The Worst Kind of Brother

"I screwed up big time." I muttered under my breath. "There is no way she will forgive me for this. All it took to ruin her modeling career was a simple suggestion to play an online game together." Oddly enough Kirino actually agreed to play with me. Surprising me further was the fact that she said she would use her contacts from modeling to make sure we would get a pair of Nerve Gear and the game Sword Art Online. This would prove to be a decision that would make me, Kyosuke Kosaka the next couple minutes, no the rest of my life a potential hell.

Kirino sat on a wooden bench in front of me with her hands in her lap showing a blank expression. I reached my hand out to her but pulled back before I could reach her. "You are going to take responsibility." She whispered to me as she fixed her turquoise eyes on me. Just as fast as she looked up at me she turned her head away again, and her body slightly trembled.

"Of course I will. Who do you think I am?" I replied with a slight smile as I patted her head. "As long as I can help it you will never be alone in this world. I swear to make sure you get out alive." Yes I will make sure she gets out, I must make this right. A fourteen year old girl does not deserve to have this happen to her.

The first time we logged on the game Sword Art Online we were awestruck at the beauty of this world called Aincrad. We cheerfully wandered the markets looking at all the merchandise admiring the detail of everything. As we arrived at a weapons vendor Kirino picked up a beginners dagger that gleamed in the sunlight. After looking at the different swords I picked out a well balanced bastard sword that had watermarks along the blade. Draining the last of our beginning Col on other miscellaneous items, we headed out of Starting City.

Grateful that I had read the manual before playing, I had the chance to watch Kirino get knocked around by a boar until I explained the basics of Sword Skills to her. A benefit to having a complete model student as a sister is that she learns quickly. After destroying several boars with our newly acquired abilities we decided to take a break and eat some of the food we bought. As I took a few bites of the roast meat that looked like an oversized chicken leg we gazed at the beautiful landscape the made of countless polygons. "I wonder if this game has little sister Npcs?" Kirino blurted out causing me to nearly choke on the bite I was trying in vain to swallow.

"Why? Why would you ask that out of all things?" I groaned in reply as I rubbed my throat.

"Why? Well wouldn't it be so cute if you could have a little sister follow you around and ask how your day fighting monsters was as she made you a snack?" She replied with a faraway look in her eyes. I just sat there and stared for a minute before I rubbed my chin in thought. Thinking about having Kirino asking me how my day was while making me food made me sigh in disappointment as that would never happen. While we were both pondering the mental image a bell rang across the field and our concentration shifted to the odd feeling of being teleported to the starting point that was currently holding almost ten thousand players. There Kayaba Akihiko gave the speech that lead us to our current predicament. We could not log out. If anyone interfered with the Nerve Gear it would fry our brains. This has already led to several deaths. The main point of worry was that death in the game meant our actual death.

As I sat down next to Kirino, she closed her eyes and let her head fall onto my shoulder. She must be feeling tired considering we have been in this world for over eight hours straight and almost all of it was spent fighting boars. The even breathing coming from Kirino showed that she fell into a deep sleep leaving me to decide where we were going to spend the night. I sighed and gingerly lifted Kirino onto my back and began the long walk to find an inn.

After a while I came to an average looking inn and stepped inside. The atmosphere was pleasant enough with loud buzz that spread throughout the inn. I walked up to the innkeeper and proceeded to rent a room for me and Kirino to share as we did not have that much money left. I trudged up the stairs and quickly found the room that was ours for the night. After opening the door I carefully laid Kirino onto the bed and covered her with the blankets. I just grabbed one of the extra blankets and pillows and made myself comfortable on the floor.

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