Before I start this chapter I would like to take a minute and say how sorry I am for all the families in Newtown, Connecticut. I have two sons of my own and I don't even know what I would do if I heard this happened to my sons. I will be praying everyday for those families and their loss, and I hope you keep them in your prayers as well.

Drunk On You

"He's staring at me , isn't he?" I asked Edward as we sat in the court room. I stared down at my hands not wanting to look at Captain.

"Don't look at him." Edward said rubbing my shoulder and kissing the top of my head. "Everything is going to be fine. Don't let him get to you."

"We'd like to call Isabella Cullen to the stand." The attorney said. Edward squeezed my hand and I walked over to sit behind the stand. "Now Isabella, can you tell me your relationship with Walter McGraw, or Captain McGraw."

"He, was my boss." I answered.

"Now you were close with him, right?" he asked.

"Yeah, he was a family friend. He would even watch my kids sometimes." I said.

"Now that we've established that you had no other relationship with him I'm finished." He walked over and took my hand in his "You did good." McGraw's attorney stood and walked over to me once the other one sat down.

"Isabella, I don't believe that Walter was just your boss. In fact I think, that you were having an affair with him." My mouth dropped open. I looked over at McGraw, my mistake as tears filled my eyes.

"Are you kidding me? I'm happily married, and have three wonderful children. I would never cheat on my husband." I said getting chocked up.

"Why is it affecting you so much?"

"Because it's not true." I cried. "Why would you say something like that?"

"Because Walter McGraw would never do anything like what you've accused him of." the attorney yelled at me. "He told us you told him what to do, how to cover him up."

"He kidnapped me and tied me to a bed in his basement, he-" I couldn't mean to get the words out as the tears fell down my face "he touched me, everywhere and you have no idea what I went though. I would never, ever ask someone to do that." I buried my face in my hands and cried. I heard the jury mumbling softly and a hand placed on my back.

"Look at me, Bella." I turned and looked at Edward. "I'm here baby, I'm not going to let him hurt you."

"I wanna go home, I want to go home to the kids, please." I begged. Edward nodded and helped me down from the stands.

"I hope you kissed you're kids goodbye Bella, because when I get out of here you're not seeing them again." McGraw said. Edward was across the room in seconds grabbing him by the tie and slamming him on the desk.

"Don't you ever speak about my kids, again." Edward growled to him. He walked back over and wrapped his arm around my waist.

"Hey, where they hell are they going?" McGraw's attorney shouted.

"I think you've put her through enough." The judge said nodding to us and Edward escorted me out of the courtroom.

"Mommy." Maggie yelled running and jumping in my arms when I walked through the door.

"Hi pumpkin." I said picking her up and hugging her. "Were you good for Grandpa Carlisle?" I looked over at Carlisle as he slept peacefully on the couch.

"I think she wore him out." Edward laughed as he walked over to wake his dad up.

"We pwayed dolls, and we ate sushi. It was so good, mommy." Maggie said pushing my cheeks together.

"I just forgot how hard it was having a little one." Carlisle was mumbling to Edward as he stood up and stretched. "Emmett should be back with Blake and Josh in a few."

"That's fine." I said bouncing Maggie on my hip and making a funny face at her.

"How did the trial go?" he asked.

"Fine." Edward said giving Carlisle a pat on the back "We'll talk about it later." Edward walked Carlisle to the door I walked into the kitchen with Maggie and set her on the counter.

"Mommy, I have pictcha day morrow." Maggie said playing with her long curls. "I wanna look pretty."

"You're always pretty, princess." Edward said walking in and kissing Maggie on the cheek. "Kinda like your mommy."

"Shut up." I whispered and went to the fridge to grab a water. "You'll look fine Maggie, I promise."

"Bella, I got your babies!" Emmett's loud voice rang through the house.

"In here."I yelled and Emmett walked in carrying Josh in his carrier. Jasper was close behind with a sleeping Blake wrapped in his arms.

"Must you yell?" I asked taking Josh from Emmett and picked him up.

"Gotta make sure that the house knows I have arrived." Emmett chuckled ruffling the top of Maggie's hair.

"Uncle Emmey, stop!" she whined.

"Yeah Emmett," Jasper joked "stop." Jasper handed Blake over to Edward. "Ready to head out?"

"Yeah," Emmett sighed "gotta go get the ladies. They want you two to come out with us tomorrow night." Edward looked at me and shrugged.

"Okay." I mumbled.


Three fifteen. Fuck. I rubbed my hand over my face and stared back at the computer screen. I looked over at Bella as she tossed and turned in bed, she was always a crazy sleeper. Just a few more papers to look over and I was finished. Bella started whimpering and the next thing I knew she was full on screaming.

"Bella." I said running around my desk over to the bed. "Bella, baby wake up." I shook her. "Bella!" Her eyes snapped open and she looked at me. Once she noticed where she was she started crying.

"I'm so sorry." she sobbed sitting up and burying her face in my shirt.

"It was just a bad dream, we all get those." I said rubbing her back.

"No it was worse, it was about him. He wouldn't let me go, and you never found me and I kept calling and calling." she broke off sobbing.

"Shh," I rocked her "I'm here Bella. He's not going to touch you."

