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Chapter 4 - Ziva David

James and Gibbs pull up to Ziva's house, and both immediately notice her car still parked in the drive. "She's still here," Gibbs says. They look around, and upon deeming it safe, Gibbs opens the passenger side door of James' truck and slides out. James gets out, walks around to the side of the truck, and stops. He points to the open door.

"Forced entry." James says, pointing at the pried open wooden door. He reaches into his back seat and grabs his Sig Sauer P229 9mm pistol.

"Let's watch it. No telling if whoever did this is still here or not," Gibbs says. James nods.

"Yeah, I know," James says. Gibbs draws his Sig and they begin slowly approaching the house. They reach the front porch and stop. "I'll go in first. Clear the living room, kitchen, office, and bedroom in that order."

Gibbs nods and they breach. James kicks in the already open door and sweeps the large living room, immediately noticing something missing. "Federal Agents!" They both yell. Gibbs rounds the corner to the kitchen, with James watching his back.

"Kitchen, clear!" Gibbs yells, proceeding into the hallway. The wooden floor creaks under his footsteps.

"Living room, clear!" James yells, bringing up Gibbs' rear. He notices Ziva's TV is missing and makes a mental note. James and Gibbs enter the hall.

Gibbs slowly opens the office door, and James rounds the corner. He sweeps the room, taking the time to open the closet and check inside. "Computers gone," Gibbs says, pointing to where Ziva's computer usually would sit.

"TV is gone too," James says, exiting the room and walking towards the end of the hallway. He opens the door at the end of the hall and freezes. Gibbs walks in behind James and looks at Ziva, lying face first in the carpet. He holsters his pistol and kneels next to the Israeli woman.

"She's got a pulse but barely! She needs medical attention now!" Gibbs says urgently. They both pull out there phones and dial numbers. "Yeah this is Agent Gibbs we need an ambulance at 903 East Street, we have an officer down."

"Yeah? DiNozzo," Tony says picking up his phone.

"We found Ziva. Her house was broken into. She's unconscious but we have medical services on the way," James tells Tony. "Keep working the scene, we've got her."

"Roger Boss, keep her safe. We are at the scene now," Tony says and hangs up.

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