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Chapter 5: Destroying the Dream's of an Excorsist?

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Roads Pov

"w-wha-" Road yawned after waking up. Road's eyes fluttered open as she saw grass and dirt beside her. Road stood up to see that she was definitely on ground and she noticed Allen on the bed taking up most or all of the space. It's still night Road noted while she looked up at the night

'as usual' Road thought to herself annoyingly.

She took a stretch and knew what wasw going to be coming. 'I probally took it to far… I bet that now they(blackorder) will try to take us apart., heh, goodluck with that! I don't feel like losing Allen that easily' Road concluded.

Road yawned more. She felt tired and came up with a brilliant plan. 'this outh'a make em mad' Road thought as she cuddle up to Allen. Road put her hand on Allen's chest and with the other put Allens hand under her head, on top of her shoulder.

She felt even drowseier with Allen's warm hand around her. 'night' Road said.

Allens POV

Allens eyes slowly opened to the bright morning sun, and as he stood up halfway, until his right arm forced him down.

"huh wha-! AH" Allen said in a shocked tone. Allen saw his arm around Road and her arm on his chest. He blushed very little before it left. Instead of shaking her, he smiled and patted her on the head. ' so peaceful… I never thought I'd see a Noah like this personally. She has a shaken face thought.. did she have a nightmare?' Allen wondered

Unfortunately for Allen, Road woke up to Allen's little outburst. Allen was shocked to see Road clinging to his chest, pulling him closer and with her yellow eyes sparkling towards Allen, and said in a innocent tone "Allen?".

"y-yes" Allen stuttered.

"please stay with me?" Road pleaded. 'she look's like she's about to cry' Allen noted in his mind.

"u-uh sure" Allen said, darting his eyes from Road's. 'just a trick.. right' Allen thought to himself

They both went back to bed even though Allen stayed awake. Road hugged Allen on the bed while Allen placed his head on hers. 'why do I do this for her?' Allen wondered to himself.

Roads POV Dream mode/past

Road knew something was up. She was in a gray room with no windows or doors. All of a sudden she saw Allen and Road ran towards him hugging him "ALLEN!3" Road cried in delight.

Road looked up to see Allen's warm gaze on her but it soon changed because Allen's gaze turned into shock and felt empty.

Allen fell sideways and landed on the floor. "ALLEN!" Road screamed. Allen's prosecutor was right behind him.

"Thanks Road! You made it easier to kill him now." The Millennium Earl said in delight.

"Now don't tell me you have feelings for this boy?now come on, we still have to find the heart" The Earl added.

"No…" Road muttered

"What was that…?" The Earl asked. He glared at her with his golden eyes.

Road flinched before saying "yes." Road looked back at Allen's limplesss body.

"Road be a dear and make Allen's body disappear." The Earl commanded.

Road said yes and The Millennium Earl disappeared. Despite Road's fondness of Allen, she couldn't disobey the Earl.

As she began to take a candle and put the fire on Allen she saw Allen's gaze return and said "Why Road…I love you" ,

"w-what" Road said and blushed until her hand forcefully landed the candle on Allen's coat. The coat caught on fire and was burning Allen alive.

"NO" Road screamed! She hugged Allen until the fire reached Road's body and burned her

Dream Ends

Road was surprised to see that Allen caressed her easily. After 5 minutes of being caressed, Road remembered that the Earl killed Allen by being close to her.

Road pushed Allen aside. "uh-um I think we should go hunting for more food" Road suggested quickly.

"sure…" Allen said, surprised by Road's actions.

Road and Allen were looking at different bushes until some really unusual things happened.

Black Order's POV

"shall we?" Lavi said.

"you do the honer" Komui replied.

Lavi pressed a random button. Komui and Lavi watched the moniter

This will be a little comic scene J so it refers from Allens point of view, and whenever the word press is mentioned, it will represent that the black order has pushed a button. Also note that these are cutscenes. So lots of this stuff will occur fast.

"wahh" Road gulped as the ground before her slipped into quicksand.

"take my hand" Allen said, extending his hand but not letting his body get close, in fear of being trapped.

Road grabbed on Allen's hand but as Road got out, Allen fell by the force of Road getting out and landed on a tree with Road onto of him.

"uh…" Road managed to say.

Black Order

"wer'e messing it up!" Komui cried in despair.

"gah… let me try another button!" Lavi corrected.


Moniter screen:

Allen sees a carnivorous plant (the one that Allen and Lavi faced at Krory's castle (;) attacking Road.

"Road!.." Allen screamed in hopes that he wanted her to move. Instead she looked at him and didn't notice the plant beside her.

'it will be too late if I try to push her out of the way… wait I just have to say I love you to the plant like I did last time!' Allen thought quickly. Than Allen screamed…

"I love you! I LOVE YOU!" Allen screamed so loud.

Road's eyes turned small. She started to blush and said "well..uhm I guess if you feel t-that..way…I think…it might be okay to say…that…I" Road managed to blurt out. "l-love you too Allen Walker" Road said avoiding his gaze.

Allen was surprised. "I didn't mean it toward you R-road. This flower was about to eat you, andi had to show affection for it not to bite you." Allen explained softly.

"I'll just go back to camp then…." Road muttered before running into the opposite direction.

"she's crying…" Allen said. (rain begins to fall)

Black Order

"you did it Lavi!" Komui yelled in delight.

"it was nothing but I guess it was all-" Lavi began until a yell erupted from the back of the control room.

"IDIOTS!" Lenalee yelled

(I know the box she's in is not audible but they made it audible after she gave up attacking the box)


Komui and Lavi stopped their gossip and noticed that Allen ran after her.

"this is all your fault!" Konmui yelled at Lavi. "now fix it!" Komu demanded.

"yes sir" Lavi said, and just as he was about to press a button, he got interrupted.

"STOP!" Lenalee screamed.

"maybe this is good for him. He will learn that they can't be together." Lenalee explained quietly.

Komui and Lavi looked at eachother

"I guess that makes sense. Lets just stop and watch" Komui advised.

"I agree" Lavi said.


Allens Pov

'where is she' rushed, Allen found Road, banging on a tree, crying. "Road" Allen began.

Road just turned around, showing her tears, all of a sudden Road ran for Allen and tackled him to the ground. Road whimpered and managed to say "I'm sorry" and kept repeating the words.

Allen simply closed his eyes, and helped Road stand up. "come on now…. It's not you so stop crying." Allen said. He raised his index finger and dried off one of her tears.

"let's get back to camp" Allen said with a smile and placed his warm gaze upon her.

They both walked ,hand in hand,to camp and cracking jokes up on the way back.

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