Chap 4

Remus pushed him back on the bed, he was going quite noisy as his need for Sirius grew larger for every inch he touched of him. The animal inside him had taken over and almost made him insane. Sirius could see his dilated pupils, realising it was close to the full moon, Remus had always been more of an animal at nightfall as the moon turned rounder. The man kissed his shoulder open mouthed and tasted his flesh while his hands travelled inside his shirt. He found a way over his ribs and his thumb brushed over his nipple, causing Sirius to moan in pleasure. The dark eyes focused on Sirius, almost scaring him, the wilderness where about to take over.

"Take it easy Remus." he whispered and grabbed his dark blond hair. "Calm down a bit." But the werewolf had other plans, he straddled the animagus and ripped open Sirius shirt, buttons flew trough the air and Remus kissed his chest, carefully nibbling and lick his nipples. This made Sirius change his mind, he wanted this so badly that there was no time to take caution. He didn't want to slow this down, he needed more. The fingers fumbled with the buttons on Remus' jeans, Sirius needed them off now. As the zipper went down his hand grabbed his member through the fabric of the boxers, making Remus loose himself in the kissing and nibbling. The man pressed himself closer to Sirius and he remembered to breath again.

"Oh fuck." he whimpered and looked up at Sirius again. The animagus pulled his hair, made him come closer so he could press the lips against his. Their teeth knocked into each other and Remus bit his lip while he rubbed himself against his hand.

"Take your pants off." Sirius ordered and Remus flew off the bed, ripping and pulling the clothes of himself while he tried to balance. He were in such a hurry that he couldn't concentrate on anything else but the man in the bed, he stumbled around in the room, kicking and pulling his tight jeans that had stuck to his ankles and the shirt that had stuck over his head. The balance abandoned him and he fell on his back on the floor cursing and ripping in his shirt. Sirius laughed at the scene and left the bed, fell on his knees before the almost naked man and helped him with his pants. The werewolf could hardily breath when the animagus touches the inside of his thigh with his warm hands. The shirt finally came of and the sight of Sirius made him breath again. His member twitched with excitement and he slammed his eyes shut when he felt the hand touch it. The boxers were thrown off.

Sirius grabbed the throbbing cock and started to pump it. A terrible ache began in Remus crotch, the pain made him thrust into his firm grip but the animagus grabbed his hip and pushed him down to the floor. This made him unable to move and it only made him hotter, but Sirius had to much control, he wanted to go further, he couldn't wait for a slow development so he took action. He pushed the man on his back and ripped of his pants and they landed on the other side of the room. He cupped his member with his cold hand and kissed the area around it, making Sirius suffer of pleasure. Then he started to pump him, hard and fast and Sirius arched his back, and when he thought it couldn't get any better then this he felt something wet on the head of his member. Remus' was blowing him, only the sight of this made him to close to coming so he closed his eyes. Tried to concentrate on something else, he wanted this to last longer. But all he could think of was Remus' lips wrapped around his dick.

"I'm close." he warned and moaned of pleasure. "I'm gonna cum." The wetness left him and he opened his eyes, Remus was still pumping him hard and fast but he moved closer to Sirius face. He kissed him hard again, licking the corners of his mouth.

"I can make you come more then once." he whimpered and Sirius felt the grip tighten around him. He silenced him with a brutal kiss when he came in his hand, he thrusted into his hand and moaned in ecstasy and cursed into his lips. His hips stopped moving and he laid there, delirious on the floor with a whimpering werewolf above him. Then a sharp pain hit his back, but mixed with a feeling of deep pleasure. Remus had buried a finger inside him, making him ready for an intrusion.

"Are you okay?" he asked and kissed his cheeks, he nodded and another finger entered him.
"Keep going." he moaned, feeling his member twitch again when a finger touched his prostate. With scissoring fingers, Remus lightened up his entrance and Sirius tried to relax, shutting out the pain and concentrated on the pleasure only. The werewolf, almost lost himself when he saw what he did to the animagus, his moans and exited breaths, he couldn't do this to him anymore. The fingers left him and Remus lined up his member to his entrance.

