My Babysitter's A Vampire: Miss Teen Monster

Author: Becca Ainsley

Disclaimer: I Do Not Own My Babysitter's A Vampire. I Only Own My Made Up Characters.

Enjoy the Story! :)

Chapter 4


Ethan crept down the empty halls to keep from being heard.

His hand and eyes searched for Delaney's locker; it was the only one with jeweled numbers and a pink lock.

"There it is!" Ethan muttered to himself. He looked behind him as he hand grabbed the lock.

As his hand touched the padlock, another hand touched his...

"AAH!" Ethan shouted.

"AAH!" a girl shrieked. The two fell back. As Ethan rubbed his head, he saw the other girl was Erica.

"Erica? What are you doing?" Ethan asked her.

"Same to you," Erica replied jumping on her feet. She helped Ethan up. "Looks like you're breaking into Delaney's locker."

"Well it looks like you are too," Ethan shot back.

Erica looked side to side and said, "Maybe."

Ethan rolled his eyes and focused on the glitterly locker. He put his ear against the lock and his fingers on the padlock.

"What do you want from her?" Erica asked.

"Heard some things," Ethan said. "So I'm investigating. You?"

"She's major competition and I need to figure out how to beat her," Erica replied coolly.

Ethan spent a couple minutes turning and turning the padlock. "Ugh! I can't get it!"

"Move," Erica said pushing Ethan. She studied the pink padlock and turned it. In an instant, it clicked open.

"How'd you know her combination?" Ethan asked stunned.

"Rory," Erica answered. "He told me her combo always changes to the date of her next pageant."

Ethan absorbed the information and proceeded to search the locker.

The locker was filled with sparkly crowns, glittery sashes and banners, and photos of Delaney in her competitions.

"Wow," Erica said. "Self-love much?"

"Is this it?" Ethan added. "Crowns, banners, and no books or papers or school stuff?"

"Eww!" Erica said. "What is that?"

She pointed at a round bottle with green liquid sitting in the back of the locker. Ethan reached for the sticky bottle and studied the label.

"'Gorgonian Platos'?" Ethan said.

"Oh gosh!" Erica gagged. "That's like zombie juice. It stinks!"

"Look," Ethan said. "The tip of the bottle has lipstick. She's been drinking this."

"Why does she need to drink zombie juice?" Erica added.

Ethan shrugged and placed the bottle back. He ran his finger over the pictures on the locker door. A smiling picture of Delaney fell to the floor.

"What is that?" Erica pointed at the spot the picture fell from. A faded vintage picture of a woman's face appeared.

"It's some old picture of a lady under all of these pictures," Ethan replied.

Erica looked back at a clock in the hall and turned back to Ethan. "We have 5 minutes to take these pictures down. Hurry up!"

The two ripped down the photos and the vintage woman's face became larger.

"It's a newspaper clipping," Ethan said as the last picture was torn down.

"'Town Fear Finally Slain'," Erica read the heading.

"'Pandora Von Deest has terrorized the town of Cappable too long. She has finally been captured and charged with the murders of thousands. She will be hung at Cappable Park this afternoon at high noon'," Ethan read. "This was way back then."

"So is this one," Erica pointed at another clipping and read it. "'Yvette town local Pandora Von Deest has been charged for murdering the entire student body of two local high schools. She has received the death sentence'."

"And this!" Ethan pointed at a clipping that looked like it has been ripped from a book. "'It has been proven that witchcraft and magic exist. Legendary serial killer Pandora Von Deest has been reincarnated into the same person and killing thousands'."

"Reincarnated?" Erica gasped. "What?"

"This is a passage from a book written about Pandora," Ethan replied. "This has to be her history!"

Suddenly, a shrill bell rang and doors were opening with kids coming out of them.

"Hurry! The pictures!" Erica said.

The two quickly pasted the pictures back onto the locker door. A familiar click-clack of designer heels came down the hall.

"She's coming!" Ethan replied. The last few pictures were hung and Erica quickly slammed the locker. "Act normal!"

The two hung out casually by Delaney's locker.

"Hi guys," Delaney greeted happily. She opened the locker and put her books in, not even realizing her now messy collage of pictures.

"Oh, hey Delaney!" Ethan said back. "Good day?"

"Amazing day!" Delaney chirped. "And tomorrow is pageant night!" Delaney slammed the locker.

"Oh yeah!" Ethan said pretending to forget. "I almost forgot! Good luck!"

"Thanks! If I win, which I will, I'll find you a girlfriend Ethan," Delaney replied. Ethan blushed. "Toodles!" Delaney waved then stopped at Erica.

"I'll give you 24 hours to drop out of the pageant," Delaney whispered in Erica's ear.

"Never," Erica hissed.

"Fine," Delaney replied. "Good luck." She forced a smile. She started down the hall then turned back around to the two.

"I like how you guys redecorated my pictures," Delaney said with no happiness or anger in her tone.

Erica and Ethan traded scared looks and ran down the hall.