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Oh I feel like we got so much in common

Right about now babe

Its You and Me tonight

You and me tonight

"Do You..." - Miguel


I cut more into the fabric, concentrating on the hem. I stopped to grab the rhine stoned belt by my side and put the fabric on the sewing machines tray.

I watched the needle beat into the fabric, as my mind wandered off.

"You must have to get like any girl you want," I said to Kiba, looking down at my hands. A deep chuckle escaped his lips.

"The thing is, I don't want many," He replied, wrapping his arm around my shoulders, pulling me closer. "You're different... and I like that,"

I smiled as I took off the sewing machine. I held up the dress and cocked ky head a bit to the side. Its missing something, but what?

"Im a dog kind've guy," He said, as we laid back on the grass. "My best friend's a dog." I looked at him.

"Really? Whats his name?" I asked.


Looking around the room, I didn't see anything that would make this dress actually pop. I stood up, draping the dress over my arm as I left the room. I jogged up the stairs and opened my bedroom's door. I closed the door behind me and threw the dress on my bed, heading for the closet.

"Uh no, Im more of a purple person." I said, looking at him with a disgusted look. He laughed, his whole body bouncing. His raised his hands up, palms out.

"Im sorry I thought all girls loved pink. Especially that friend of yours,"


"Well im not like every girl,"

My hands held my drumsticks with a slight tremor, as I stared down at my drum set. I tapped at the snare drum, smacking the bass here and there. I lost myself in the music again, damn near wishing we were back into last night.

I watched as she sat up, her blonde ponytail swooshing around behind her.

"I want to meet him," She said, looking at me with her wide blue eyes.

"Who?" I asked looking at her with a confused expression.

"Akamaru," I smiled.

I drummed a little harder, feeeling my knuckles ache. I knew that no matter how loud I drummed the boys would never hear me. This room was expertly sound proofed. I stopped drumming again, feeling as though the beat was off. I tried again but slowing it down a bit, with a little bit more bass.

Better, but it still needed something.

"I love flowers! Before my mom passed, we had gardens everywhere. A lot of people around town would call us to held with their gardening. My dad bought a flower shop for my mother on her birthday, a couple months before she died. Now though, its mine." Her eyes stopped looking at me.

"The flower shop is like my second home. It helps me think a lot. This may sound weird but um, it helps me feel closer to my mother, when I need her closure," She blinked a couple times, losing that far away look in her eyes. She blushed when she realized what she said and looked down at her hands.

Damn! What the hell am I missing?

I stopped again, spinning around on the stool.


I dragged my stencil down the paper, squinting my eyes.

"Ya know, you're quiet and I like that. You don't pressure me to speak. You allow me to actually think," Rayne said, looking at me with a look of wonder. My fiingers played witb the ends of her hair.

"What do you mean?" I asked, finding myself looking into her deep brown eyes. She blinked.

"I don't think a lot, it's feels nice to actually have a chance to," She said, dropping her voice.

I concentrated deeply on my sketching. I allowed myself to actually venture off into my thoughts, even the parts that I and a lot of others try to help me stay away from. I closed my eyes swimming around in my darkest thoughts.

Its been so long, Gaara.

My dark side said. I ignored him and continued on my adventure, my hand still moving against the paper.

"...What are you afraid of?" I asked, dogding her question. She looked at me for a bit, searching my face with her eyes.


I could feel myself being pulled into the darkness even more. My hand grew more anxious to get done and started to sketch harder, faster. For a short moment I thought I would lose myself. Lose this picture that I thought I had control over.

"That wasn't funny," She retorted, embarrassingly. I looked at her amused. Who knew she snorts? Obviously not a lot, though.

I held the stencil between my middle finger and my pointing finger as I dragged my finger ovet the the paper, my eyes still shut.


I strummed my fingers on the guitar as I sat in the recording studio. Thought, I could start that cammp fire song. I couldn't sleep at all when I came back to the house this morning.

"Whats your favorite color?" I asked him. He arched an eyebrow as he leaned back against the tree behind him. I looked around me.

"What?" I asked. He smirked and shook his head slowly.


I continued to play the melody that was in my head all morning. I didn't want a happy ass family gathering shit song, I wanted something real. A song with a problem. Something that each and every one of us goes through without realizing it. I moved out the studio when I was done, grabbed my notepad and pen and plopped down in the chair in front of the playboard, pressing play.

"Art wasn't always made to be baeutiful. Its made to show everyone the mental shit that goes on in one's head. Its the sick bitches that see them as beautiful and nothing more," Gaara said.

"But what if you're theory about art was half wrong? I mean most artist do have some mental problems but the colors the composition these artists use, distract us from the actual picture. Maybe the arist wants to let us in, but he or she can't handle that," I argued.

"Correction: What if the artist wants to let us in but we just need you guys to meet us halfway?"

The melody hit me hard, creating a row of goosebumps to run up my arms. I tapped my fingers as I tried to think of some lyrics.

"White lips, pale face"

I wrote that down slowly, neatly. Channeling my inner thoughts, I asked myself for any ideas. I've wrote songs for many of people, why is this one so hard.

My phone vibrated in my back pocket and without looking at the caller I.D I picked up.

Kicking my sneakers off, I dug my back more into the tree behind me. I closed my eyes and waited to hear his voice, like I knew I would.

"Darkness His voice said, traveling to mines, almost in a hush whisper. I didn't ask any questions.

"Earlier you asked me what im afraid of- the darknes that engulfs my mind,"

That wasnt really a cliffhanger was it?

I hope ya'll read it listening to the song. It was suppose to help you feel the emotion in this chapter.

Warning : This song will probably be mentioned a lot!

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