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A remote island in the south Pacific

"Please reconsider Shego, I can pay you handsomely for being there for that one night. While I know how important my father's social gatherings are, they aren't the kind that I take a liking to. At least with you by my side it would be more bearable." Junior pleaded on his knees.

"No mean's no Junior! But if you don't want to accept it the easy way, there is always the more up close and 'personal' way!" Sheila said putting stressing on the word personal.

"I learned from the best, and if I have beat you to get you to accept my offer than so be it!" Junior said taking up a fighting stance.

Seeing Junior do this Shego sighed and took up a stance.

"Just because you learned from the best doesn't mean you can beat the best." Sheila said in a dry tone.

Junior made the first move throwing a punch at the pale skinned beauty only for Sheila to dodge it with ease. Not discouraged Junior kept on the offensive, and launched a series of punches and kicks trying to score a hit. Unfortunately for Junior every attack he launched missed by a mile. However, seeing Sheila only dodge his attacks gave him an ego boost.

'All she is doing is dodging, that isn't like her. I am guessing she must have gotten injured before coming here. Time to take things up a notch and win my date.' Junior thought as he continued throwing his attacks.

'He is continuing on the offensive? Either he really thinks that he will win, or that hair gel has gone and affected his brain. Either way this match is already lost for him at the rate he is going.' Sheila thought to herself.

As the fight poured on Sheila watched as Junior began to slow down while she continued to use just enough energy to dodge his attacks. After about 5 minutes of content dodging Junior couldn't keep up his assault, and tried slowing down to catch his wind. It was at this moment that Sheila made her move and sweep Junior off his feet causing him to land on his back. Sheila at this moment lit her hand and held it close to his neck.

"Ok Shego I give just don't injure me. I am too pretty to be injured." Junior pleaded causing Sheila to extinguish her glowing hand.

"Just remember unless I say or show otherwise I am off limits and not interested in you got it Junior?!" Sheila said igniting her left hand and placing it very close to his groin area.

"Ok, ok I got it, just don't neuter me. I am too pretty to be neutered." Junior pleaded pathetically for Sheila to remove her hand.

As Sheila began to walk away her rejection caused Junior's mind to go into overdrive.

'Why did she reject me like that? The fact that I am rich and extremely pretty should have been enough to win her over. Plus I remember her giving me the green light that she was interested after I finished learning from her. So why is she rejecting me like I was sprayed by a skunk?' Junior asked herself as he watched Sheila hovercraft take off from the island at its top speed.

With Sheila

'I will have to thank Stoppable for using that evasive style on me when we practice. But on another note…' Sheila never got the chance to finish her thought when hovercraft video screen came on.

"Shego, why don't you pick up your phone? I've been trying to get in contact with you for hours!" Drakken said extremely pissed off.

"That is none of your business Drakken, now what is it that you want me to do for you?" Sheila asked not in the least phased with Drakken's annoyance.

"I need to you kidnap what's his name, and take him someplace far away from the main lair. After what happened today with this plan Kim Possible will finally be knocked off her pedestal!" Drakken said just before going into manic laughter.

'He wants me to kidnap Ron and keep him away from the lair and Princess? Ok either something really juicy happened, or Drakken is being his usual over the top self.' Sheila thought to herself just before Clone Ron appeared on the view screen.

"If I didn't see what happened this morning with my own eyes I would have thought Drakken idea was nuts, but after what I saw his idea actually holds water." Clone Ron explained removing a lot of the doubt she had.

"Ok Stoppable what are you talking about?" Sheila asked now curious causing Drakken's grin to grow to a cool aid smile.

"I will upload the data to you. When you see it for yourself you will see why this plan can't fail. Oh and if you have a bowl of popcorn you might want to eat some." Drakken said just before the view screen changed from his blue face to blank.

'Let's just get this mission over with. But then again Drakken did say to kidnap Ron and keep him away from the lair.' Sheila thought to herself just before she looked at the small device clone Ron gave her. 'Oh this is going to be good.' Sheila thought to herself just before she flew the hovercraft to her destination.

Possible Family household 60 minutes later

Kim walked in the door with Tara by her side. The scent of wonderful food flooded their nostrils instantly make both cheerleaders feel ravenous.

"I don't know what mom is cooking, but I hope she is finished with it." Kim said hearing her stomach growl.

As Kim looked around she saw the regular cheesecake and Raspberry cheese cake sitting in the cake pans. Hearing her stomach growl once again Kim went into the draw, and pull out a knife.