"Tell me if you want me to stop." he begged him, he wanted to give the man pleasure, not pain. He pressed himself in and the warmth, and tightness that hit him made him whimper of excitement. The pain that hit him made him arch his back even more, but it also felt so darn good. "Sirius?" The animagus painful face scared him.
"Keep going." he moaned and Remus pushed himself in even further, finding his g-spot almost at once. The pain stopped, all he could think of now were to get Remus to hit that spot over and over again. "Oh fuck." He cursed and whimpered. The werewolf stared at him and grabbed his hip. He needed to come before the pain in his groin killed him.

"I'm sorry." he breathed and pulled out of Sirius, only to plunge himself in again. "But it's just so.."

"Keep going." Sirius plaid and Remus didn't have to excuse. He started to thrust into Sirius with a quick pace, hitting his prostate over and over again, making him delirious. He got tighter around Remus' member and the sensation it caused made him thrust even faster. He kissed his Sirius and swallowed the moans. Sirius grabbed his hair again pressed his lips harder against his own and moved his hips hard with his thrusting, taking him deeper. The kissing came to an end when Remus euphoria came to it's max point, he hid his face to his neck. Closer to screaming than moaning, his grip bruised Sirius hip and he bit down on his shoulder, smothering himself as he came. Just the feeling and the look of Remus' orgasm made Sirius come. His nails dug into his back and hi pulled his hair, gritted his teeth when he had his second orgasm, bigger than the first. Remus rode out the orgasm and started to kiss the bite marks that he caused on the shoulder. He laid there, on top of Sirius and they caught their breath before they had the energy to do anything else.

"Merlin." Sirius sanity was back and he looked at the short breathed man above him. "Okay there Moony?" He hadn't called him that for years and Remus giggled.

"Yes." he sighed and lifted his heavy head. "That was very nice." He kissed Sirius chin and grabbed his hair.

"Yeah." he sighed and hummed. "Really nice." He could hardily keep his eyes open. "I'm really tired to." Remus smiled and kissed his lips.

"Want me to sleep on the cough?" he asked and Sirius shook his head.

"No, you're sleeping with me. But let's wash up, I just changes sheets."

It was the headache that woke him, the morning sun leaked in under the curtain and hit his eyes with a sting. He turned himself in the bed and felt the warmth beside him. When he opened his hurting eyes he saw the sleeping Remus. He slept like he always had, on his stomach, arms wrapped around the pillow and his half face buried in it. Then he remembered what had happened that night. The memory weren't weak, he new very well what they had done, but did Remus? He didn't know what to do, should he get up before him, wake him and ask him about it. Witch act would me the most natural right now? Remus suddenly growled and pressed his head deeper in the pillow.

"Oh god, I've got such a hangover." he moaned and rubbed his eye before he looked at him. "You feel alright?" Sirius stared to the roof, tried not to blush.

"Yeah." he answered and sighed. Had Remus been to drunk last night? Didn't he remember what they did? Remus lifted his arms and looked at him with tired eyes.

"Come here." Oh god yes, he remembered. All Sirius could do was smile as he crawled closer to the naked man beside him and he placed his arm around him, kissed his forehead. "I hope you don't regret anything we did last night."

"Of course not." he answered quickly and stroked his fingers over his scar covered chest. "Why would I?" Remus laughed and smelled his hair.

"I don't know, we were both drunk."

"Who knows, this might never have happened if we weren't." He kissed one of the scars and he placed his hand on Remus' waist, pulled him a little closer. "We should tell your parents." Remus stiffed and cleared his throat.

"Already?" he wondered. "I mean..."

"Not about this!" Sirius shouted and blushed. "I meant that you're back." Remus bursted into laugh and took Sirius hand. They laughed like they had done in older days, before his disappearance. This was what Sirius had missed the most, and Remus thought the same thing. This moment defined happiness in his mind, even thou a horrible hangover troubled him. The laughter died out, little by little and Remus stared at the roof. He suddenly crawled closer to Sirius, let his nose touch the hair strands and he took a breath of his wonderful smell.

"I am so sorry i didn't return sooner." he said, angry at himself for the way he had been treating himself.

For two years he had lied to himself, convincing that Sirius and his friends would be safer without him. That they would be happier when they didn't need to worry about his condition. Damn, had he been wrong.

"Don't leave again." Sirius ordered and grabbed his waist again.

"I'm not stupid." he grinned and stroked his thumb over Sirius bushy eyebrow. "I'm done with the woods."