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The next morning; Karan's Bakery opened ready to welcome its customers along with the owner of said bakery, Karan.

The doors to the bakery chirmed signaling that morning customers have come. A child's voice spoke up rather excitedly; "Two butter rolls and muffins please, Ms. K."

Karan looked up from her work and greeted the young girl. "Ay, Lili-chan good morning." She turned her head slightly, "Yoming as well."

The young girl unclasped her tiny little hand from the man now known as Yoming; "Uncle Yo comes every now and again and stays with us."

The little girl was cute with pony tails, dressed in alight colored dress. "He loves your muffins!"

Karan smiled," That's nice."

Yoming walked casually towards the two girls and casually talked with Shion's mother. "With my sister pregnant there's no man around the house… "

Karan placed a hand on her right check, "Oh my… "

"Ah," Lili exclaimed. What should I buy for mama? Ms. K can you make that three!"

"Of course; three coming up." Ms. K said with a warm smile.

"Would you mind if I write an article about your bakery?"

"An article….about the bakery…?" Karan asked surprised.

Yoming went on to explain about how people would love to read it and then he smiled taking a bite out of a muffin. "If I never tell people about these muffins..."He trailed off.

Karan laughed.

Yoming and his niece Lili stood outside the bakery saying their goodbyes however, around the corner…

"Go in once her daughter leaves."

"Understood, but is this ok?"

"It is fine, Haku. The brat won't know until something drastic happens. Till then we lay low in this small little neighborhood."

Haku didn't say anything as she moved away from the window. The little house they were currently in was not like the surrounding houses were as it didn't have any security measures or surveillance watching.

Closing the window, she stepped near Zabuza's side. Zabuza didn't even step away as he placed his arm around her waist in a similar fashion like so long ago. "Don't worry Haku my plan still stands I... I want this city in ruins after all; in order for an disease to be cleanse…methods are needed."

"Nezumi's special someone seems to be naïve. Very much so, is that why you want to keep this family and close friends out of the crossfire?"

Zabuza didn't answer in fact he didn't need after all; the silence confirmed Haku's answer.

Footsteps rushing down the stairs, Karan turned her head only to see her daughter moving in a hurry.

"Morning…. Mom!"

"Ay, Shion dear. When did you come in?"

Sorry, I forgot." Shion apologized as she placed on her shoes.

"Did something happen?" Karan asked worriedly.

Shion ran towards the door stopping in her tracts. "No... Nothing happened." She lied, turning over her shoulders to smile at her mother; "Nothing at all."

Karan looked unconvinced and worried, but then placed on a motherly smile. She walked over towards her daughter carrying Cherry cakes in her hands. "Take a Cherry cake to go.


"I'm thinking of adding them to the menu. Try one for me."

Shion nodded with a smile and grabbed one of the small little cakes; taking a tentative bit and chewed.

"Delicious. You finally remember how to make them."

Karan smiled, "At long last."

Shion smiled in return. Her mother placed a motherly hand on her shoulders before kissing Shion's forehead. They said their goodbyes and Shion was off heading towards her job.

The bakery's doors chirmed again indicating that customers were coming in. Karan greeted the person. "Hello there. What would you like?"

Standing there was a woman that was younger than Karan with long raven locks and her eyes were similar to her own being a coca colored brown. She had a pleasant smile about her; dressed in an elegant dark kimono with flower/butterfly patterns here and there.

Karan noted that she held what most teens, or anyone for that matter held in No.6. Grace. When she spoke her smile never left and her voice was soft, soothing. "A pleasure to meet you, I couldn't help, but notice your shop. Oh, forgive me, but you are the owner, right?"

Karan smiled and nodded, "Yes, indeed I am. My name's Karan, but you may call Ms. K if you'd like."

The woman smile never fathered. "I am Haku and I would like to work here. Of course, I need the help with two boys ..." Haku trailed off.

Karan spoke, "Forgive my rudeness, but I would have never thought one so young would – She had Shion in her twenties and she was now going into her early fifties, but this young woman before...

Haku tilted her head slightly. "Oh, no ma'am nothing of the sort, but one is my husband. The other we adopted since we could not have children and we were scared."

Well, that wasn't all truth. Nezumi was an exception, but Karan didn't need to know yet.

"Scared..?" Karan asked now tilting her head slightly.

Haku nodded. In her mind she conjured up her half lie. "Yes, we were scared of being parents and we were still young…"

"Oh, my. That must have been…. Of, course you may work here. I could always use the help and Shion, my daughter isn't always available."