"I'm so sorry, I want to stop crying but I'm just so scared, Edward."

"I know." I said holding her tighter. "I promise you, baby. He's not going to touch you, ever again."


"Alice, calm down." Jasper said trying to control his very drunk wife as she danced with a very drunk Bella. Rosalie, Jasper, Emmett and I all watched from afar.

"Jazzy, come dance with us. Pleasssse." Alice wined and held out a hand to him. Jasper simply shook his head and grabbed Alice's hand to dance with her. I walked over to a lonely Bella and wrapped my arms around her waist.

"I forgot," Bella said burping "how fun it was to be drunk." She closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around my neck. The whole bar had to be staring at us, considering we were the only ones dancing.

"Bella, I think you drank a little too much tonight." I said holding her up as she stumbled a little. "Like half your body weight."

"Eddy, come on have some fun. It's our one," Bella said holding up a finger "to have fun with no kids, and when we get home..." her hands trailed down to my belt. I grabbed her hand before it went any farther.

"Not here, not in public." I growled. Bella just giggled and snuggled in closer to my chest. I looked over at Jasper and he rolled his eyes. Emmett and Rosalie just laughed at us. "Should we leave?"

"I'm thinking that's the best idea right now." Jasper said hoisting Alice over his shoulder. I picked Bella up bridal style and followed them out the door.

"You sure you guys don't want help?" Emmett asked helping Rosalie into the car.

"I got it." I mumbled setting a sleeping Bella into the truck and walked over to the driver side. "I can't wait to see this hangover." Once we got home I carried Bella upstairs and laid her in our bed. I removed her shoes and then started unbuttoning her shirt.

"What are you doing?" Bella whispered.

"I'm getting you undressed and putting you in comfortable clothes." I said finishing with her shirt and tossing it on the floor.

"Come here." Bella grabbed my shirt and pulled my on top of her. "I love you."

"I know, and I love you too but you are very drunk right now." I pulled away and unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down.

"I'm cold now." Bella said jutting out her bottom lip and folding her arms over her plump chest. I went over and grabbed one of my old shirts and pulled it over her head. "Better."

"Alright now, get under the covers." I ordered.



"No."Bella said up and once again folded her arms over her chest. "I'm not tired." I pressed one finger to her forehead and pushed her back on the bed.

"But you're very drunk and can't even sit up straight." I laughed and pulled the covers back. Bella hopped off the bed and went to sit in the corner of the room. "Bella, come on."

"No. You're being very mean tonight."

"I am not." I said walking over and sitting in front of her. "Please, let's go to bed." Bella's mood seemed to changed because she crawled over into my lap.

"You'll never leave me like Mike did, right?" she whispered. "I dream sometimes that you leave me alone, because you get sick of me and the kids. I understand if you do, I can be a handful."

"Why do you think that, baby?"

"Because you married me-" she stopped to hiccup "with a kid. I cause a lot of trouble and what if you never wanted to have three kids-" hiccup "I'm sorry, Edward."

"Bella-" I said biting my lip "I can't have this conversation with you when you're drunk." I picked her up and carried her to lay back down in bed. "Night love." I bend down and kissed the top of her head.


Holy headache. I felt like I had just been hit by a train. I groaned and rolled over. I felt Edward and wrapped an arm around his waist.

"Hey sleepy head." He mumbled.

"What time is it?" I asked against his chest.

"Seven." He said staring at the television, which displayed ESPN. "How you feeling?"

"Horrible, what did I even do last night?"

"Well after about twelve shots and a couple beers you and Alice were gone. Dancing on tables, and on the floor. We dragged you guys home around midnight. Then," Edward said looking at me "you and I had a little talk."

"We did?" I said peeking up at him "And what did we talk about?" Edward shifted so he was looking at me and rested his head in his hand.

"How long have you been worried that I would leave you one day?"

"I dunno." I mumbled burying my face in the covers.


"I've always been scared Edward. Like when I stay home with the kids and you go to work, I get scared you're never going to come back. Have you ever noticed how relieved I am when you walk through the door after work?"

"Bella, you have to stop this." he said brushing hair away from my face. "I will never, be Mike. I will always walk in that door after work, and I will never leave you. Do you understand me?"

"I understand." I said snuggling closer to him. "Hold me." Edward wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close to him. "I love you Eddie Bear."

"Ugh," Edward groaned "you know I hate that nickname." Eddie Bear is what Esme used to call him as a kid. "I love you too."

"Maybe we can stay in bed like this all day. Just forgot the kids." I giggled.

"I don't think Carlisle will be able to put up with Maggie for more than one day." Edward laughed "Plus I know you hate being away from Josh for long periods of time."

"Hmm, you're right." I said snuggling closer to him and nuzzling his neck. "You smell good, Mr. Cullen."

"I have to be honest, Mrs. Cullen but you smell like cigarettes and beer."

"How nice of you."

"We have to go back to court this afternoon, for the final hearing." Edward rubbed my back "I don't know if they're going to ask you to speak again."

"As long as you're there I can do it." I said kissing his chin. "I'm stronger when you're around."

"You're strong just in general, love." he whispered. "Don't let anyone tell you different."

Once again please keep all the families in your prayers.

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