Drabble # 1 whelp lets get started :{D

She gazed out unto the moonlit lake; a soft breeze lightly blew her raven locks into her heart-shaped face. She heard his soft foot steps on the grass as he approached her. Neither of them said anything to each other for a while.

Finally he spoke "Im sorry"

"Sorry doesn't cut it" the girl said harshly as she felt the sting of fresh tears." I didn't mean to hurt you Kagome" he whispered. The girl now identified as Kagome turned towards him. The moonlight shined on her red, puffy face." Things don't always go as planned do they?" Kagome said.

He was silent.

"Can I ask you something?" Kagome asked." Anything Kagome" he replied.

"Why on our wedding night Sasuke?" Kagome ask Sasuke as the tears finally freely flowed down her face and unto her silver silk wedding kimono.

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