My Babysitter's A Vampire: Miss Teen Monster

Author: Becca Ainsley

Disclaimer: I Do Not Own My Babysitter's A Vampire. I Only Own My Made Up Characters.

Enjoy the Story! :)

Chapter 1

Delaney Von Deest

It was a breezy yet warm Wednesday morning at Whitechapel.

Ethan Morgan walked up to Whitechapel High School ready to start another day of school.

"Hey Ethan!" Benny Weir, Ethan's best friend called.

Ethan stopped to wait for his friend. "What's up?" he asked.

"I ran from my house all the way here!" Benny panted. "I saw something and I had to tell you about it!"

"Is it about..." Ethan winked. "You-know-what?"

"No!" Benny answered. "I saw a limo!"


"Yea a limo!" He stretched his arms. "A huge one! White with diamonds on the wheels!"

"Is this some dream you had?" Ethan scoffed. "Hard to believe you saw a limousine in Whitechapel."

"No!" Benny shouted. "I really saw it!"

Suddenly, a big group of kids spilled out of the front doors and onto the sidewalk.

"Whoa, whats happening?" Ethan said.

"Look!" Benny pointed.

A long white stretch limousine strolled in front of Whitechapel High. The kids cluttered around the limo.

The driver walked out of the driver's seat and to the back passenger seat.

He tossed out a long red carpet and opened the door to reveal bright lights and cool hip hop music.

A silver stiletto stepped on the red carpet and the kids screamed and cheered.

Out came a girl dressed in white, white sunglasses, and long black hair. Besides her hair, her red ruby lips were the only pop of color.

Some kids pulled out cameras and took pictures as if they were paparazzi, some kids held out their hands to touch her as if they were crazy fans.

"De-la-ney!" the kids chanted. "De-la-nay!"

"Delaney?" Ethan said to Benny. "Who's Delaney?"

He turned to see the girl disappeared in the front doors. He looked down at his feet to see a white feather purse on the ground.

He picked it up and his eyes glowed silver. He then threw the purse back on the ground.

"Dude! That's Delaney Von Deest's purse!" Benny said carefully picking up the bag. "What is wrong with you?!"

"Hey you guys!" a voice called out. It was their friend and vampire, Sarah. "Did you see that limo? Wow!"

"Yea!" Benny exclaimed and gave Sarah a high five. Ethan stood stunned.

"Is something wrong Ethan?" Sarah asked. She then whispered, "Did you have... a vision?"

"You bet," Ethan sighed. "From that." He pointed at the purse.

"Delaney Von Deest's beautiful bag gave you a vision?" Benny said clutching the bag to this chest.

"Okay, first off," Ethan started. "Who the heck is Delaney Von Deest?!"

Sarah and Benny gasped. "What?!"

"You don't know Delaney?" Sarah said. Ethan nodded.

"Delaney Von Deest is the most popular junior at Whitechapel High!" Benny explained.

"Her mom is Catherine Von Deest, world famous fashion designer since the age of 14," Sarah added.

"And her dad is inventor and billionaire, Peter Von Deest!" Benny said.

"Not to mention," Sarah added once more. "She's a singer, dancer, model, actor, and pageant queen since she was 2!"

"She was in a movie with Justin Timberlake, recorded a song with Katy Perry, modeled for a French Magazine, and is Miss Teen Ontario!" Benny replied.

"Okay I get it!" Ethan shouted. "She's a big deal... that I still don't know!"

Benny and Sarah traded looks of disgust at Ethan's confusion and sighed.

"So what was your vision?" Benny asked.

"Dead," Ethan explained. "Dead and living."

"A zombie?" Sarah replied.

"No," Ethan said. "It looked like one but it wasn't. And it was wearing a white dress."

"A white dress?" Benny laughed. "Ethan, are you sure this was a vision cause its sounding pretty ridiculous!"

Ethan brushed off the comment and continued. "And it was hissing. 'No one has ever beat me. No one!'."

"That's scary," Sarah said. "Do you know where?"

"Uhh, it was dark," Ethan said trying to remember. "I remember curtains, but that was it location-wise."

Sarah snapped her fingers. "Dang it."

"Well until we find out," Benny's lips curled to a smile. "Shall we return this purse to a certain junior lady?"

"Oh my gosh yes!" Sarah said excitedly.

Her and Benny ran into the school leaving Ethan in the dust.