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This has been sitting half finished for awhile. I decided to finish it off after numerous posters in the White Collar forums commented that it seems like everyone has been kidnapped at least once. I couldn't help but think...well, not quite everyone...

Neal Caffrey studied the merchandise thoughtfully. "Yes, I think my buyer will be interested." The gems were exquisite and they were only a sample.

"In that case, we'll arrange a time for the exchange. We'll contact you with further details, Mr. Halden."

"I thought we were finalizing them now."

"Something's come up." Ray Danval smiled but his lips were tight. His assistant, Darla Winton was looking over her shoulder. The guards were very intent on the doors.

"Okay." Neal nodded, recognizing the danger. The target was far too wound up. Pushing would only blow his cover and the operation.

He left through the side exit, frowning slightly. He headed for the contact point a block away, to wait for the team in the van.

His gaze lit on the traffic. Two vehicles were tailgating a truck. Suddenly the truck sped up and swerved in front of the van, while another smashed into it's side. Neal started, took a couple of strides toward them and then hesitated. If their targets saw him it would blow his cover.

But then the last vehicle jammed up right at the rear of the van, leaped out and charged for the door. Jones and Diana were just stumbling out and were grabbed. Neal's eyes widened as they were dragged around to the front truck and thrown in.

Neal aimed his smart phone and started video recording, running after and trying to keep them in sight. He wasn't surprised that he was losing them, even with the slow New York traffic. He hailed a cab and dove in, ordering the bewildered driver to follow. He hit speed dial and tried to raise Peter. It went to voice mail. The truck already had a lead on them. Within a couple of blocks another truck pulled in front, then a few red lights got in the way. They lost them.

Neal had the cabby pull over. He got out and tried calling Peter again, heart thumping with alarm. They had known they were being watched, he could feel it. This was what had their targets skittish, they'd made the FBI van. Apparently they hadn't made Neal. But why kidnap the team?

"Burke" Peter sounded harried. Neal remembered Peter had been in court on another case.

"Peter they took Jones and Diana!"

"What? Neal, slow down, who took them?"

"I think it was Danval's crew. They put off negotiating the final details of the sale, and when I came out I saw some of his people hit the van."

The silence seemed to spread from the phone and obliterate the street sounds. Traffic noises died away even though he was right next to the road.

"Were they alive?" Peter demanded.

"I think so. I didn't hear any shots, they must've used a taser."

"Tell me where you are and I'll be right there."

Neal was pacing. He ran his hand through his hair. Peter arrived in his Taurus and Neal jumped in the passenger seat.

"Peter, I'm sorry. I figured if I interfered, I'd blow my cover and we might need it."

"You did fine." Peter was frowning. "Where's the van?"

"A few blocks back. I followed in the cab. This is where I lost them."

They drove back to the van and Peter stood with his hands on his hips, frowning. Two of the cars the attackers had driven were still there. One had hit the van hard enough to dent it. "Hopefully, they'll have left evidence. Did they wear gloves?"

"I think so. But it happened fast." Neal held up his phone. "I did record some of it though."

"Great." Peter said.

"We know who has them."

"Knowing and proving are two different things. And finding them is yet another."

Jones and Diana woke up in a sleazy warehouse. A rat sniffed at Jones as he stirred. As his eyes opened he started and jerked back. "Oh. This is not good." He flexed, found himself hooked up with his own handcuffs to a column behind him. "Diana?"

She stirred, opened here eyes. "What were you saying about how quiet the van could be?"

"I stand corrected."

"Someone is going to feel my wrath for giving me this headache." Diana shifted.

Jones looked around, cocked his head and listened. "Anyone watching us?"

"I don't think so."

A door opened and they both fell silent. One of their attackers came in, still masked. They both knew that was a good sign. An unmasked attacker would guarantee they planned to kill them.

"So, what were you two doing spying on that old boarded up diner huh?"

"Just considering a new place for lunch." Jones said mildly.

"It's closed."

"You could have just knocked on the door and said so." Diana fired back. "Don't you think this is overkill?"

Jones frowned at her.

"When Feds are sniffing around, some people get nervous."

"If you haven't broken the law, what do you have to be nervous about?" Diana asked.

The attacker pointed a gun at her. "I'm not. As long as we have the Feds under our control. You two just sit tight and you won't get hurt."

"Why should we believe you? You realize you now have every law enforcement agent in the country after you?"

"You don't have a choice. And by the time they find you we'll be long gone. And if we're not...you'll be the ones to regret it."

He finally left.

There was a moment of silence as they contemplated their circumstances and tested their bonds. Finally Jones broke it. "Are you sure you should provoke him and use words like that?"

"Like what?"

"Overkill? Using words like that might give him ideas."

"He's probably had them anyway."

"That is definitely not comforting."

"Do you think they are listening?"

Diana glanced around and shook her head, shrugged. They were both wondering the same thing. Had the criminals made Caffrey?