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Okay, so I'm trying my hand at doing another Naruto story with another OC.

Just to warn you, its a self insert OC – so if there's anything that needs to change or seems out of place I'll consider the notion and act on it after making my decision.

Okay, you can read now. Enjoy!



"You aren't serious, right?" I deadpanned.

This had to be a joke – a really bad one at that. Here I am on a regular day – minding my own business, when I get the signal to report to the all mighty 'Hokage-sama'. Okay, so I sounded sarcastic just then, but that doesn't mean I don't respect him. He's the fricken' "God of Shinobi" after all! It's just…...why ME?!

"I am being quite serious, Eri. Whether you believe me or not is up to you. Nevertheless, that still doesn't alter the circumstances; I am assigning you to advise and teach team 7 as their Jonin instructor."

I sighed. In the past I found that it helped me relieve the stress better while allowing me to rein in my emotions to better manage the situation.

"Hokage-sama – with all due respect, why me? Surely, Kakashi or Obito would be a much finer choice in leading them. I'm sure that even Rin would do a much more proper job with her patience; especially since this concerns both Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke. The council will throw a fit when they hear about your decision – they're already a handful when complacent sir."

The old man smirked, though the smirk didn't stay long as he explained his reasoning.

"It's precisely because you have almost no connection with Minato and his team. You have the unique outside perspective that allows you to take into account all views, while still maintaining the overall picture. It's why I made you one of my top mediators, Eri; this trait of yours will help the fresh Genin grow. You are unbiased on all matters – this ultimately means that you won't succumb to favoritism. Also, you're an excellent kuniochi, despite retiring from ANBU."

I couldn't really argue with him. The man had made a sound point just then – and he knew that I was smart enough to connect the dots before he even began his reasoning. He knew I was just looking for an excuse so I wouldn't get holstered into babysitting a bunch of kids. The aged kage knew, as well as I did, that if Kakashi taught them – he'd unconsciously focus on either Sasuke or Naruto. Obito would be seen by the brats as an overprotective and biased blood relative while possibly stirring up some confusion in the process. The older Uchiha's upbeat nature would create a bond between him and Naruto. Sasuke would obviously grow possessive and jealous because of this.

And if Rin taught them she might've favored Sakura more than the boys, since she might see her younger self in her.

Plus, since Rin worked at Konoha's hospital, she'd have to cut out most of her hours or quit completely just so she could train them. A very high ranking medic would've gone bye-bye. She also might have unconsciously supported Naruto as well – he looked so much like Minato. She always was a soft spirit – not when enraged, though. Seriously, all the abuse Obito put up with ever since they started dating was a little amazing. I didn't really know her relationship with Sasuke, but from what the lovebirds said, he mostly acted indifferent towards her while being polite if anything.

If you put me into the equation, though, I was just a Jounin who handled the job of being a village mediator and consultant. Sure – so I went into the ANBU forces with Kakashi, but that had only been for a few short years. Kakashi had much more experience than I did. Plus, I didn't particularly specialize in anything! Being a jack of all trades with some really good memory was mostly it! Yes – I was quite knowledgeable, but… frick…..…the old man made me think of the reasons myself. Great…

After finishing my internal monologue staring at the ground for some time, I looked up. My eyes witnessed a minutely amused smirk. I deadpanned at the powerful elder once again. I was pretty sure I threw in some kind of glare as well, since his "smile" only widened. I sighed under my breath.

"Okay, you caught me. Pretty much made me do the job of convincing myself for you. Fine – I accept the position of being Team 7's Jonin instructor."

His venomously ludicrous smile grew in satisfaction. He had won…and he seemed pleased. Heck, I would be too if someone had fallen for a psychological tactic like I had. Anyway, the old man leaned forward in an appeased and content manner. He was ready to discuss the details of my "promotion".

"I'm happy that we've come to an agreement. As Team 7's Jonin instructor, you will first introduce yourself in two days' time. Your previous job as village mediator will become of secondary importance, but you will still hold reign over all foreign matters. If you are unable to tend to any of these matters as top consultant, then reply stating that you will address them at a later date. If the matter is of importance then send it straight to me via messenger hawk since you have your own. Upon meeting your team, analyze them fully. Leave no details or suspicions that you've developed that day and report back here after informing them of their Genin test."

