too dangerous. For a moment she hated her ex husband more than she could imagine. He had been the one to make her distrust men in general and ones she had feelings for in particular. No, she chastised herself. He made me stop trusting myself Dempsey has done nothing to make me think he would behave the same way.

"You still there?" Dempsey opened his eyes and watched as Ginger walked towards him.


"Ginger is walking towards me. Gotta go."

"Ok, be careful."

"Princess, I'm always careful." Dempsey smiled. He knew things had changed rapidly between them since he had convinced her to come back to work but he had always known she had kept something back. Now he had met Robert and spoken with her father he had a very strange feeling he knew what it was.

"Who are you talking to?" Ginger slurred as she yanked the door to the phone box open.

"Honey, I have to go." Dempsey spoke into the phone. Ginger raised an eyebrow.

"You have a girl?"

"None of your business." Dempsey stated as he put the phone down.

"I want to meet her. What's her name?" Ginger waited as Dempsey raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, trust me. You'll meet her." Dempsey smiled. "Soon. I promise."

"What's her name?" Dempsey froze as he tried to think of Harry's middle name. There was no way he was going to tell Ginger the truth but a lie that was close to it was always easier to remember.

"Louise." He turned to face her. "Her name is Louise."

"And when will we meet Lou?"

"Soon, you'll all be making friends soon enough. I have a van to pick up." Dempsey smiled. "See you later." He walked away from the drug addled red head hoping that he was right.


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