The soft, continuous, repetitive noise broke through the darkness first, alerting the woman that there was indeed something to be found outside the liquid black of sleep. With a soft groan, Abby opened her eyes, blinking them hard at the brightness of the room. She was hit with a wave of nostalgia, the memory of the last time she'd been in a hospital surfacing.

Jeff. All those people, he'd killed them all. The blood had been everywhere, and he'd done it because he'd been looking for her.

The beeping quickened slightly as her stomach twisted sickeningly, nearly heaving in disgust. As quickly as it came, however, it faded, and she was filled with a soft, fluttering warmth. He'd gone through all that for her.

That bubbling feeling faded, as well, leaving her once again in her emotionless state. Abby exhaled, mentally going over what had just happened. First she felt disdain for all the people that had been slaughtered, and then...happiness? the thought that Jeff had come looking for her. It was curious, that the same event could cause two very different reactions. However, the moment had been slightly informative. This was not how it was supposed to be, she knew what she was feeling was more extreme than what normal humans were supposed to experience. But perhaps, it wasn't just the emotions of one person. It was only a theory, but since she felt everything harshly, and everyone appeared to feel harshly at some point or another.

Some people, for example, just smiled when they were happy. They didn't react too strongly to it. But some cried when they were happy, as if the feeling had overwhelmed them. Some got angrier than others, some more saddened. It wasn't something she'd considered before, but it was something to think about. It wasn't unusual to feel one emotion in the extreme like that, but it was to feel all of them. So, perhaps, she was feeling the emotional reaction of more than one person.

Then, going along on that train of thought, that...might explain why different people responded differently to the same stimulant. Their emotional capabilities were different. It wasn't that they were consciously making a choice. This, none of this was conscious or on purpose. It was all a random mess of things in a persons brain, causing them to act. She could not control herself when her emotions flared up. Neither could anyone else. But they didn't know that. They didn't know that because they'd lived with the same emotional input all their lives. If a person's brain was more hostile, the person would act that way, lashing out all the time and not knowing the true pain that they were inflecting because they've never experienced it. The opposite would also be true, that peaceful people didn't completely comprehend the anger and rage from those who's mind had grown that way.

A low sound came from her, her stomach flexing involuntarily as she began to laugh, a different feeling filling her. Something she didn't recognize, something that made her grip the sheets as she shivered there, her eyes closing as she found herself lightheaded. She felt horrid and wonderful all at once, and she found herself not wanting to feel either.

No one had any choice in who they were. They were all controlled by their emotions. They thought they were making their own decisions, but it was just something in their head, a random jumble of organic data that formed with no rhyme or reason.

They were like animals.

All of them. Not just children. Every single person operated on instinct, the urges just became more specific.

Her parents were just as animalistic as those two kids her neighbor babysat. What was it worth then? What made human life any different than, say, the life of a dog? A rat? An insect? What was the difference? What was more, now she was just like them. She was an animal too, and there was nothing she could do about it.

She no longer had control over herself. Just like Jeff couldn't control the need to kill.

Around and around her thoughts went, and she kept coming to that same conclusion. Everyone was like a computer, preprogrammed. Their reactions to everything, to a smile, to a threat, it was all already there. Kick a dog and it yelps. Kick a different dog and it bites. It was the exact same thing.

There was no worth in the humans that surrounded her, nor even worth in herself, because humans were no different than animals...and now, she was, too...

"Oh, you're awake. Miss?"

The low, wet chuckle faded as she looked over to find a nurse at the door. He waisted no time in hurrying into the room, busied himself with checking her iv, making sure all the wires that tied her to the heart monitor were still in order. "How are you feeling, miss? You're not in any pain are you?"

"No." she answered shortly as she watched him work, studying his every move. She wasn't in pain. She felt a horrid pressure against her back, the world was a sickening blur from the drug, but it didn't hurt. In all honesty, she would have preferred the sharpness of pain to the dull numb of morphine. She couldn't even take the IV out or run off to find adrenalin because, obviously, everyone had a pulse and would stop her if she tried.

Where was Jeff? Was he tired of their game? But they couldn't quit yet, she was still alive. Haha, still alive...maybe she should be doing science?

"Good. That's, that's good. Do you need anything? Are you hungry?"

"No." she could kill him. It wouldn't be easy, in her state. But she could. Use the needle in her arm and shove it through his neck or his eye. Maybe find a scalpel or break a syringe to slice into him. He'd fight back, of course. Fight back and call in other people. She would fail. She'd have to get a reliable weapon and get him alone. What would he do? Scream? Attempt to take her life in turn? Cower?

Would this hunk of flesh yelp or bite?

"I...I know you've been through allot. Can't imagine the sick things that monster did to you. I just want you to know, you don't have to talk about it, but if you want to...if you want, or need anything, I'm here for you, okay?"


To what end? What if she wanted his right hand? Would he let her take it? His teeth, his eyes, his heart, his mind.

You're losing it, Abby.

"I will never-" she hissed, before quickly cutting herself off.


"Nothing. I'm fine." The nurse couldn't hear him, didn't know of the voice that purred through her like hot, poisoned cinnamon.

Poisoned cinnamon? That's new. Bit poetic, don't you think?

...leave me alone, Diablo. I will never take that deal of yours.

Then you will become a creature lower than dear Jeff and little Jane combined.

"My parents are dead. Where will I go once my back is better?"

"Um. Well...I don't..."

"Fine." she looked away from him, her eyes closed in a way that clearly stated that she was done talking. There was silence for several seconds, before she heard him finish checking the medical equipment, and then the retreating footsteps as he left again.

You're a liar. No matter what happens, accepting your help will only make things worse.

Oh, I'm not that bad.

I disagree.

I can make your life so much easier, you know. Just say yes. That's all you need to do.


We'll see about that...Oh, speaking of, I think there's a little bit of information you might find interesting. Your parents next of kin was your neighbor. Julia, I believe her name is. You wanted to know where you'll be going, right?, anywhere but there. There were children there.

A low chuckle echoed through her mind, Oh, yes. You know exactly what that means, don't you? Kids, innocent, trusting kids. And you. You can't control yourself anymore. I wonder how long it will take for you to snap. My offer is still here, all you need to do is ask...

She growled darkly and sat up, the motion sickening to her but she didn't care. Her hands went to her hair, entangling into it and pulling hard. You know what? Fuck you. I am never, ever, ever taking your offer, you weak little shit head.

A pause. Silence. Then...Mind your tongue, human.

Oh? And what are you going to do to me? Stop my heart? Strike me with lightning? Burn me? Like you could. You're the weakest, most pathetic thing I've ever known. You think I don't realize that? You think it's not blatantly obvious? You're the biggest traitor that ever existed, and for that you have no power. You can't hurt me unless I agree to it, or unless someone else is foolish enough to give up part of themselves.

I will make you suffer more than you ever imagined.

Do it then. Right now. With no one to trade their own fate for it, do it. I dare you. will pay for this insolence.

I thought so.

Diablo said noting for quite some time after that.