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Somewhere Only We Know : By stayfly1

Prologue :

Hush Hush, The World Is Quiet

Hush Hush We Both Can't Fight It

It's Us That Made This Mess

Why Can't You Understand?

"Animal" : Neon Tree

"Shut Up Dobe," Sasuke Uchiha Said As The Two Walked Into The Front Entrance Of "Konaha Talents: Boys". It's The Summer Camp They Were Appointed To Stay In, By Their Principle Dr. Tsunade.

"Hey Sasuke?" Naruto Uzumaki Said, Ignoring Sasuke.

"What?" Sasuke Replied, After Rolling His Pitch Black Eyes.

"Do You Think We'll Run Into Any Girls?" There Was A Long Silence But The Silence Was Broken As A Loud Clap Broke Through The Air. Everybody Else's Conversations Subsided As They All Turned Their Heads Towards Sasuke And Naruto. Sasuke Was Glaring Over To Naruto Who Was Holding Onto His Aching Head.

"...Does That Answer You're Question?" Sasuke Said, Grinning A Bit, In Satisfaction.

"Jeez Sasuke You Almost Hit As Hard As Sakura," Naruto Commented.

"How Troublesome," Someone Said, Lazily From Behind Them. Naruto Turned To See Shikamaru Nara Behind Them, Holding On Lazily To His Suite Cases.

"What?" Naruto Asked. Shikamaru Looked Up From The Piece Of Paper That Was In His Hand.

"Im My Cabin's Captain This Year," Shikamaru Answered After A Long Sigh.

"Whose In You're Cabin?" Naruto Asked, Trying To Snatch The Paper From Shikamaru.

"Neji, Kiba, Gaara, You And Sasuke," Shikamaru Answered, Folding The Piece Of Paper Up And Putting It Into His Pocket.

"Kiba, Huh?" Naruto Asked, Smirking. Shikamaru Rolled His Eyes, As He Shook His Head. Sasuke Did The Same Thing.

Everybody Knew Kiba And Naruto Loved To Pull Ridiculous Pranks On Each Other, And Shikamaru And Sasuke Just Wished Not To Get Involved Like Any Other Year. The Different Prank Ranked From Harmless Things Such As Misplaced Homework And Bleached Clothing, To Completely Outrageous Things Such As Toothpaste For Shampoo And Hair Dye For Hot Sauce. The Two Practically Attempt To Kill Each Other Every Year!

"What Cabin Are We Staying In?" Sasuke Asked, Emotionlessly.

"B143," Shikamaru Answered. Naruto's Smirk Dropped As He Stopped In Shock. Sasuke Let A Small Smile Form On His Lips. Shikamaru Picked His Pace Up A Bit. Suddenly Naruto Broke Out In A Run Towards The 'Cabin'.

In Fact 'Cabin' B143 Wasn't Indeed A Cabin. It Was More Like A Beach House...Just Without The Beach. It Did Have A Lake Though. It Was A Huge 4 Story House, With 6 Bedrooms And 3 Bathrooms. The First Floor Was The Living Room, Kitchen, Dining Room, One Bathroom, Entertainment Room And Dance Studio. The Second Floor Consisted Of 3 Bedrooms, Another Bathroom, And An Art Studio. The Third Floor Held The Other 3 Bedrooms, The Last Bathroom, And The Only Science Lab In The Camp. The Last Floor Only Held An Recording Studio, Equipped With Everything. Each Bedroom Had An Hammock Swinging Lightly By The Windows, So That A Certain Someone, Had A Nice View Of The Clouds.

Oh And Not To Mention A Perfect View Of The Girl's Camp Across The Lake.

As You Could See This 'Cabin' Isn't Really A Cabin. In Fact It Use To Be The Counselor's Main Base But They Relocated 5 Years Ago And Only Gave This Cabin To 6 Boys Who Actually Needed This.

Let Me Explain.

Shikamaru Loves Science And Is The Smartest Young Man The Cabin Ever Came Across. This Is Where The Science Lab Came In.

Gaara And Sasuke Have The Amazing Talent Of Drawing. They Both Can Capture One's Emotion's And Motive's Perfectly In A Painting Or Sketch.

Kiba Tried To Keep His Talent A Secret But Of Course Principle Tsundae Found Out And Enrolled Him In The Camp Under "Drummer".

Neji Held The Rhythm In His Feet. He Was The Best Dancer In The Whole Village. He Learned Many Dances Quickly And Always Made Them His.

Naruto Also Tried To Hide His Talent But, Unlike Kiba, Actually Kept His Hid. Dr. Tsundae Doesn't Even Know Why She Appointed Him To 'Cabin' B143 But She Knew That 'Cabin' Would Help Her Realize What It Was.








"Shut Up, Both Of You!" Temari No Sabaku Snapped. Ino Yamanaka And Sakura Haruno Looked Over Towards The Four Pigtailed Blonde Girl.