As I nodded, having understood the full explanation, he handed me three vanilla folders. The last two were stuffed considerably more than the first. I could just guess as to whose folder is whose. He then continued on.

"Those are the candidates' profiles. Study them and grasp each of your potential students. Though, I sense that you already have a general idea of the two of them if I'm not mistaken."

Well, he wasn't wrong. I had already run into Naruto a month back. I just defended the poor kid from some civilian who was giving him a hard time at the market. How was I supposed to know that he would be THAT stuck to me?! Man, I knew he was lonely – but to estimate the actual amount of his loneliness was like navigating through the fog. It explained why he latched onto me like he did, especially when I treated him for ramen. Well, now I've got myself a weekly visitor calling me 'Eri-neechan.'

I'd also already met Sasuke. It may have been only yesterday to drop off some food for celebrating his graduation, but just looking at the kid and I could tell that he was already on the path to transforming himself like he had in the manga.

But the Hokage didn't know about my soul being "reborn," so I just shrugged casually while stating that I had an already vague, formulating idea as to what they could be like.

Leaving the Hokage Tower, I made a quick stop at the bookstore. I had run out of pages in my sketchbook so it was time for a new one. Turned out that my pre-order of Jiraiya's book "The Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Ninja" had arrived. The cashier was surprised that I even asked for a book that didn't sell well; they were even more surprised when they saw who the author was. But since I was a regular they'd learned to not question my taste. Surprisingly, I'd unconsciously created a growing book club after a few of the members read the books of my choice. Who would've guessed?

After my short stop at the bookstore, I went to my usual weapons shop to pick up my hidden blade having it requested to be sharpened. If the "hidden blade" thing sounds familiar, then you can go ahead and start ranting. Yes, I used an idea from a video game – but how could I not resist?! Ninjas did assassinations, and I had had to be resourceful if I wanted to reach my current age! No use in wasting a second chance.

On the outside, the hidden blade it just looked like a heavy duty leather armband for protection, but between the two strips of combined leather was a simple pressure pulley system that counteracted with small hooks and levers. This made the weapon sensitive to the amount of force put into how fast I jolted my wrist back, which thereby generated an equal amount of force with which the blade struck out. The blade was made of a special chakra resistant alloy, mixed in and reinforced with steel and iron. It was expensive. It was useful.

Now the blade could cut chakra coils to some, even if small, extent.

The damage wasn't permanent, but rendered an opponent from molding chakra. It messed with their natural flow, causing their bodies to leak out the energy force. The downside was that the thing was very high maintenance. So, good thing it was only for protecting my right forearm. I used it only when things grew…incredibly bleak and desperate.

Within the early stages of creating the weapon, the blacksmith was astonished at the blade's idea, promising me that it was a secret between the two of us after the creation was finished. From then on I'd been going to him whenever I come up with another "idea". He kept calling me a genius, but I'd say that I was usually just tinkering with things while thinking differently. Any other outside information was what I remembered from my old life, and surprisingly, it was a lot. Now if only I was smart enough to build "new weapons"; I had only gotten lucky with the hidden blade. The mechanics of it had sprung up while I was thinking about a claw game, rubber bands, and dominoes. Paying the man in full, I left the shop heading home.

If you're wondering why I only had a blade for my right forearm, then here's the reason.

It's because my right arm is incapable of channeling or molding chakra. When I was three years old, a poorly controlled attack caught my right arm when an enemy-nin got through village security. They were able to apprehend him, but the damage done to my right arm affected my chakra coils so badly that they couldn't be salvaged. Tsunade might've been able to heal it, but she was off on a two week long mission and when she came back… Well, let's just say that the damage had already been done. I was still able to physically train my arm, but the doctors kept stating that I wouldn't really make it long in the field with my condition. Pfft, like I was going to listen to that B.S.

