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Ok so this is my first attempt at a fanfic based on To aru Kagaku no Railgun with OC. Note: I do not own To aru Kagaku no Railgun or any related mateirals.

A lone figure walked towards the guarded walls of Academy City with a heavy pack on his back and a sword slung over his shoulder as well. He wore a leather jacket with its hood up, dark blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and hiking boots. The antiskill member at the gate stopped him thinking he was dangerous. But after showing a few papers and an ID card, he was immediately let through. "So this is Academy City huh?" he thought to himself. "I'm back now, and I'll be looking for you. Sister." He said lifting his head revealing chestnut colored eyes before walking into the city.

Sometime later in the seventh district, a gang of brutes were picking on a certain girl with flowers in her hair. "Aieeeee!" she cried as one thug shoved her down.

"Hehehehe." They laughed as one guy picked up a pipe and moved in for the kill. "Sorry Uiharu," the guy mocked "But where's your precious Judgement friend now?" Just as he swung down, a sword flashed out of the shadows and cleanly slices the pipe in two. The gang looked up to see a hooded person in a leather jacket step out from behind Uiharu, the same guy from the city gates.

"My so this is Academy city huh?" he said as he also put down the pack he was carrying. "Looks like even in the best of places, you can find the worst of them."

"Who the hell are you?" yelled a bald guy in the back.

"My name is not important." The person replies.

"Well we don't care who or what you are, we're taking you down." declared the first guy as he charged forward with his fist ready to deliver a killer punch. Instead, the hooded person easily sidestepped the guy and flipped him on his back knocking him out cold. Then the rest of the gang charged at him. The person jumped up and somersaulted right over them. They turned around bewildered.

"I was hoping that I wouldn't have to do this but…." A crackle of electricity sprung from the person's hand. Soon he charged it into a ball of electricity and yelled "Chew on this!" as he swung it towards the gang. A blast of electricity filled the alley as the entire gang slumped over, knocked out. Uiharu however was fine. The guy turned around and proceeded to walk out. "Oh and you should call Antiskill." He said as he picked up his sack, and sheathed his sword. Uiharu sat there wondering who that person was.

"And that's when he chucked a ball of electricity at those guys and took them out." Uiharu yelled finishing her story in front of her friends. They were at their usual hangout spot: Joseph's Café. Kuroko, Mikoto, and Ruiko all looked at Uiharu as she finished her story about the person who saved her from the brutes.

"Hmmm electricity huh." Said Kuroko "Well looks like we have a new esper in town. And he obviously an electromaster. Plus by Uiharu's description, he seems to be pretty powerful. The girls walked out of the diner when suddenly, Mikoto stopped. She felt a presence. Similar to the feeling she got during the "Someone's Watching" incident. But this one seemed...familiar. Like it was personal. "Onee-sama? What's wrong?" asked Kuroko when she noticed Mikoto stopping.

"What? Oh it's nothing." Mikoto said with a laugh before continuing down the street. At the same time a certain person from before stood on the roof of a building. Watching. "So that's you." he thought to himself a he surveyed The group of girls "Misaka."

That night Mikoto laid in a bath thinking. "What was that feeling?" she thought to herself "Could it have anything to do with the person who saved Uiharu?" By the time she stepped out of the bath and dried off, Kuroko had amazingly already fallen asleep murmuring "Onee-sama." repeatedly. Mikoto smiled before going to bed herself.

The next day, Mikoto woke up from a pleasant sleep. Then she noticed Kuroko snuggled right next to her. "Kuroko..." Mikoto growled as electricity arced out of her hair in anger. "GET OUT OF MY BED!" she yelled as she let loose a burst of electricity that jolted Kuroko right out of her bed. Kuroko got up rubbing her head

"Ow onee-sama. Couldn't you have just woken me up normally?"

"I would but you're not normal." said Mikoto as she cooled down. The two girls got dressed and went out to walk around and do some shopping. On the way to Seventh Mist they ran into Ruiko and Uiharu. The four girls proceeded down the street when Mikoto felt it again. This time, it was much stronger and closer. Mikoto looked up just to see a shadow disappear on the roof of the building next to her. "There you are." she said gritting her teeth before using her electricity to propel herself onto the roof of the two story building.!

"Onee-sama!" Kuroko cried when she saw Mikoto take off. Kuroko instantly teleported after her.

Mikoto saw the guy leap from rooftop to rooftop with agility that has never been seen before. "Damn he's fast." she though as she used her electricity to make her fly faster. Soon the guy found himself standing at the edge of a building with no way to cross the wide street ahead. "Got you now!" Mikoto cheered as she caught up to the guy. The guy raised his hands and turned around. His hood shadowing his face. Just then Kuroko caught up.

