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Now finally done with rambling…..Chapter 4!

It's been four years for him. However, even with his two years of a quiet life living as an actor, or without the ones who took him in was somewhat of a peaceful feeling the only thing-well more like person was missing; was the person that stayed on his mind for all these years. Even with his first two years after that night; the night of September 7th, 2013. It was the day he met the weirdest girl ever.


Yes, her name was Shion. That very name and the person that occupied that name kept him alive and gave him the will to continue his hellish(more like entertaining) training that he had to endure from the age of twelve to fourteen.

Hell, how can he not? He remembered alright. The woman Haku, whose hair was in a customary bun, wearing loose fitted clothing, having a headband of old on her forehead, and a gentle appearance yet, underneath it was one to be questioned. However, the man Zabuza was sterner looking and had bandages covering his lower face, black shirt and matching pants, headband of old to the side, and strapped around his back was a sword –a decapitating sword to be exact. It is called the Kubikiribōchō, the seven sword item that could only be used by a demon and the man was such.

They took him yes, and being the over confident rat that he was he accepted. It happened the morning after the first enconter; mainly late doing the night.

Senbon whizzed through the air with amazing speed as Nezumi managed to dodge some however, he wasn't so lucky. He gritted his teeth in pain as he landed on his knees covered in needles.

"You are quite pass the genin level," Haku commented impressed once again by the young boy's skills.

Nezumi smirked as he chuckled. However, it quickly vanished.

Haku held up her needles ready. "However, just having a grasp of it will not, keep you from me." Even, with her soft spoken voice, Nezumi could hear the truth behind her words.

It was rather pointless to charge forward however, there was no way to go. Nezumi proceeded, but it was futile Haku just threw her needles hitting him effortlessly.

"You, Nezumi..." She spoke her voice rising just a bit. "Came here injured yet, a wound was healed. A person saved your life as I and Zabuza did, but will you give up or will prevail forward?"

Nezumi clenched his fist and painstakingly got up. "Shut up!" He roared as he held his trusted knife in hand and launched.

Haku just blurred out of his vision and moved behind him. "You know that rage will not, win a battle, but get you killed."

'Shion…' was the only thought running through his mind as he was falling down however, that though alone brought him back on his feet.

He heard a dark chuckle as mist started to surround the bottom stall. Yes, a bottom stall that was underneath the library or home that they lived in.

"One wrong move, brat and I'll slice you in two."

Nezumi froze. He could- No both of them together were most likely trouble.

That was one of the first of several training sessions he endured for two years and now, he was with his companions; his mice as he traveled through the well-known sewers. Where his former caretakers were he had no idea because after the two years they were never seen again, but he had a feeling that they were very much near.


Indeed it's been four years; four years since Shion let in a VC and let him escaped. Her mother and friends never really found out the truth. Shion was planning to keep it tht way, but becasue of her actions she and her mother were casted in Lost Town; were her mother worked at the bakery and she worked at the park administrational area. Her friend Safu was an intelligent student and was in the higher ranks however, it wasn't just Safu apparently Saka one of her other friends moved back after hearing about what happened with them, but he like Safu also had a high ranking status.

Like I mentioned, Shion and her mother lived in Lost Town where it was mostly peaceful. Well...for the most part.

Index case (First Discovery Example)

Male, aged 31. Employee at a biotechnology firm. Engineer.

Already dead upon discovery. Confirmed address….

Shion was called when it was pass six and by her co-worker, Yamase. They worked at the Administrational park area were they operated and controlled the cleaning robots. However, the robots were not perfect and always had errors, but none the less Shion loved her job.

"What's wrong, Yamase?"

The man didn't turn around from the screen, "Come take a look at this."

Shion stood directly behind him as she peered at the screen which showed the robot Sampo. The robots were mainly nicknamed as such by, Yamase as there was alo Ippo and a few others.

The screen showed Sampo cleaning, picking up a head lettuce. However, something was off for the screen was flashing red. That meant there was an error somewhere.

"Can you make out the image?" Shion asked Yamase.

"About that…" Yamase started. "It isn't clear it's stranger than anything."


Shion's co-worker is twenty-four years older than she is and is quiet by nature, seldom ruffled by anything. This one reason why she liked her workplace, the other is because it dealt with machines and not people.

"Here why don't you look at it?" Yamase said, switching the screen towards the camera.

"Can you focus on it a little more?"

