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Drakken's lair

Shego was looking at the video data from the last couple of times she and Drakken went up against in her own words the 'Princess', and the 'Buffoon' while filing her nails. As Shego once again watches the video's for the 10th time she let's out a growl of annoyance.

'Damn it! How is it that we keep getting our asses handed to us every time by the Princess and her Buffoon? Why am I asking myself this, The answer is quite obvious Drakken always does something to draw the attention of Princess, and she comes running to foil his plans before they can bare fruit. Oh who am I kidding, I should know by now that even if they didn't come his plans would fall apart on their own. But even so, there has to be a weakness in team Possible somewhere. If I could only find it I would end her once and for all!.' Shego thought to herself only to be jarred from her thoughts by her annoying blue employer. 'I swear if the pay wasn't so good I would have left a long time ago.' Shego thought to herself just before her employer walked into the room.

"Shego, why are you looking at our past defeats of shame? Turn that off and get ready, Possible and what his name will be here soon!" Drakken said already knowing the routine.

"We both know this, however some of us are trying to learn from past mistakes! Now shut up before…"

"No matter how much you learn, I will always kick you butt, then send you on a one way trip to prison!" Kim said cutting off Shego.

"Kim Possible do you always stalk me every time I make a solid plan for world domination? Why do you and what's his name always come here and foil my plans?" Drakken asked annoyed.

"Oh come on! We do this almost 3 days out of a week, and yet you still can't remember my name? How hard is it to remember my name? I wonder sometimes if you are an in the closet retard." Ron said in an upset out of character tone for him causing Shego to actually laugh at his comment.

'In the closet retard I will have to remember that one.' Shego thought to herself still snickering.

Kim at this moment took a look at the monitors and upon seeing what was on the screen smiled.

"Oh I didn't know you liked watching me kick your butt Shego. However, while watching it happen on TV is entertaining nothing beats the real deal in real-time." Kim said in a taunting tone causing Shego to growl in annoyance.

However, before Kim could take on Shego Ron jump in and stopped her.

"No KP Shego is mine. Maybe beating her will make the in the closet retard remember my name." Ron said taking up a fighting stance.

"I see Stoppable you finally decided to grow a backbone? Well lets see if Monkey Fist is full of hot air, or not when he whines about you being a worthy foe." Shego said getting ready to fight.

"No Ron, Shego is out of your league. Monkey fist is one thing, but Shego is another!" Kim said only for Ron to ignore her.

"No Kim I will handle Shego and you hit the self destruct button!" Ron said in an adamant tone causing Kim to get annoyed.

This didn't go unnoticed by Shego who actually had a smile on her face.

'Look like things aren't all perfect for little Ms. Perfect. Win or lose I now know what I need to know.' Shego thought to herself while throwing a punch at Ron who barely got out-of-the-way.

'Ok Ron you paid enough attention to Kim's and Shego's fights to know her fighting style. Just wait for your opening and strike.' Ron thought to himself. 'There it is now strike.'

"Booyah score one for the Ron man!" Ron said when he caught Shego with a punch that left a bruised rib cage.

'For a buffoon he actually hit's harder than Princess. No matter I will make him pay to that one but for now I will toy with him. No need to go all out like I do with Kimmie.' Shego thought to herself.

Drakken who is watching the fight with Shego and Ron actually does something out of character for him, in other words be useful in a fight.

"Shego you actually let what's his name hit you? " Drakken said which actually did something that Ron does on a normal basis distract the enemy.

"My name is Ron Stoppable god how hard is it…" Ron never got the chance to finish his sentence as Shego nailed him with a well placed sweep knocking him off his feet and in turn caused him to kiss the floor.

"Well Ron, it was nice knowing you. It is shame you will never get out of princess's shadow because…" Shego never got the chance to finish her sentence as an all to familiar alarm went off causing Shego to leave. "Well Stoppable, I guess I will have to take care of you and Princess next time if there is a next time."

Ron turned to see a now annoyed looking Kim glaring at him causing him to frown.

"I am sorry KP, I won't let it happen again." Ron said apologizing.

"We will worry about that later after we get out of this lair!" Kim said as she and Ron like Drakken and Shego escaped the lair before it self destructed.

Drakken and Shego's hovercraft

'Once again we lose to the 'Princess' and Stoppable. But only because Princess actually saved the world for a change. But if I am right that will come to a stop soon. Oh…' Shego never got the chance to finish her thought when Drakken once again interrupted her thought process.

