A/N: Sorry this is my first fic they will get better I promise you that

My name is Isabella Marie Swan and I am about 4 billion years old vampire. Yes that's right I am about as old as the earth, I also am the very first vampire created. I have lived off of the blood of animals for the whole of my vampire life. I am the strongest vampire there is also I have an infinite number of gifts, nobody can kill me and I can destroy 1000 newborns in one battle. Nobody knows that I was the very first vampire, or how old I am.

I have now moved to Forks, Washington to repeat another 3 years at high school. It is three weeks into the first year when I smell a coven of 7 vampires. I followed the sent straight away and found the vampires unloading stuff in to a house, and then I noticed their eyes. They were the same colour as my eyes. Suddenly I am surrounded by them; one of them asks "who are you? And what are you doing here?"

I answer them by saying "I am Bella swan and I go to school in this small town. What are you doing here?"

They answered me saying we have moved here to go to school here also."

I then ask "isn't it a bit unusual for coven to be of your size?"

The blond-haired man replied "yes it is unusual but we class ourselves as a family. Might I enquire about how long you have been a vegetarian vampire?"

I think for a moment then decide to tell them the truth. "I have been a "vegetarian" vampire for around 4 billion years give or take a few hundred years." As I finish saying this all their mouths drop.

The blond then speaks again "I did just hear you say 4 billion years didn't I" I just nodded.

I replied "that is also how long I have been a vampire for." Their mouths drop again.

"May I ask what your names are?" then they all tell me their names and then I am say "would you like to come to my house so that we can get this all over and done with."

They follow me but struggle to keep up. When we all get to my house I say "I just curious but how old are all of you?"

They then tell me their age. "I am sorry to cut this short guys but there are 5 werewolves on their way here that I have to deal with so if you head back to yours I shall see you there in half an hour" they left without hesitation. The wolves then turned up with their alpha in human form. "Hello Mr wolf" I said to the alpha of the pack.

The alpha replied "you are not welcome here leech so leave or be killed" I just burst out laughing at the last bit then he asks "what's so funny?"

I stop laughing and then say "you couldn't kill me if you even tried I have fought 1000 newborn vampires in one go and yet they didn't manage to touch me so what makes you think I am so easy to kill." They shut up after that then I continued "you should all walk away now while you still have a chance."

I then went to the Cullen's house and say "Emmett do you want to spar me?" he is like "hell yeah".

So we start to fight but 2 minutes later I have him pinned. So I asked them if they all want to spar me. I got a yes from Alice, Edward, Rosalie, jasper, and of course Emmett too. But Carlisle and Esme came out to watch us spar this time. When we started fighting I was going easy on them, but then I decided to use one of my gifts, I caused them to see 5 others of me so then I could easily take them out.

They then asked how I had done that. I replied with a simple 'it's a gift I have' I think to myself 'I think I am gonna go start a fight with the largest and most powerful coven there is. Do you know where they live Edward?'

He had a look of pure shock on his face then said "they live in Volterra, Italy, though I must warn you they are strong." Just for him I replayed the memory of me killing 1000 newborns I one battle, I could tell he was shocked without reading his thoughts.

I said my farewells then left for Volterra, Italy. I appeared in Italy in the next 5 minutes it then only took another 2 to get inside the Volterra castle. When I was inside the walls I decided I would let them pick up on the danger I was but I headed to the throne room first to formally begin the fight but…