Sure," Yamase responded as he swiftly controlled the panel.

It became clearer however, the site before them on the screen was quite unexpected.

Yamase shook violently. "Emission…heat… zero. No signs of life."

"I'm going to go check," Shion answered as she prepared to leave.

Yamase stood not too far behind, "I'm coming to."

They speed on their bicycles.

Bicycles were among walking, running and other things that recently became popular. As people preferred to do those things as a means of transportation and for Shion it was necessity. However, like certain other vehicles bicycles had speed limiters on them, but at the moment Shion didn't care. She just pedaled as fast as she could in order to assist the person.

Leaping of her bike Shion ran to help; leaning in closer in order to assist. "Contact the Bureau of health!"

Yamase hurriedly did as Shion requested. "Hang on! Just- However, she leaped back in fright.

The man's mouth was open and his eyes; his eyes were wide however, his expression wasn't that of fear neither was it of pain. Instead it resembled more a Person who was surprised. His hair was unmistakably white, he had profound winkles and on his neck was something disturbing to say the least.

Safu was sitting in a small café. "Hey, is it ok if I join you?" Saka asked. He was tall, lean, messy black hair, blue eyes, and wore a flake jacket with jeans.

"Sure," Safu said. "Just waiting on Shion."

Saka smiled, he liked Shion a lot and he was hoping to let that be known before he leaves again.

He took a seat on Safu's right; the doors to Delicebell opened only to reveal; Shion walking over towards them. Shion sat to the left of Safu.

The three friend's lapse into a comfortable silence after Shion told them what happened at her workplace.

Saka adressed Shion, "I haven't seen you in years and yet, you never changed." He remarked.

Safu huffed lightly. "Baka we all haven't seen each other in years. But, Shion," she turned and addressed the the one to her left, facing her. "What's the matter?"

Shion smiled she was touched that Safu always worried for her as a friend should, but she didn't need to be all the time. However, her mind was traveling to the past. Specifically that night, the night of of her birthday.


"Nothing, really." Shion quickly answered holding her cup in her hands; "I was just thinking how surprise I was to learn that you two were going to No.5."

Safu twirled her straw, "Yeah we are, but it won't be the same without you."

Saka nodded feeling sheepish. "Yeah," he answered looking down slightly at his cup. "Say can I ask you something, Shion…?"

Safu wondered what he was going to ask, but it was probably the same thing she was going to.

"Yeah, sure. Go ahead," Shion responded before taking a sip from her cup.

Saka looked away briefly before leaning in and placing his elbows on the table so he could see Shion carefully, looking at her with determined eyes. "What happened four years ago? Why didn't you enroll in the gifted program?"

Shion closed her eyes looking wry. "What are you talking about? That's in the past."

Safu sighed. "To be honest I want to know as well."

Shion wasn't going to tell them. Hell, they wouldn't believe her, so she avoided it as much as possible. "I am content with my life now none of that matters. It's in the past."

Safu gave her a pointed look and stated, "But, you could have still been in the gifted courses. Why can't you just tell us?"

Shion placed her palm on her cheek; looking away deep in thought. "Nezumi," she whispered. It wasn't the first time that she whispered that name in a daze like manner.

"Shion," Saka whispered. He always heard Shion whisper that name, Nezumi and felt jealous like he knew that whoever or whatever this 'Nezumi' was he lost the battle. "Why are you keeping a tight lip?"

Shion bit her bottom lip and replied, "Sorry can't explain it….it is hard to understand."

The unveiling truth is they probably wouldn't. Shion lost her privileges, the price of her actions cost'ed her, her family's secluded life. All because she helped a VC criminal and supposedly aided him in his escape. But, really Shion didn't care she was starting to see the light in Lost Town, and if she could replay that night she would do it in a heartbeat.

"You knew he was a VC?"

"Yes…" I answered, lowing my gaze.

I knew my mother stood on the other side.

"Then why? Why didn't you turn him in immediately?"

"Well..." Just then the door slid open revealing Shion's mother, who looked worried.

"Just answer the question." The man said sounding as if he was getting nowhere, but at the same time having a calm interior.

"Well..." Shion started again uncomfortably. "He was about the same age as me..."

"So you took pity on him?"

Pity..? No it was far from it actually. It wasn't pity. Shion looked away as memories of the coca mugs clouded her mind.


Shion blinked as she smiled, picking up her cup. Hm…?"

