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Akio burst into the Judgement HQ panting. "Ok I just got back from training what happened?"

Konori turned around, "We got a report of an attack on the machine factory in district 10. There have been 10 deaths reported and over 50 people hospitalized right now. We believe to be Yakunan since the witnesses recounted seeing a metal faced man blasting invisible waves of force. Along with him were multiple black clothed figures."

"Why would he attack a machine factory?" Akio asked "What could he want?"

"I don't know," Konori replied, "but it might have something to do with what he stole. It was an experimental high speed mining drill specifically designed to withstand the heat of the inner parts of the planet." Konori handed Akio a file with the drill's blueprints and data. Akio looked it over and frowned.

"But why would he need this? The data here says that the drill wasn't complete yet."

"We're working on it." Konori said. "But whatever the case may be, he's not much of a threat. That drill was unfinished so we should be fine."

"For now….Until he figures out how to finish it." Akio thought as he walked out of the room.

An unknown location:

"Faster you fools faster!" Yakunan ordered. "I want this thing done immediately!"

"B-but sir," his head engineer stuttered, "The men are working very hard."

"Well make them work harder!" Yakunan yelled back, "I spent years working on my plan and I want it complete!"

"Y-yes sir."

"You have until midnight. Do not disappoint me." Yakunan ordered turning around. The engineer gulped remembering what happened to the last man who disappointed Yakunan.

"Right away sir." The engineer said walking back.


"So what could he want with a high tech mining drill?" Ruiko asked as she gulped down her soda. "I mean is there anything worth getting here underground?"

"I doubt it." Uiharu replied "The mines were stripped here long ago. In there's nothing left except a few small streams of coal and quartz in there."

"Yeah but remember, the drill was designed to withstand extreme heat and pressure. Maybe there's something ever lower than those mines go." Mikoto suggested.

"I doubt there's anything of value that deep in the Earth." Kuroko thought "I mean unless he wants a couple million tons of magma."

"Well whatever he wants, it must be important, and powerful." Akio replied. "I know Yakunan and he only does anything for power, and judging by how fast these events are unfolding, it must be a big one.

"Well what can we do? We don't know where he is hiding." Ruiko said. "And come to think of it, how was he able to sneak away with a giant drill in broad daylight?"

"I wish I knew." Akio replied glumly. "However he must have taken it some place big enough and remote enough where he can complete it in secret."

"Yeah but where is that?" Ruiko asked "I mean is it even possible to hide something that huge here?"

"Apparently it is." Akio said. "Anyway, I'm going to go scout out the city. I'll see if I can find anything. I'll call you if I need help." Akio ran out and leapt onto a nearby building before disappearing from sight.

"That brother of yours sure is something." Ruiko told Mikoto as they watched Akio leap off into the distance."

"Yeah, he is" Mikoto replied.

Later that night: Location: Unknown

"My lord it is ready." A man kneeled down before Yakunan with his head lowered.

"Excellent." Yakunan replied standing up, "Your efforts will be rewarded for assisting me in my quest."

"Thank you sir." The man replied.

"Begin the operation immediately." Yakunan ordered, "I want this completed before that Akio shows up."

"Right away sir." The man said before hurrying off.

"Today, we celebrate the dawn of a new age!" Yakunan shouted as the mining drill started up. "However, I need to make sure that brat Akio does not interfere."

Around the same time:

Akio leapt around the city his eyes scanning for anything that seemed out of place. "Nothing so far." He thought to himself, "Damn how does someone just hide a giant hunk of machinery in a city like this?"

"By being extremely clever." A voice said behind him. Akio turned around just in time to see a giant boulder smash right into him. "Yakunan sends his regards." The person said. Akio struggled to stand up only to get beat down again. "Come on, fight me."

"With pleasure." Akio gasped getting back on his feet. "You're dead." Akio lunged forward sword drawn. At the same time the other person drew an axe and came at Akio. Their weapons clashed and sparks flew through the air.

"I've come to inform you that you are too late Akio." The person said.

"What?" Akio asked.

"That's right." The person replied. "The drill is complete and the plan is in action."

"No!" Akio thought.

"And now you die." The person said with a laugh, "And they told me you would be tough to beat-hey wait where did you go?"

"You know what your problem is?" Akio asked, "You talk too much." In the time the man was busy laughing, Akio had snuck up behind him. "So now, you die." Without hesitation Akio drove his blade straight through the man's back."

"Gah!" The man's eyes widened and spat out blood as he keeled over, "But this isn't like you; You never kill."

"You won't die. Well not immediately." Akio said looming over the man, "You have a few minutes left. Pray that someone comes to get you in that time." Akio turned and ran leaving the man to bleed.

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