At the end of the day Lorraine came up to Michael "Oh yeah, you have to go to this conference tomorrow night Michael"

"What?" Michael said

"Conference tomorrow night, well thats what their calling it, you'll just have to go to some meal, and stay the night at the hotel and talk about a load of boring stuff in the morning" Lorraine said "I'll text you the details, see you whenever.."

"Wait..Lorraine" He said as she walked off

"What?" She said

"A bit of notice would be good, you could have told me" Michael said raising his eyebrows

"I'm telling you now" Lorraine said, her eyes widening "Right..Bye"

Michael shook his head "..Bye"

Michael locked up and walked up to the car, Sian was waiting for him "You okay?" she asked as he got in the car looking annoyed

"Lorraine's making me go to some conference tomorrow night, I have to stay the night" Michael said as he began driving

"What and she's only just told you about it" Sian asked

"Yep" Michael sighed

"Typical Lorraine.." Sian smiled

"I hate conferences" Michael said

"Cheer up" Sian smiled

"Yeah, yeah.." Michael said miserably

That night Sian was sat on the couch, Michael came and sat next to her "What are you watching?"

"This film.." Sian mumbled keeping her eye on the tv

Michael wrapped his arm around her waist "We could always..." Michael said

"Hmm..." Sian mumbed again not listening

"Sian?" Michael said

"Sorry..What?" She said

"I was just wondering if you wanted an 'early night'" Michael said raising his eyebrows

"Not tonight.." She smiled moving a bit letting his hand fall from her waist

"Right..I'm going to bed" He sighed as he got up, used to the same response

"Night night" She said stretching her legs out on the couch were he was sat

Michael got up that morning and he packed a bag once he was ready for the conference that evening and then he went in to his and Sian's bedroom "You nearly ready to go"

"Just a minute" She said putting her mascara on "Right, I'm ready"

"I can't believe I've got a day of school then I have to go to that stupid conference" Michael sighed

"Cheer up grumpy, your worse than Grantley these days" Sian said

That evening at the conference, Michael sat there when some man came in "Hi I'm Colin, I've organized the conference and I'm here on behalf of the board of education, we just need to get some heads and deputys from the local high school so we can compare exam results, and generally just give eachother help and advice, and I'm here to give feedback from the board"

Michael gave an awkward smile to the other teachers around him.

"Right so tonight were just going to get to know eachother so then we all feel comfortable in tomorrows meeting, so feel free to mingle and go and a drink and stuff and we'll meet for dinner in.." He stopped talking as the door opened and a woman walked in "Sorry I'm late, the traffic was murder.."

Michael looked up, he had to blink a few times before he could convince himself that it was her.

He couldn't believe Linda was here. He never expected to see her again.

As everyone began to get up and 'mingle' as Colin had said he looked at Linda.

She looked a lot younger, less stressed and tense. Her face was warm and friendly as she began to talk to people. Her hair was curled neatly at the ends and now flowed past her shoulders. She was wearing a smart, yet quite short dress which clung to her tiny frame yet enhanced her every curve.

He should have filled with hatred at the site of her..But he didn't

He tried to sneak out, she seemed happy, he didn't want to make her mess things up again.

"Oh your Michael Byrne, aren't you" Some woman said "Didn't you get stabbed by a pupil! You wouldn't catch me going in to work after that!

Linda turned her head quickly at his name.

They exchanged a long glance, neither of them knowing what to say.

"Michael.." She began

"What are doing here?" He asked

She walked closer to him, walking them away from the crowd of people "I'm a deputy, at a local school.."

"How did you end up in Scotland.." He said

"My fiancee..he's from Scotland" She said

"Fiancee?" Michael said shocked

"Yeah..His names Ben, I moved to London you know after you..dropped the charges and I met him, he was on holiday in London and we got together and I ended up moving to Scotland with him and finding a job.." Linda said awkwardly

"Right..Well you seem happy" Michael said

"I am.." Linda smiled "Look Michael I am really sorry about..everything, I don't know why I did all that, it was so stupid of me"

"I'm over it...I'm just glad your back to normal" He smiled

"Back to normal?" She asked

"You know..How you used to be...You seem really happy" He said

"I was in a bad place.." Linda said "But I'm really good now"

"I'm pleased for you" He said "Want to get a drink?"

"Yeah..Why not" She smiled

"So what are you doing in Scotland?" She asked him as they sat down

"Waterloo Road was going to shut down and an ex pupil of mine was opening a school in Scotland so me and a few of the staff and kids went up there and the new waterloo road was born" he smiled

"So have you found yourself anyone?" She asked after he had got them their drink, eager to know

"Me and Sian..We got together" He said

Linda nearly choked on her drink "Oh..Thats good, are you happy?" She said trying to look like she didn't care.

It would have been hard for her to know he was with anyone least of all Sian, she was so smug and always took Michael in the end.

Michael gave a small smile as he could see she was jealous, he covered his smile up with a cough "..Yeah were..really good" he said

Linda finished her drink "So is Jez out the picture now.."

"Yep, he's long gone" Michael said "Another whiskey?"

"Sure" She smiled