Her friends looked at her worriedly; "We've been calling you, but you seem spaced out. You ok, Shion?"

"Hmm… yeah fine just fine."

Safu sighed, and placed on a smile. "Let's go. "

"Ah," Shion started as she got up and followed Safu, Saka following suit.

The three friends walked side by side as Saka was in the middle. Shion sratched her head sheepishly. This would probably be one of their last hang-out together before her two friends left for No.5.

"I'll go on ahead," Safu said forcing a small smile. She knew that her friend liked Shion and he would mostly only see reason if... her hands tighten together it was a selfish thought, but she was hoping that this 'Nezumi' would show it/himself and take Shion, but... she glanced at her friends who both stopped, looking at Saka with a forlorn hope.

Saka stood directly across from Shion. "Shion can I ask you something?"

Shion blinked tilting her head wondering just what it was. "Hm...sure."

Saka looked determined he stated rather boldly, " I want you to have my sperm."

Flabbergasted wasn't even the word to describe Shion's shock. "Huh?"

"Didn't you hear me?" Saka asked crossing his arms in a defiant manner. "I want you to have my sperm."


Man was that spunk or what? What sane person would ask that? Those kind of things weren't exactly planned!

"Saka, er..."

Saka replied with a stubborn will, "I want to have sex. With you."

Shion backed up a step as she looked put out. This wasn't a plan thing and they were young, and...And..


Grey eyes filled her vision. No, she couldn't fufill such a request.

"I'm sorry, but I wont."

Safu who was to the sides, somewhat forgotten inwardly sighed. Good she still had a chance. However, Saka was..

"Why not? It is because it's with me or is it this 'Nezumi?'"

Yeah, he somehow could feel that 'Nezumi' was a guy. Call it men's intution or whatever, but the silence comfirmed his answers.

He turned around walking towards Safu who stood to the side a few feet away.


He turned around facing Shion. "In two years!"

Safu shook her head that girl was naive. Saka raised an elegant black brow; "Your an idiotic buffoon." He then closed his eyes with a light smile, before opening them. "I don't know how you lived this long."

Shion smiled sheepishly. Saka turned around only to stumble like Safu as a grey rat scurried pass them.

It scurried up Shion's leg to her shoulders; leaning more towards her ear.

"You're still an air-headed sap."

That voice!

Shion's eyes widen as the rat scurried away. The dazed girl tried to catch it, but it slipped her fringers. She did the only thing that seemed reasonable at the time.

She ran.

"Shion," Safu called looking worried, but she didn't miss Shion's facial expression.

Saka apparantly didn't either.


After; finally going home Shion sat in a chair looking deep in thought. Where was Nezumi? Was he still on the run? Or...

Her bracelet made a ringing noise and she clicked it showing her friends. "Hey were you alseep, Shion?" Saka wasn't talking, so instead Safu asked the question.

"No, I wasn't."Shion asnwered shaking her head. She glanced down a little before, looking back at her friends faces. "Sorry for ealier."

Safu's expression soften. "Don't worry about it."


Saka finally spoke, "I guess that person is important, huh? I mean the guy," he said firmly. "I mean if your expression was anythig to go by."

Shion answered rather quickly surprising herself, "Yeah."

Safu giggled."Aww, you will tell us about the person?"

At that Shion quickly tried to sooth the situation. "No.. the person is, but not..I mean..I- "

"Never mind, goodnight, Shion." Saka said with a small smile, before hanging up.

Shion looked worried.

"Yeah it's fine, Shion really. You did nothing wrong," Safu said smiling reasuringly.

Shion smiled wrly some how still feeling that she caused something to be out of order. "If you say so, Safu."

"Well," Safu said tilting her head. "I'd better go. Night, Shion."

"Yeah," Shion replied bitterly as the line went dead. "You too."

"It's seem the young one, has finally made himself known."

A light chuckle followed that statement. "So it seem, Haku."

The two companions were hidden well with their surroundings as the camflouge justu helped seal their presence completely.

"Should we interfere as planned, Zabzua-san?"

Zabzua inclined his head looking at the city that irked him so much. "Not, yet. The brats; friends will notice if we do so early."

A soft chuckle and the man could just see in his mind's eye; the woman smiling beautifully at him. "So, considerate, Zabuza-san."

The man didn't reply and just as those words left Haku's mouth they diseappeared; leaving the 'utopia city' and its inhabitants.

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