A/N: writer's block. As you can tell, it's in Artemis' point of view.

"It's best we make it count."

"Mean what you say."

You beckon Kid Flash to come forth, to speak up.

He waits for you to make the first move.

The forgotten dialogue left unspoken,

Your clenched fists,

his hands begin pulling you in.

His first kiss, your dream come true.

His fantasy unveiled. Your harbouring adoration revealed.

The sensual touch,

The warmth, spreading like fire.

A comforting, welcoming addition.

You lose track of reality.

That's fine by him, by you.

You pull back,

Greeted by his bright glistening eyes.

He whispers the words,

Three little words.

And you know

You don't have to repeat it.

He understands wholeheartedly.

No need in giving him the satisfaction,

When he's got you in his arms.

And that's all you ever wanted.

That's all you ever need.

He doesn't need to hear it,

When he figured you out.

Compassion, longing

Your main priority.

You tell him it's not over,

He wants this to continue,

And you want more.

His guess less than three words.

You nod in approval.

He coins the term, "lovers",

As he places his lips back to yours.