"I know I shouldn't snack before dinner, but it looks too tempting to pass up." Kim said as she walked over to regular cheese cake.

However, just before Kim was about to cut a piece out a certain pink mole rat blocked her.

"Ron make cakes for me an Mrs. Dr. P!" Rufus explained in his normal Rufus speech.

"Ron made you and mom a cheesecake? Why did he do that?" Kim asked curious.

"For me peace-offering, for Mrs. Dr. P, cause for help with meeting tomorrow." Rufus explained.

Rufus then went on to explain about the meeting with Mr. Barkin tomorrow, how Anne was going to be his guardian, and how he was going to use the recording to clear his name. It was at this point that Tara spoke up.

"Rufus can you please bring Ron here so I can speak with him? I am still mad at Bonnie for what she did, but I don't want to see her go to jail." Tara said causing the pink rodent to run towards the backyard.

"Tara you are still worried about that? We both know Ron better than anyone, and Ron isn't the type of person who would press charges on people because he has the chance. Knowing him he will just let Mr. Barkin do his job, and they will get suspended from school at best." Kim explained trying to ease her fellow cheerleader.

"The old Ron maybe, but the new Ron doesn't seem so forgiving. From what I got from Ron it looks like he going to start severing some of the ties of friendship with you. If he goes this far with you image what he might do with someone like Bonnie who I know he has resentment for." Tara continued causing Kim's dread to come back on her.

Tara realizing what she just said was about to apologize when a very panicked pink mole rat came running towards Kim.

"Kim hurry, Ron being kidnapped!" Rufus squeaked causing Kim to put her personal problems on the back burner and run to the backyard. The trio got there just in time to see Sheila being lifted into her hovercraft on a mini flying platform.

While Ron's mind wasn't in the land of the living, the expression on Ron's face confused both Tara and Kim. This was because even though Ron wasn't awake his face had a smile on it.

'If Shego knocked him out, why does he have a smile on his face? It doesn't make any sense what so ever. No matter time to get my best friend out of her pale hands!' Kim thought to herself before speaking.

"Release him now you pale skinned freak!" Kim said knowing Sheila was sensitive about the freak word while running towards the hovercraft.

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but I got your little boyfriend." Sheila taunted actually ignoring the freak comment.

'She actually thinks I am dating Ron? Where did she get that idea from? But then again he does has some of the qualities that would make him good boyfriend material. Wait a minute why am I even thinking this? I would never date my best friend? Would I?' Kim questioned herself before going with the flow.

"Well at least I can get a boyfriend, none of them would want a freak like you Shego!" Kim winged once again throwing the freak insult while using are cheerleader skills to climb and flip-up the tree in her backyard.

'If she only knew the truth. That I am not only dating him but teaching him how to please me in bed as well. But knowing Kimmie unless she caught me and Ron in the act she wouldn't believe it.' Sheila thought to herself actually smiling at that thought.

Kim closed in on Sheila and the hovercraft, and was one branch swing away from making entry onto the flying pad. However, seeing this Sheila fired a plasma bolt one second after Kim began swing to the next branch effectively leaving her nothing within reach to grab on to.

"Oops did I do that?" Sheila said snickering as she watched Kim land on her butt when she hit the ground. "Oh and by the way he won't be needing this for what is in mind for him." Sheila added as she grabbed Ron's Kimunicator and threw it to the ground.

Kim still in pain from her nasty fall watched in horror as Sheila entered the hovercraft with Ron, which took off at top speed to who knows were. Instantly Kim pulled out her Kimunicator and got Wade on the line.

"Wade we got a big time sitch here. Shego just went and kidnapped Ron. I need you to use the tracking chip to follow him stat!" Kim said in a no-nonsense tone.

"Ok Kim this should only take me a… Oh no that isn't good." Wade said causing both Kim to worry.

"What does that mean Wade, please tell me it is just a minor set back at best." Kim said hoping that was the case.

"No Kim that is just it. I am getting a lot of interference. There must be a strong signal jamming device aboard. I will try to crack the frequency of the jamming device, but it might take me a while Kim. I will call you when I got some results for you." Wade explained trying to calm Kim.

"Thanks Wade keep me informed." Kim said just before she cut the feed. "Oh when I get my hands on Shego, she will is going to wish she was never born!" Kim hissed with plenty of anger.