If I had had a fatal life threatening condition back in my previous life, then this was nothing compared to it! Naturally, I rebelled against my parents. I put my heart and soul into convincing them, and after a year of begging on my hands and knees – I got what I wanted. Good thing it was my fourth birthday too! So from then on my mom dropped me off to spend the morning at the library. She'd pick me up for lunch and then I trained in the forest behind our backyard, since we lived in the outskirts of the village. From then on it had been a struggle to defend my home and protect my comrades. Those struggles molded me into what I am today.

Arriving home, I cooked some dinner, and gave thanks. After cleaning up my mess, I did the nightly routine came after: shower, wash my face, brush my teeth, and change into some shorts and a tank-top. I read the Genin's files at my desk with the curtains closed, first glancing at Sakura's file. Reading over the very professional and textbook-worthy report, I almost felt a bit disappointed.

'From just watching and reading the series, I already had a general idea on what to do about Sakura. That's kinda sad…I was hoping for more. Though, I think they toned down Sakura's obvious 'admiration' towards a certain brooding and moody kid.'

Putting her file aside – I was satisfied to have nothing too surprising from her to handle. Sakura had a very formidable intellect that let her grasp complex and confusing theories. She had the general academy drill down no problem, but lacked anything to define herself with – other than being incredibly analytical and intelligent, but, given how the manga went, not as much as Shikimaru. Her chakra control was excellent, as stated in the file, making her more inclined to become a Genjutsu specialist or medic-nin. Her Ninjutsu was…average with no memorable qualities. She could wield the basic kunai and shuriken like every other candidate, and her Taijutsu… I'll be frank – it was pretty much nonexistent since she was too timid and scared. Plus she didn't like to get dirty and appear 'un-lady like' in front of her beloved.

Sighing, I massaged the bridge of my nose, steeling myself for the next file. It was Naruto's file; I read it with an avid interest and hope like I had Sakura's. It was the same textbook answer, with some biased comments thrown in from teachers past who had taught the blond. The only reason why Naruto's file was so…stuffed – was because of all the copied and recorded complaints through the years with some medical files thrown in; seems that some villagers weren't too bright and had ended up getting 'apprehended' when they had tried to off the Uzumaki in his earlier youth.

There was nothing that counterbalanced his labels as the class clown, prankster, and lowest scorer of the class. The only thing that made me smile was the memory of Naruto's title being: "Konoha's Number 1 Most Unpredictable Ninja" from my first life. Well, it seemed that I was just going to have to crack Naruto's tough outer persona. Oh – it would be fun!

Putting the blond's file aside, I went to Sasuke's. Again, it was what I had expected, yet not. The Hokage had obviously been keeping tabs on the Uchiha heir, but from the reports the kid seemed a little more reachable since Obito was still alive. Thankfully, he had a mission during the massacre and had been way far off in Suna.

Obito in Suna – it had always been an anomaly that I had never figured out, something that greatly irked me. I had never been sure, but there had always been something off about it. If anything, this most likely had to deal with the fact that he moved out of the Uchiha district. I shook my head, re-focusing on the matter at hand.

As I read this I felt myself release a halted breath. Since when did I become so distracted? I guess I was unconsciously worried about how I should handle Sasuke.

But anyway, Sasuke was still considered "Rookie of the Year" with impressive marks that counterbalanced Naruto's.

It only made sense to put them together from a statistical point of view. It was only their personalities that clashed, even if the two had a small misunderstanding – mistaking friendship for rivalry. If Obito were to be involved, Naruto and Obito might bond. Sasuke would obviously turn jealous, and this could further drive the boy into his quest of avenging the clan since the young Uchiha would feel alone and sidelined. This would only prove more catastrophic for Obito and Sasuske's relationship since families can have misunderstandings and fights too.

Putting away the final file, I began reading through my notes. It was what I had first done when I was able to write neatly – list down every single thing I remembered from my old life. The notes I took out held my detailed description of the storyline. That night I basically came up with plans and training regimes. After an hour or so I went to bed – just contemplating all of my new added responsibilities and problems. Honestly, I had to cut Kakashi some slack. The guy had always been so aloof and indifferent in the series – only panicking during an appropriate time.

I just hoped that I could live up to this.

