The cross bow was aimed straight at my forehead, as the group of survivors stared us down. I couldn't blame them, it was hard to come by anyone we could trust these days and from my observation there were kids involved, which gave them all the more reason to get defensive. I glanced at Lucas who had nearly pushed me on my ass to block the guy's line of fire. It was weird how protective of me he was, I'd only known him for three days. He'd seemed sane enough for the circumstances when I first met him but now I wasn't so sure.

He gripped his board with rusty nails that he had found on the hike over here and I prayed that he didn't intend to use it. Ana groaned as she assessed the situation going on in front of her, she was now realizing that maybe she was wrong to disagree with me about Luke tagging along. But we had to play peacemakers and Ana always had a thing about having men around.

"Let's just talk this out." I blurted.

"Yeah let's just fucking have tea time." The guy spat sarcastically and readjusted his bow.

"Daryl." The police officer said in his thick southern accent.

"We didn't come here to cause problems, we're just looking for a place to stay," Ana said, "We've traveled a long way and the only survivors we'd come across were looters."

"What makes you think we aren't the same?" A girl with short grey hair had said.

"Well, he's a police officer," I stated, "And you haven't killed us or tried stealing our supplies yet. Look we are completely harmless, I know that might be hard for you to believe but before this I'd pull my car over for squirrels crossing the street, I couldn't hurt a fly. The only time I've hurt anyone is to defend myself." Oh boy was I over tired, I had a tendency to talking peoples ear off, It didn't help that I was desperate.

"Let's just forget it." Luke turned his back and walked pass both Ana and I. Ana had begun to walk with him.

"We have supplies a couple miles from here," I told them, normally we wouldn't tell a soul this because so many people would be willing to kill us and steal our supplies, "We being here could benefit you."

"You're lying." The guy with the bow said.

"We'll be syphoning gas on our way back."

The group had begun to mutter stuff back and forth to each other. I glance back to see Ana and Luke in the distance. Ana began to walk backwards, "Peyton let's go!"

"How can we trust you?"

"You're the ones with the weapons not me," I said, "We got two others guarding the truck until we get back but at this point we're all desperate to have a safe place to sleep. In return we got canned goods."

I was never the persuasive type but for the first time the group had seemed interested. "Daryl, Glenn, Shane and I will go with you. We'll get the jeep here."

"You're shitting me!" Daryl snapped.

The walk back to the truck seemed like it'd take forever. Luke was furious about me telling them about our supplies but I knew he had a right too. I even began to regret it a little bit. But I felt that if we were going to join a group of survivors then they would be our best bet.

We came across a few walkers on the road while syphoning gas. My stomach felt sick even just looking at them but instantly, like the rest id kick into survival mode and start kicking some zombie butt. Ana like almost always would hide behind Luke or stick close to me with a metal bar in her hands.

"Why don't you put that gun to use next time," Luke muttered rudely.

"Luke," I snapped.

"It'd be like ringing the walker's dinner bell this close to the city." Glenn, a boy with dark hair and small brown eyes replied.

"You're not from around this neck of the woods." Shane said.

"No, Ana and I are from New England." I stated, "My parents were down here visiting my aunt and uncle when things got bad up north so we came down here hoping to find them, but things are surely no better."

"And your parents?"

I glanced down at my beat up black steal toe boots; I tried not chewing on my bottom lip, something I did when I held back tears. "They're gone; all that's left is my niece and nephew, Isaac and Lily. My brother is nowhere to be found but you can only really assumeā€¦"

As we approached the decked out jeep that we had managed to keep maintained for the most part. It had already been lifted when we'd first found it. We parked it a little ways into the woods hoping that it would provide a little bit of safety. Leah and Chase sat on the roof. Chase jumped off and helped Leah down.

"Where are Isaac and Lily?" I asked before anyone could spark a conversation.

"Lily fell asleep under the back seat and Isaac is up in the tree."

"Leah!" I hissed.

"He's a seven year old boy without video games and TV, what do you expect?"

"Not to fall from a tree and injure himself." I replied making my way to the branch that hung low. Isaac made his way down, his white blonde hair was long and curly, hadn't my brother ever taken them to get a haircut?

"I heard you auntie Pey" I helped him down from the last branch and made way to the group.

"Who are they?" Lily's voice came from the closed window; she opened the door and hopped out. Her capris were baggier on her than they were a week ago and I had assumed she hadn't eaten while I was gone. I picked her up without effort and she rested her head on my shoulders.

Chase opened the back of the jeep and showed the big black duffle bags of canned foods that we had gathered over our long dangerous journey here.

"How'd you get all of this without the walkers getting you?"

All of our heads dropped, "We had about two more cars full of survivors. We're all that's left." Leah tied her black hair into a pony adverting her brown eyes as if we weren't talking about the others.

"So do we have a deal?" I asked.

The group of men all walked towards the road and began to talk in hushed voices. Luke's brows furrowed and Ana kicked at a rock imbedded in the ground. All I could think about was Isaac and Lily having two little friends to play with rather than just each other, and the extra safety that they would be supplying us. Officer Rick turned towards and said, "We got a deal, but we want all weapons as soon as we set foot on the camp."

"Deal." We all repeated.

"Now let's get the hell out of here before it gets dark." Shane grumbled, he didn't seem very happy about the idea of us joining the group. But I couldn't think about his hard feelings I had to think of getting their alive first.