"Calm down Kim, you will get Ron back. Remember you can do anything even beat Shego and save Ron!" Tara said giving Kim a peep talk.

"Tara right, Kim will rescue Ron from Shego." Rufus added as Tara picked up Ron's Kimunicator.

"What is going on out here? I heard a loud crash." Anne asked rushing to the scene.

"Mom Ron was kidnapped my Shego. This time that bitch has gone too far!" Kim said pissed while rubbing her sore behind.

"Language young lady, I will not have my daughter talking like a sailor in front of me! But putting that aside I have to ask does the Kimunicator have a kind of tracking device to it?" Anne asked trying to be helpful.

"Yes, however Shego threw it overboard so that is out. Also for some reason Wade can't get a signal from Ron's tracking chip so that is out as well." Kim continued marking down their options.

The mention of a tracking chip instantly got Anne's attention.

"Tracking chip? Kim when and why exactly does Ron have a tracking chip within him?" Anne asked in a stern tone.

"Since the last time Ron was kidnapped we decided to have a tracking chip put on him so if it does happen again we can find him. But for whatever reason the signal is being blocked." Kim explained causing Anne to sigh just before taking Ron's Kimunicator.

"Mom why are you taking Ron's Kimunicator?" Kim asked.

"Just in case you don't bring him back by tomorrow I will still need the evidence to clear Ron of any wrong doing. Which reminds me, why did you say anything to Mr. Barkin when you didn't see nor hear what happened?" Anne asked in a disapproving tone.

Upon hearing the tone of her mother's voice Kim knew she dug herself into a ditch. That tone only came out on a few occasions, and each of them was when she knew her mother was disappointed in her or extremely upset. Knowing that beating around the bush or trying to derail the conversation wouldn't help her here Kim decided to tell the truth and get it over with.

"When I first saw the scene I saw those 5 boys out cold with Ron moving closer to Bonnie who at the time had an expression of fear on her face. Upon getting Ron's side of the story I knew from that he went against the advice I gave him, so when Mr. Barkin asked me did I agree with what Bonnie said I told the truth." Kim explained.

"Kim while I know you care for Ron's well-being your actions for the past few days have shown otherwise. First with you trying to manipulate Ron to get information out of him only to completely ignoring him when he is giving you information." Anne started causing Kim to once again get defensive.

"Manipulate Ron? Mom I would never do such a thing to him!" Kim said Anne to speak up.

"Ron told you earlier that you would be the first person he would tell when he figured out his problems when you asked him what was bothering him. From what Ron told me this morning it seems that you couldn't accept that since you tried to get him to cave with your puppy dog pout." Anne explained causing Kim to remember that.

"Yeah and when I did that Ron told me to leave before he said some words he couldn't take back. I never seen him so angry with me before." Kim said in a dejected tone.

"That was because you didn't respect his wishes like he normally does yours. By using your puppy dog pout on him hoping he would give in you tried to manipulate him into doing something he didn't want to do. Only this time he didn't give in, and you got something you didn't expect in return." Anne continued causing Kim to sigh.

"I had good reason for doing that. We don't keep secrets from each other, and this secret was tearing our friendship apart." Kim continued causing Anne to take another approach.

"Kim lets say the shoe was on the other foot. Let's say you had a secret that was causing the same effect on you that Ron's is to him. Ron comes to you and you tell him to wait until you figure it out only for him to use something he thought would make you give in. How would you feel?" Anne asked trying to get Kim to see the light.

"Ron would never do that to me. Whenever I told him I had a problem I wanted to figure out myself he let me do so." Kim answered without second thought.

"But what if he didn't and tried to press you to give information you didn't want to give up at the moment how would you have felt?" Anne asked in a tone that said you better answer.

"I would be… Oh I see." Kim said finally seeing where Ron was coming from.

"Now as for the incident in school I heard Ron's words just as much as you did. From what I got he told you he tried it your way first but none of them wouldn't listen to him. I also got from his words that he was telling you your way only works for that moment if either you or someone else they actually respect agrees with him." Anne explained causing Tara to nod.

"What she is saying is true Kim. I have seen Ron get beat down in the past by those boys as well as many others. Whenever I could get Mr. Barkin I would do so, but that isn't always the case." Tara explained striking a nerve with Kim.

"You knew about this and you never told me Tara? Why didn't you say anything to me Tara?" Kim asked in an outraged tone.