Prologue End

NOTE: This used to be the "General Announcement" that I made during a lock-down period. It was just created to give my readers at the time something to occupy their eyes. You don't need to read it as it just talks about Eri's family and character creation.


Eri's Character Development:

The name "Eri" was actually a name for another character who was very headstrong, hotheaded, and fiery than the Eri you know presently. Actually, now that I think about it – she's a lot like a second Tsunade. Not a second Sakura, but Tsunade. I only type this because sadly – Sakura is a bit of a pervert in canon. Tsunade and Eri's original personality are not perverts. Don't believe me? Go read Naruto: volume 38, chapter 347: page 10…you can see her nose bleed in panel two.

To get into the nitty-gritty about naming the Eri for this series, it started out as a rough draft and random thoughts of having a self-insert. Of being reborn into the Narutoverse, even before I found and read Silver Queen's Dreaming of Sunshine. The only reason I never got around to posting it was due to my first story, which I don't even know if I should finish it or now.

Besides the point, Eri's original character and plot was about the team 7 being transported during the final battle by a machine. When they get there, the three shinobis' find themselves unable to draw and mold chakra – complete disability to use the stuff. This leaves them defenseless in a zombie apocalyptic world that resembles the Walking Dead television show. Since Eri's character was the one who started the machine, she's the one who helps them survive.

Yeah, long nitty-gritty stuff that's totally unrelated, but I guess you guys want something to read – right? Since I was typing out the initial prologue I didn't know what to name her – and since I was working on two series at a time, the zombie one and the prologue you know; I just plucked out her name and used it here. Yup, her name was given by mere chance; but I guess some times accidental things can be helpful in the end.

When creating Eri I really did try using myself as an example; however, I referred to something called the Meyer-Briggs Personality indicator.

What is Meyer-Briggs?

Well, it basically gives you a rough, but in-depth overview of what you identify yourself as most within the 16 personalities that you can be matched with. It's very useful!

By the way, Eri's personality type – along with mine – is the INFJ personality.

If you want to actually look this stuff up or use it to create and base your character's personality off of, there are plenty of websites, blogs, and forums that you can check out. Just Google it!

Another thing that I've hinted at within the story is that I've also likened her personality to that of an owl's since they match up well with the INFJ personality. Yeah, I took a test and got an owl as my spirit animal. Guilty is charged – but then again, this is a self-insert.

Eri's crippled chakra system within her right arm is just an excuse to get some Assassin's Creed equipment into the story. It was also a good way to cut down her power and abilities, but really – I'm just a fan of the Assassin's Creed video game series. Again, guilty is charged…

Creating the Yoshida Family:

Self-insert, blah, blah, blah – yeah, I know you get the gist of it by now. Of course, it's based off of my real family. I never really had that good of a connection with my parents, but I understood them to a degree. So, you can expect that aspect to show up later on within the series.

Yup, the Yoshida family will have references within the current timeline of the series. So, they won't just have a minor role like other self-inserts. Remember, Eri's pass life was raised in a family oriented environment before being reborn.

Even if she's (or rather, I'm) rebellious of what her parents expect of her, she still thinks about them and won't become fully digested into the shinobi lifestyle of solemn privacy and lonesomeness.

My older sister was always rebellious during her teen years. So, since children are forced to mature faster within the Naruto-verse, I find it justifiable for a seven year old to begin the stages of acting as a teen. Even today you find that the wonders of childhood are shrinking to younger age groups, especially during war-ridden times.

- Eri's younger brother, Ichiro, is – making a promised appearance within the series. I won't say when, but he'll appear. He play's an important role despite the short and very non-descriptive appearance during Eri's chronicle's.

Okay, so how did you like it? I also need some feedback on my OC self-insert. Here are some things I need you to do is you want this story to become an official updated story.

- Please leave a review.

- What are your thoughts on my OC.

- Any grammar/ spelling errors or weird worded sentences?

- What are your thoughts on the idea?

If you're reading out of boredom or interest I hope you enjoyed this. Just as a side note, I didn't really bother in editing much out. If the reviews want this story to continue then I'll edit this when I find the time. Yeah, so please review!