"I'm with judgement!" she declared flashing her armband. "Who are you and what do you want with onee-sama?" The guy said nothing so then Kuroko charged straight at him with her spikes in her hands, then proceeded to teleport them into the person'a clothes. But even before the spikes found their mark, Kuroko found the person right behind her. "Nice try." he he turned around just in time to deflect a electric blast from Mikoto.

"Ok who the hell are you?" demanded Mikoto.

"If you want to know, you'll have to duel me for the information." replied the person

"Fine when and where." replied Mikoto

"Hmmmm...I know. The track field at your school. In one hour. Make sure there are teachers and doctors around because this could get ugly."

"Deal." said Mikoto. The person nodded. He then charged up electricity at his feet and launched himself to the other building across the street. Within seconds, he was gone from sight.

One hour passed in a blink of an eye. Before she knew it she was standing in the middle of the track field facing the hooded guy from before. Teachers and students filled the stands along with a few Antiskill members nearby. In the front sat Kuroko, Uiharu, and Ruiko. Murmurs went through the crowd at the sight of Misaka Mikoto, the third most powerful of the level fives in the city, ready to duel a complete stranger.

"So you ready?" asked the guy.

"More than ever." replied Mikoto with a grin.

"To be fair, I won't use my sword this time." The guy removed the katana slung over his shoulder and put it on the bleachers before going back to face Mikoto.

"And, start!" declared a teacher. Mikoto charged up her electricity and let loose a volley straight at the person. But when the smoke cleared he wasn't there.

"What the?" cried Mikoto. Then she noticed the guy to her right.

"Surprise." said the guy. "Now let's make this a little more interesting." Electricity charged up at his feet. He then launched himself into a mad fast dash around the field kicking up a major sand cloud. Mikoto coughed and squinted her eyes. It was almost impossible to see. Then the guy's voice rang out of the sand.

"Rule number one of fighting, always use your surroundings to your advantage. "

"What? How are you doing that? Making your voice come out in all directions?" asked Mikoto turning around looking for the guy.

"Well its quiet simple. You know how air carries voices? Well by moving incredibly fast in random directions, I can distort the air along with using my electricity to add to the disturbance. Then implementing the mockingbird's technique of being able to make it's voice travel in different directions, I create the illusion to my opponents that I am everywhere and nowhere." Then Mikoto let out a charged of electricity that instantly dissipated the cloud. The guy was seen standing in front of her arms blocking his face. "Good job." he said raising his head.

"Hmph I can do much better." retorted Mikoto. She used her ability to draw iron sand out I the ground and air to form a sword. Mikoto then dashed towards the guy swinging her sword barely missing the guy's head. The guy somersaulted backwards and landed in a crouching position.

"Impressive." said the guy standing up."But can that compete with this?" he snapped his fingers and jolts of electricity jumped to the ground. Then he collected iron sand into a great fist. The fist smashed into the ground sending a shockwave knocking Mikoto on her butt.

"Grrrrrr..." Mikoto got up and dusted herself off before launching a barrage of electric blasts the guy. He jumped back avoiding every blast with agility that was unheard off. This really pissed off Mikoto so she finally pulled an arcade token out of her pocket. The entire arena gasped knowing what this meant.

"Onee-sama don't!" cried out Kuroko.

"Sorry pal but you forced me to do this." said Mikoto at the guy as she flipped the coin into the air. At the same time though, the guy smirked, and pulled out a handful of ball bearings from his pocket. He charged up his electricity around the balls making them spin around in a circle faster and faster until they were a blur. Just as Mikoto let loose with her railgun. The guy fired his spinning metal disc at the same speed with a blue light trailing after it. The two attacks collided resulting a huge explosion with so much force, it blasted Mikoto to the other end of the field. flat on her back. When the smoke cleared, she saw the guy standing over her. She could see a glint of his eyes underneath his hood. She tried too move but pain prevented her from doing to much.

"Well looks like this is over." he declared. He reached forward. Mikoto braced herself for what was to come. "

"You pass." he said as he carefully helped Mikoto get up.

"What?" asked a very confuse Mikoto. "What do you mean I passed?"

"In a battle," the guy explained "the winner is not the one who is still standing. But it's the one who still has the will to fight. You have the will Mikoto."

"Wait how do you know my name?" asked Mikoto "No one told you."

"What? Isn't it normal that I know my own sister's name?" asked the guy jokingly

"Sister?" replied Mikoto bewildered. The guy removed his good revealing the good looking features of a teenage boy with chestnut eyes and hair. He had that look in his eyes much like the one Mikoto has.

"I am your twin brother." he declared "My name is Misaka Akio."

"Brother?!" cried the entire arena.