"When I saw Ron he made me promise not to tell you about this. He wanted to deal with this problem himself." Tara explained causing Kim to sigh.

"But why would he do something like that?" Kim asked herself.

"If I were to guess it would be so he could start dealing with his problems on his own for the times you aren't around him Kim." Anne explained. "Remember Kim Ron won't always have you around him 24/7. If Ron becomes too dependant on you how would Ron grow? If Ron were to step out of the picture Kim you would be able to make decisions on your own and handle certain problems. However, from what I have seen with Ron almost everything he does he comes to you for help. While it is good to have a support system, it isn't good to be overly dependant on said support." Anne explained causing Kim to sigh.

"Why can't things just go back to the way they used to be? I am so hate this right now!" Kim said expressing her feelings for the situation.

"You can accept change or reject it. However, doing either won't stop said change from happening. So you have a choice Kim. You can either accept the change and possibly savage your friendship with Ron, or reject it and have a greater chance of losing it." Anne continued sharing her words of wisdom.

'I have to rescue Ron first, and even then I will have to hope that he forgives me.' Kim thought to herself with the fear of losing her best friend's friendship.

'Hopefully those two can patch things up before it is too late, but even so I fear Kim may have already lost any shot she had with Ron before she even realized it.' Anne thought to herself remember what Ron told her earlier.

Beep beep beep beep went Kim's Kimunicator causing the red-headed girl to pick up her device quickly.

"What is the sitch Wade, did you find Ron?"

"Yes and no Kim." The young hacker said confusing Kim.

"Well did you find him or did you!" Kim said irritated until she realized what she had done.

"I will let that one slide Kim since I know you are worried about Ron as am I. But to answer your question I didn't find him myself. However the latest hit on the site revealed him location." Wade explained as he played the video. Kim, Anne, and Tara watched as Dr. Drakken cleared his throat and spoke.

"Greetings Kim Possible as you already know I had Shego kidnap what's his name with my new and improved hovercraft. Thanks to the improvements I now have your sidekick in my possession. If you want him back you will come to my newest lair within the next hour. Otherwise I will feed him to my ravenous man-eating fish." Drakken said while Kim could hear Ron's voice in the background screaming for help. "You heard me Kim Possible you have one hour before he is fish food HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!" Drakken laughed before the feed went dead.

"Kim be careful, this trap is so obvious it isn't even funny. Besides it doesn't explain why I can't find the signal to Ron's tracking chip either." Wade explained causing Kim to sigh.

"It is obvious that whatever signal Jamming device they were using before they are using now. I have no time to waste Wade, I am going to save Ron, and no one not even that pale skinned freak is going to stop me!" Kim hissed fired up to save her friend.

"Kim please be careful, you won't have Ron there with you, and unlike before you are walking into an obvious trap." Tara said concerned for her cheer captain.

"There is one more thing I forgot to tell you Kim. It seems you won't be alone with this mission. Global Justice somehow got wind of the transmission as well, and Dr. Director said she will be sending her best agent to help you out." Wade explained causing Kim to sigh.

"While I can appreciate the help this is Dr. Drakken we are talking about. This plans are so over the top they would fail even without me and Ron interfering with them." Kim explained with confidence.

"Kim don't get too over-confident and stay focused. Even if you dealing with your easiest foe, remember you are without Ron who you work best with. This person you are working with may do things differently than Ron, and you might end up bumping heads with your partner." Anne explained.

As Kim took in the advice Anne, Wade, and Tara gave her the door bell rang. Anne being the closet to the door walked up to the door and answered it. Upon opening the door Kim's expression went from confidence to annoyance in less than 3 seconds.

'Of all the agents they could have sent me why did they have to send me this guy?' Kim thought to herself already knowing she wasn't going to like this.

"It figures an amateur like Ron Stoppable would get himself kidnapped right under his own roof. Why Dr. Director thinks he is worth sending in her best is beyond me." Will said causing everyone's facial expressions to go sour. "Not properly dressed for the mission I see. You are even more of an amateur than I thought. Grab your mission clothes and be aboard in the next 2 minutes or you will be left behind." Will commanded striking a nerve with Kim.

'Remember you are doing this to save Ron, So keep your eye on the prize so things can go back to normal.' Kim thought to herself as she did as Will said and within less than 2 minutes the aircraft Kim and Will were in took off.

Drakken's lair 5 minutes

"Excellent work clone of what's his name. You played your part to perfection. Now all we have to do is lie and wait for the Possible to take the bait. Soon she will out-of-the-way for good!" Drakken said with glee.

