Hey, everyone! This is something I wrote about a teacher I had in primary school, but I put in Amelia's name in exchange of her own. This lady was the epitome of kindness - she was goodness personified. Three years after her death and I still shed many a tear over her. She's one of those people that makes life worth living because she restored (and continues) to restore my faith in humanity. I felt this poem could be applied to Constance and Amelia, mainly for the same reasons I'm writing about my teacher. I'm mainly posting this just to share, but I hope you enjoy it.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Worst Witch. The Worst Witch belongs to Jill Murphy and any additional characters belong to the writers of the TV adaptation. The reference to 'Sonny Don't Go Away' is referring to a song by Mary Black (a song the lady I wrote about enjoyed), again, not mine.

Dedicated to Breda.

Robin Upon My Window:

Amelia the robin sits upon my window;
She has not called for a while.
Singing sweets songs that she always sang -
I will sing back to you now:

'Sonny don't go away'.

Not an eye cast in three years,
You are back in my life, I am crying
Fresh tears. Where did you come from?
Why are you here? Don't go away -

'Sonny don't go away'.

So much to do, so much to give,
I would willingly die just so you could live.
Taken too soon - too soon was ever and my
Ever was never, though never was never because

You are gone forever…

'Sonny don't go away'

Brief Description: The Robin represents anything from pain, memories, mainly a fusion of both. Sometimes the mournful feelings are all you've got left, and Constance doesn't want to lose those as well. Pain and memories are all that's left of Amelia, and sometimes they come back stronger than ever - she doesn't want to lose that. It's like it's the only connection that remains. (Not sure if that was clear from the poem or not).

Hope you liked it. Cheers for reading. :)