"Yeah well I'll fill you in on everything later." he said putting Mikoto's arm over his shoulder."First let's get you down to the infirmary. That last attack banged you up pretty badly." Akio then pulled Mikoto's arms over his shoulders and carried his injured sister back into the school.

In the infirmary, the doctor was patching up Mikoto. That blast resulted in multiple external bruises, and some minor internal bruises along with a few cuts and scrapes. But there was also a crack on her rib. The doctor said that the medicine should help with the crack and she'll be fine by tomorrow. Mikoto was told to stay overnight in the infirmary just to be safe in case anything happened. All the while, Akio sat beside his sister's bed with a look of seriousness and a little bit concern. The doctor then left to give those two some alone time. They sat in silence for a bit before Akio said "Looks like I worked you over pretty good that last one huh?"

"No duh." said Mikoto indignantly. "Seriously why that much power?"

"It was spur of the moment, didn't have enough time to think about anything. I mean you were about to blast a hole right through me." said Akio. They both laughed at this.

Mikoto looked down at her covers. "So you're my brother huh?" she said quietly

"Yep." replied Akio.

"Well what's your story?" asked Misaka.

"Well..." just as Akio was about to begin, Kuroko, Ruiko, and Uiharu burst into the room.

"Onee-sama!" cries Kuroko as she pounced at Mikoto. But then Akio's arm shot out and grabbed Kuroko's face to stop her and then set her down on a chair.

"Dont do that again." he said flatly.

"Yes sir." said Kuroko slightly dazed. Uiharu and Ruiko laughed at this.

"Hi I'm Saten-Ruiko." said Ruiko introducing herself.

"And I'm Uiharu Kazari." said Uiharu. "We're Misaka-san's friends."

"Hi I'm Misaka Akio." Akio replied "Nice to meet you Ruiko. And Uiharu, I believe we know each other already."

"Wait how?" she asked

"Remember the alley?" Akio replied with his eyebrows raised.

"Wait so you're the one who saved Uiharu?" aske Kuroko who had gotten back up.

"Yep." said Akio with a laugh.

"Ok now that introductions are done, can you please tell me your story?" Mikoto said suddenly.

"Ok." said Akio. "Basically this is how it started. We were born on the same date as twins. But we had two different personalities. While you excelled at the arts, I excelled in martial arts. Mom and dad decided I should go where my skills will be better suited and developed. A ninja clan offered to take me in. Mom and dad agreed. I lived with them, trained with them, and learned with them. By 14 I mastered all forms of Kung Fu, and the lethal art of Dim Mak. The grandmaster said that it was time I reunite with my sister so I journeyed here to Academy City. To find my sister again." the girls sat there listening to Akio's story when Ruiko asked

"Hey what about your sword?"

"Oh yes." said Akio unsheathing his katana. "Kaminari no Ken. The sword of lightning. This katana I crafted with my own hands. Forged in the fires of Mt Fiji. Its blade is made of tempered steel cooled with the melted snow of the peak. Carefully sharpened, the blade can cut through nearly anything. Here see for yourself." Akio handed the sword to Ruiko who looked at it in wonder. Engraved into the blade was the name Kaminari no Ken written in Kanji. And when you held the sword up to a light, a shadow of a lightning bolt is seen running the length of the blade. The hilt was of traditional design but it was wrapped in blue cloth instead of black.

"Wow." said Uiharu gazing at the sword. "So this is the sword that saved my life." Akio took the sword back and sheathed it.

"Wait so what's your ability level?" asked Kuroko.

"I don't know." said Akio, "Because I haven't had it checked yet and I don't think there's a way to measure it at all."

"Why not?" asked Uiharu.

"Because the power I have came from my years of training. The sheer amount of it is unimaginable, I could never use my full strength since it is just too destructive and out of control. I had to do everything I could to hold back on the attack I used on my sister."

"Wait you were holding back?" asked Mikoto bewildered.

"Yes and it was very difficult considering the circumstances." said Akio.

"Wow..." said Kuroko.

"Looks like system scan is going to be fun for those guys testing you." Ruiko joked.

"Yeah I can imagine." said Uiharu.

"Hey you guys wanna see something cool?" asked Akio.

"Sure." said Kuroko.

"Ok get me a bowl of water." Kuroko went and fetched a bowl of water from the sink. Akio took the bowl, set it down, and snapped his fingers releasing a gentle spark of electricity. "Now you all know how water conducts electricity right?" the girls nodded. "Well I thought that the opposite could happen and that the electricity could conduct the water. And I was right. I discovered that using electricity, I can manipulate the water at my will." Akio demonstrated as he used his power to lift the water of the the bowl and form it into a perfect sphere. "Pretty cool isn't it?" He then shifted the water into a perfect image of a Lamborghini and then he turned it into a hammer before setting it back into the bowl.