"What exactly do you have in store for her Dr. Drakken?" Clone Ron asked causing Drakken to whisper his intentions to him. "Dr. Drakken, what about mistress Shego? You know how she feels about Kim Possible, and if you do that to Kim without her being here she will play 100,000 games of let's make Drakken go ouch. How would you enjoy ruling the world if you are nothing but a brain in a jar when she is done with you?" Clone Ron asked causing Drakken to wince at the thought. "However I have an idea that will be just as good and it won't result in you being mistress Shego's punching bag." Clone Ron continued causing Drakken to frown.

"What could you have planned that is more evil than what I am doing?" Drakken asked as Clone Ron whispered his idea into Drakken's ear.

As Drakken took in clone Ron's idea his frown not only turned upside down, but revealed a toothy grin.

"That is extremely evil clone of what's his name. It is so evil that I am actually jealous. While my plan was genius due to the circumstance yours is even better." Drakken reluctantly admitted.

"Dr. D, I am going to contact my mistress and let her know of this. For the sake of both our hides." Clone Ron said saying the magic words to get the approval of Drakken.

Aboard the hovercraft 2 minutes later

Sheila looked over at Ron who was still locked within his mind only to sigh. While she was happy that she was getting paid to spend time with her boyfriend, she would have much rather him be awake so she could do more enjoyable activities with him. However before Sheila could do anything else an incoming transmission came in. Upon turning on the screen Sheila saw her loyal minion on the screen.

"A thousand pardons for interrupting your private time with my original, but I just wanted to let you know that I convinced Drakken to go along with my plan." Clone Ron said showing a sadistic smile that actually made Sheila shake.

"So let me guess you came to tell me so I would be in the loop? Well don't just stand there tell me everything that is going to happen." Sheila said as Clone Ron explained the new plan which in turn earned a grin from Sheila. After taking 3 minutes to explain his plan Sheila herself was in shock.

"Stoppable while you told me you and Ron were smart I never thought you of all people would come up with something like that. I love it. The only thing that will sadden me is I won't be there to see it." Sheila said causing Clone Ron to smile.

"I am to please my mistress, but for the sake of you missing it, I will have it recorded just for you." Clone Ron said just before the screen went black.

As Sheila turned away from the view screen Sheila turned around to she Ron emitting a vibrant blue aura. Seeing this Sheila couldn't help but take a trip down memory lane.

'It was almost the same thing for me when I first got my powers. I had little to no control over my powers, and they would come up at the worst of times. If his powers are anything like mine than while I have him in my claws I am going to help him gain control of them.' Sheila thought to herself.

"We have been dating for a little over a year Kim." Ron said causing Sheila to turn towards him.

'He must be dreaming of Kimmie finding out about us some time in the future.' Sheila thought as she listened to Ron speak.

"No Kim I am not leaving her, and nothing you can say will make me change my mind!" Ron said adamantly while still in his trance.

'What in the heck is he arguing about? Man I wish I could hear both sides of the argument instead of just Ron's' Sheila thought to herself while continuing to listen.

"Yes Kim I know Tara is single, and I knew that she is interested in me. However just because Tara likes me doesn't mean I am going to dump my current girlfriend for her!" Ron said in his still adamant tone. "For starters Kim I like her believe it or not heck I think I might even be in love with her!' Ron said completely shocking Sheila.

'Ron thinks he is in love with me? That was something I never expected to happen.' Sheila thought to herself.

"Even if I wasn't in love with her I am not going to leave her for Tara! I already explained to her when she asked me out that to make her the luckiest girl in the world I would have to do what Monkey boy did to my current girlfriend. No one deserves that, and I am not going to do that to my girlfriend!" Ron continued causing some more wheels to turn in Sheila's head.

'What am I going to do with you Ron?' Sheila asked herself before getting her answer. 'Well for starters time to pull you away from dream Princess.' Sheila thought just before she cut off Ron's air flow.

Within seconds Ron eyes opened causing Sheila to let go of his nose.

"Welcome back to the world of the conscious lover." Sheila said putting stress on the world lover. "Now what was that I heard about you saying you think you are in love with me?" Sheila asked with a sly smirk on her face.

'Oh great I must have been sleep talking while I was in my mind. Please god don't have her dump me for that.' Ron thought to himself just before he took a deep breath and began explaining.

Stage out

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