"Shego why aren't you listening to me? I have ranted about our unfair defeat, and you are lost in your own little world!" Replied a whiny Drakken.

"You want me to list the reasons why? Well my thoughts are much more important than your whiny ranting for one! Or would you rather play a nice rousing game of let's make Drakken go ouch?" Shego answered with a tone that said she was extremely annoyed with her employer.

Drakken upon hearing this said nothing which gave Shego all the answer she needed.

'Now where was I before I was interrupted by my annoying employer? Oh yeah now I remember, those two aren't as solid as I thought they were. Stoppable's little act of rebellion against Kimmie shows me that they aren't as the yin to each other's yang as I thought. Plus from every video I saw from each of our fights as well as Drakken's spy camera's Stoppable is the one who gives her strength when she is down. All I need to do is remove him and Kimmie will be just as Drakken says when we lose, and I have just the plan to do it.' Shego thought to herself with a smile.

This didn't go unnoticed by Drakken who for the life of him couldn't figure out why Shego has a grin on her face.

"Shego we just got our butts handed to us by Possible and what's his name. Can I ask why are you smiling without having to play make Drakken go ouch?" Drakken asked hoping not to upset his hired help.

"Let's just say that I can see Possible finally getting taken down a peg or ten, and you finally taking over the world." Shego answered causing Drakken to smile as well.

"I don't know what has gotten into Shego, but that is the kind of positive thinking we will need to win against those two." Drakken answered before going into his evil laugh.

'It is more than positive thinking because if this works Princess will be a mess and she won't have Stoppable to clean it up.

"Drakken, I am going to need to hovercraft for a little while. Will that be a problem?" Shego ask while igniting her left hand causing Drakken to gulp.

"No Shego take it for as long as you need. Just drop me off at my closet liar." Drakken answered causing Shego to smile.

A bench in an empty park near the edge of Middleton 2 hours later

"Ronald Dean Stoppable, what were you thinking? Trying to take on Shego like that? Don't you know she is out of your league?" Kim said still upset with Ron.

"I watch you and Shego fight all the time, and even though I am not as skilled as you are, I can hold my own when I have to. Besides I thought that if I beat Shego Drakken might actually remember my name!" Ron answered in an annoyed tone.

"Ron you put not only yourself, but our mission in jeopardy just so you could have the chance for him to remember your name? Ron there are many good reasons to fight someone out of your league. One to protect your fallen partner. Another is to protect those you hold dear, but for the chance that someone will remember your name isn't one of them. That has to be one of the worst reasons to do something like that!" Kim said striking a nerve with Ron.

"It isn't just Drakken Kim, do you know how annoying it is in our line of work to have the majority of your enemies not remember who you are? I mean other than Monkey Fist, mostly everyone else doesn't even remember my name! Also when we do save the world they remember to mention your name but not mine!" Ron replied while venting.

"Ron, remember your place in our missions is to distract our foes, while I take down the villain and save the world like I always do." Kim said striking another nerve with Ron.

"I understand Kim." Ron started causing Kim to sigh in relief.

"Ok so you won't try anything dumb like…"

"I see that all I am to you is a tool who's only use is to make you look good, and build you back up when you are down. I am not a best friend, I am not your partner or even sidekick but a tool to you. Well you don't have to worry about me getting in your way anymore Kim, because I won't be going on anymore missions with you!" Ron said while handing his Kimmunator to Kim before he got up and ran away as fast as his legs could carry him.

'Oh god that so didn't come out right. I need to catch up to Ron and apologize quickly.' Kim thought to herself as she began to run after Ron.

However, even though she is in great shape and could keep up with some of the best Ron somehow managed to not only outpace her, but get out of her site within less than a minute.

'How come I never knew how good Ron is at running? I guess with him being the distraction for so long while running away from the hired goons did wonders for him. When we get this misunderstanding behind us I will try to convince him to join the track team. But for know I better wait until he cools down. Saying things in anger can hurt.' Kim thought to herself as she headed straight to her home.

Stage out

I made this fanfic for three reasons. The first is someone issued me a challenge to make this kind of story. The second being I really wanted to try my hand at making one, and the third there isn't enough of this pairing which saddens me. I am sorry if they seem a bit OOC but it for now it is needed to get the story going. I will do my best to try and keep them in character from now on unless OOCness is needed. R and R.