"But She Started It First!" The Two Girls, Exclaimed At The Same Time. Temari Looked At The Two, Bewildered.

'Just Please, Kami, Don't Put Me In A Cabin With Them Two Together,' She Thought. Tenten (Sorry Don't Know Her Last Name) Skipped Over To The Four Girls. Yes, I Know I Said Four. The Fourth One Had Long Midnight Black Hair And Wide Gray Eyes. She Fiddled, Her Thumbs Together As She Thought About Life In Camp. This Was Her Last Year And She Wished There Was Excitement. This Girl's Name? The One And Only Hinata Hyuuga.

"Got It!" Tenten Yelled As She Waved Her Cabin Information Back And Forth.

"Well Who's In Your Cabin?!" Ino Asked, Impatiently. Her Blonde Ponytail Flapped Along With The Wind.

"Have Some Patient Pig!" Sakura Said, Glaring At Ino. Ino Twitched As She Slowly Looked Over At Sakura.

"What Did You Say Forehead?!"

Temari Sweat Dropped.

Tentan Laughed As She Read Over The List.

"Me, Sakura, Ino, Hinata, Temari And Some Girl Named Rayne," Tenten Said, "Sakura''s Cabin Captain," She Added.

"Rayne?" The Four Girl's Asked. Tenten Nodded And Held The Paper Up For Them To See. Sakura Snatched The Paper And Read The Information On This 'Rayne' Girl.

"16, 5'2, 154 Pounds, Can Speak 4 Different Languages Including : English, Spanish, French And Japanese And Is Here For Musical Talents," Sakura Scanned Down The Rest Of The Paper Looking For Appearance Details, So That They Could Know What The Girl Looked Like.

"Okay So It Says Here, She Has Long Curl-"

"Um Hi..." Someone Said, From Behind The Girls. They All Turned Around Nervously. The Girl Behind Them Had A Pair Of Headphones Resting Around Her Neck, Long Curly Black Hair, And Nerd Glasses Over Her Huge Milk Chocolate Eyes.

"Um I'm Rayne... Rayne Wilson," She Introduced Herself. She Held Her Hand Out For The Girls' To Shake But None Returned The Gesture. Temari Was Admiring Her Long Hair. Tenten And Ino Was Gaping Over Her Big Chest And Sakura Was Staring At The Paper In Excitement. Hinata Was Just Too Shy. Rayne Scratched The Back Of Her Head, Slowly, Closing Her Eyes.

"Well Then," She Muttered.

"Guys You Won't Believe This," Sakura Said.


"We Have Cabin B341!" Sakura Said, Picking Up Her Bright Pink Luggage. The Girls 'Eeped' And Ran Towards The 'Cabin'.

This Cabin Was The Same As The Boy's Cabin Across The Lake. So Do I Really Have To Explain It? Wait Never Mind This Cabin is A Bit Different. Just Like The Boy's Cabin There's 4 Floors, 6 Bedrooms, And 3 Bathrooms. The First Floor Consisted Of The Same Thing Except The Entertainment Room Is A HUGE Closet Full Of Name Brand Clothes And Sewing Machines For Girls That Loved Fashion. The Second Floor Is The Same Too. The Third Floor Was The Same Except Of The Science Lab Their Was A Huge Hair Salon Thing. In The "Hair Salon" There Was Five Chairs, Hair Extensions, Hair Products, Mirrors, And A Hair Washing Area. That Would Be Heaven For A Certain Blonde. The Fourth Floor Had Absolutely No Changes, Except That Instead Of The Music Studio Taking Up The Whole Fourth Floor, It Was Also A Medical Training Center.

Ino Was A Maniac About Fashion. She Just Had To Make Sure Her And Her Friend's Were Rocking The Absolute New Clothing And If They Couldn't Then She Would Gladly Sew Something Up For Them.

Rayne Was All About Music. She Liked To Mix Different Type's Of Music Together And To See People Enjoying The Music She Made.

Sakura Loves To Help People, And Plans On Being A Doctor In The Future. She Loves Knowing That Even Though She's Not Capable of Doing A Lot Of Things, She Can Still Save A Life.

Temari Can Bury Herself In Hair If She Wanted. Doing Hair Was Her Relief In Life;. She Would Spend Hours Doing Hair And Wouldn't Mind Being In An Uncomfortable Position

TenTen...Just Like Neji Holds Her Talent With Her Feet. She Know's That Her Friend's Cousin Is Better Then Her But That's What Make's Dancing Fun For Her. It Holds A Challenge.

Hinata Could Also Bury Herself In Music...But Only Because It Brings A Image In Her Head That She Just Has To Draw. She's Not Much For People Knowing About Her Drawings But If Someone Finds Them And Like's Them...It Would Mean The World To Her.

Rayne Wilson Is My Made Up Character !

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