"You have a daughter? She must be beautiful and you as her mother must be very proud."

Karan matched Haku's mile. "Yes, I am indeed proud of her. Come I'll show you around the shop. If you like you may start now."

"I would like," Haku answered following Karan.

'Part one success, Zabuza-san.' At that Haku's smile redefied as she was introduced to different parts of the shop.

Shion entered the office of the Park administrations, placing her ID inside the card slot. A hologram that took the form of the moondrop appeared on the screen a female's mechanical voice spoke. "Pledge undying loyalty to the city."

Shion let the bracelet scan, before she recited the machine's words. "I pledge undying loyalty to the city."

"The city is grateful for your continuous loyalty," the machine said. "Please continue and work with a sincerity and pride that makes our wonderful city."

The moondrop disappeared and Shion sighed walking in the lab. Pride be damned that didn't really matter to her. "Good, morning."

Yamase typed furiously on the screen. "A young woman stopped by earlier. She was the wife of yesterday's victim. She wanted to see were the body was found."

"Oh..." Shion muttered; yesterday's events playing in her head. "Young lady..?" she questioned. Was Yamase 'flirting again'?

"Three years younger than her husband," Yamase replied still yet, to turn around.

"Huh?" was Shion's intelligent answer.

Yamase turned around in his chair. "Her husband was a thirty –one year old man."

"That's impossible…"Shion said in disbelief. "That man was clearly an elderly man."

"Yeah, and the authorities have taken custody of the body."

Shion backed up a step as she looked troubled. "The authority took custody, but... That's..."

Yamase rubbed his neck, "I don't know." He then stood up. "Want some coffee?"

Yamase purred them both some coffee and when he finally put the coffee mug down he spoke, "It wasn't on the news."

"What?!" She exclaimed. This was ludicrous, maddening. How could they not? It was a mortis, a person who was... "But, shouldn't that... Why?" She asked looking away from the computer screen.

"The wife was told that her husband died in a park accident."

What? Something was fishy, this wasn't right neither was it normal. "Yamase, do you thing that the authorities...have been manipulating information."

"Shion!" Yamase hollered. He knew the whole thing was ridiculous, but to go against the city's bureau… "You mustn't say such things, we work for the city! We pledge our loyalty to the city. We should never voice such suspicion…

Shion was in deep thought, only Nezumi's words rung in her mind. "You along with the rest of this 'Utopian city' have been programmed to believe that you live peaceful lives. Disgusting, to think such because….. because this city, No.6 is a gigantic toy. A big gigantic toy that has many things hidden and it loves to keep its citizens ignorant to what's really going on. To sum it up, for you in words that you can understand..."

"I know what you're saying and I don't think this city is perfect," Shion quietly said.

Silence surrounded the two.

A groan of pain brought Shion out of her reverie. Shion jolted from the screen and ran over to her co-worker. "Yamase, what's wrong?"

Yamase walked away from her slightly, but Shion was stubborn however, she stopped and her eyes widen. Yamase's jet black hair was turning a sickly white and his skin was decaying to an old age rather rapidly. He leaned back sitting on his behind as his eyes were staring in disbelief, shock.

He turned to face Shion, who was in a similar state. "Shion….what's happening to …

Shion couldn't answer. It wasn't because she could however, what just transpired prevented her from doing so. Her co-worker dropped to the ground with a soft thud. Blinking, she hurried to him only to stop and fall, her breath caught in her throat as the same black mortis from the elder man from yesterday started to sprout forming a black ring.

However, that's not all. Oh, no far from it actually. It sent chills to her spine. Something was emerging from the neck, and from the looks of it, it was as if it was some kind of insect that was hatching from a cocoon.

It was finally out. The thing had black massive wings, hell the whole entire thing was black save for its beady red eyes and the yellow that was barely noticeable. It was a humungous bee!

Shion wanted to move, she truly did, but she was frighten, utterly frighten. Her eyes bulged out completely and she fainted.

Zabuza was thankful for once that he was a ninja and that he took Haku's advice. Goodness, gracious that wasn't a normal bee! He had to leave now! The girl would just have to wing it and he couldn't chance grabbing her. That dam sick- No correction he felt sick. He slipped out the walls as his body disappeared as if he could always pass through walls and or other substances. On the roof he took a deep breath, before disappearing as if he never was at the park and reappeared inside the small home.