"Wait I noticed something." Mikoto suddenly said.

"What?" asked Akio.

"When we were fighting, you didn't even attack till the end. You just dodged and created that sandstorm to distract me. Why is that?"

"Well you see." said Akio. "In a fight, you are your own worst enemy. You wore yourself out with those attacks and in the end you became reckless. Your own anger got the best of you. When you used railgun, you weren't considering anything in mind. Just to finish the fight. Acting without thinking is a very rash thing to do and in your case led to your defeat. That and the fact that I don't think mom and dad would take the news of me beating you up too well." Everyone laughed on this note. Akio decided to stay for the night to watch over his sister. Ruiko and Uiharu left and Kuroko grudgingly followed them, wanting to stay. But Akio told Kuroko that if she did anything to Mikoto, he will score one hundred cuts to her body with his sword. That made Kuroko run on the spot. Mikoto fell asleep soon and when she woke up, Akio was gone.

"Akio?" asked Mikoto groggily. Then she heard the door open and close and saw Akio come in with a tray of food.

"Hey thought you might be hungry some cooked you some stuff in the kitchens since you didn't even have lunch." Mikoto took the tray and the smells made her realize how hungry she was. A bowl of miso soup and rice lay on the tray along with a plate of sushi with wasabi and soy sauce. Akio also handed Mikoto a can of melon soda which she drank while eating. Within minutes, Mikoto had devoured the food and Akio handed the tray back to a maid at the door. He went back and sat back down at Mikoto's side. Mikoto winced a little.

"You all right?" asked Akio looking up.

"Yeah its just that my cracked rib hurts." said Mikoto, "Man I wish I had a painkiller with me."

"Wait this school has a greenhouse right?" asked Akio suddenly.

"Yeah why?" asked Mikoto

"You'll see." said Akio as he jumped up and ran out the door leaving Mikoto wondering what was going on. After a while, Mikoto saw Akio come back in with a few plants and roots in his hands.

"What are those for?" asked Mikoto

"Medicine." said Akio "I learned ways of killing pain with natural herbs and roots and luckily, your greenhouse had all that I needed." Akio began grinding up the roots and mixed them into a glass of warm water.

"Alright this is going to taste nasty but it'll help." said Akio coming over. Mikoto took the glass and quickly drank it up but not before grimacing at the smell.

"Yuck." said Mikoto "But I feel better."

"Ok now get some sleep." Akio said as he went to wash the glass. Mikoto didn't want to sleep but she soon found herself slowly closing her eyes.

When Mikoto woke up, it was the next morning. She looked over and saw a note left by Akio but Akio himself was gone. It read: "Hey sis, I have my system scan today at 10. Be there to see me. It's at the Antiskill base." Mikoto looked at the clock and noticed that it was 8. She slowly got out of bed and put her clothes on. The doctor then came to check on her and declared her fine. Mikoto ran out the door running into Kuroko on the way. The two girls took the bus to the antiskill base just in time. Turns out Uiharu and Ruiko were already there.

"Hi guys!" said Mikoto to Uiharu and Ruiko. The two girls turned around and waved.

"Come on its starting!" said Uiharu. The girls looked over the fence to see Akio walk up block enormous block of solid iron and rock the size of at least three houses. Akio got into a stance and electricity started sparking out of him.

"What is he doing?" asked Mikoto as she watched intently.

Electricity swirled around Akio enveloping him in a halo of blue light, then when he reached the peak of his charge, he used the electricity to propel himself forward at lightning speeds before punching the block with all his might. There was a giant flash of blue light and an enormous explosion. When the smoke cleared, nothing was left of the block and the shockwave from the blast had cracked the walls and destroyed the windows of the Antiskill base. Even the fence the girls were leaning on was bent out of shape. The ground had cracks everywhere and there was a giant crater in the place where the block once stood. Most of the machines the Antiskill members had were decimated and alot of the personel were knocked out. Akio put his arm down and a still concious Antiskill member guided him to the next test. This time he was faced with ten robots armed with guns that fired plastic bullets. The robots opened fire but the girls watched in shock as Akio managed to dodge every single shot before raising a wall of iron sand and launching it at the robots. The robots were destroyed. The Antiskill members recording the tests called out the results. "Level 5!" they said. The girls had looks of awe on their faces at the realizations of Akio's power.

After the test, Akio joined Mikoto and the others for a drink at Jospeh's. They toasted to Akio's success at becoming a Level 5. "Ok now for the next part." Said Ruiko looking at Mikoto and Akio

"What?" asked Mikoto

"Who's the stronger twin of course." Ruiko said with an intense look on her face. Mikoto and Akio looked at each other and gulped.

Ok so this is a nice chapter 1. I'll continue it once i come up with a good idea.