Now, fully safe and away from what was most likely a parasitic bee, he muttered darkly taking off his bandages. "You f$#ing city." He growled out leaning slightly towards the small sofa. "I'll crush you and your citizens."

He turned his head at sensing Haku who spoke softly, "It seems that you found out something, but did you get to be hired?"

Zabuza nodded. "Yeah, I did and the brats little girlfriend too. Forget hiring at the moment, what I need is to find a way to break in the Hall without causing suspicion after all; my henges will not work."

Yes, henge would not work since all citizens wore that blasted bracelet and were constantly being monitored!

Haku frowned not liking the idea, but she was never one to go against Zabuza. "Very well," she said as she strode over towards her companion and caressed his cheek. "Do take it easy," she said smiling beautifully. "After all; interfering now wouldn't help us in the slightest."

Zabuza leaned into the touch, "Right."

A grey rat scurried as fast as its robotic legs could carry. Sensing its master it ran up the person's palm.

It squeaked several times.

"Shit," the person obviously male cursed. "Shion hang on, I'm coming to get you."

Unaware that his previous caretakers were taking matters into their own hands.

Shion was dead to the world and only a hand shaking her to wake, awoke her from her slumber. She opened her eyes, looking around she was still at the Park administration.

"Good you're awake," came a male's voice.

Shion looked at them both; dressed in blue military suits. "Yamase where is he? The bee…"

The man who sat in the chair across from Shion spoke, "He was taken to the hospital."

The man standing against the door spoke up; reading from an electronic tablet. "Shion..." At her name she turned to face him. "She received A- rank at the age of 2 and enrolled in the best educational institute the city's has to offer. Her major was Ecology. Four years ago, she was stripped of her privileges after harboring and aiding a dangerous VC in escaping."


However, the man's voice broke out of her thoughts, "You can tell your story at the Bureau."

Two men dressed in the same outfit as the other two dropped and clasped her wrist in handcuffs.

Her face looked a little frighten, but she was not at all just unsure. "Wait...What's going on?"

Shion looked around recognizing the neighborhood as her own. "Aren't we going to the security Bureau?"

The man in the passager seat pressed the recorder. "Yamase is it possible that the authorities are manipulating information…"

"Shion!" it was Yamase's voice, "You shouldn't say such things. We work for the city! We..."

Shion didn't know what to do. What to do indeed?

"You are suspicious of being a malcontent. We aren't taking you to the bureau."

Shion looked down, shaking. She couldn't belief this. It was just so that could keep …"This city programs and makes you believe that you live in a 'utopia' paradise. Where nothing is wrong and nothing wrong could happen. But, you know this city; NO.6 is a toy a toy that is doomed."

'Nezumi..' she thought as her mind replayed nearly the exact same words that the grey eyed boy- No now teen told her four years ago, except now….Now she could see it was all true in every sense of it.

Shion gritted her teeth. "Let me go," she whispered before struggling about. "Let me go!"

Shion's eyes widen in horror at seeing her mother, but it was a fact. If she went to the correctional center…what would happen to her mother?

Karan, Shion's mother was talking to two young girls and a woman stood to the side.

Shion screamed, but she knew her mother could not see however, that didn't mean someone didn't notice.

Haku's eyes narrowed. She hoped that the boy reached his little friend in time. At hearing her name, she immediately fell back into conversation with the girls and Ms. K.

"Isn't it a lovely day?" One of the guards asked talking to Shion as if he really was interested...

Shion looked up, her eyes still somewhat filled with life. "I wouldn't know," she said sarcastically. "After all; I haven't been outside for long."

The man shrugged it off. "Shame, it looks like a good day for a walk or a jog in the park. Don't you think?"

"Yes," Shion answered with a drawl, "staying in shape is one thing I enjoy."

The man on her left snorted. "We can see, but it is truly ashamed because were you are going no one would dare look at you in such light."

"Petty," Shion muttered with defiance. "I was planning on having children someday."

Shion remained calm though she was little on edge. These men tricked her and what was worse they wanted her broken. Broken just so they could keep the glory; that damn glory that was nothing more than a lie. 'Nezumi….' She ponders as blurry imagines filled her mind. What did he look like?

However, her thoughts were putted on hold when the car suddenly went to a halt. "Huh?" the one that was driving uttered.

There standing was a Sampo a robotic machine. "Go and check it out," just as the doors open however, a thick, thick mist surrounded the area.

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