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Our short trip back to the inn was rather uneventful. The only notable thing was that Kirino seemed to smile almost constantly when she thought I was not watching. A curious thing indeed, as that seemed to be last thing she would be doing in such a situation. She can be such an enigma sometimes I swear.

As we neared the door and I was about to open the door Kirino practically shoved me away from her. "Hey what gives? You didn't seem to have a problem clinging to me on the way here"

"T-That was just so I wouldn't get sick. I was only holding onto your arm so I wouldn't get cold. It's not like I wanted to hold onto your arm or anything." She angrily replied back to me. "Just hurry up and open the stupid door."

"Stupid door? What did it ever do to you?" I quietly mused to myself as I complied and opened the door. The smell of cooking food instantly hit us as we stepped through the door.

"Get me something for me to eat and bring it to the room. I am going to go get changed for bed while you get the food." Kirino demanded not giving me any room to complain after which she promptly left and disappeared up the stairs to our room.

"What kind of sister bosses her brother around like that? It just has to be a criminal act." I muttered to myself as I ordered our dinner, two sandwiches that used what like was turkey.

"The only criminal act is you letting that brute of a girl tell you what to do nii-san." A condescending voice said next to me.

"As true as that is, I am the one who asked her to play this game with me. It's my fault that she is trapped her so I might as well make her as comfortable as possible." I said back without looking at the speaker. Although that voice sounded very familiar I could not remember why it did.

"So that is why nii-san is putting up with her.?" Wait a minute. Nii-san.? It can't be. As I turned around I was greeted by a site I thought would be impossible. Kuroneko was standing right next to me with a small grin that slightly widened when I turned.

"K-Kuroneko? What are you doing here? How did you get here?" I sputtered out.

"I came here for a room obviously. As for how I got here I walked." She bluntly replied.

"No how did you get SAO. I thought you wouldn't have.." I trailed off unsure of how to politely say not enough money.

"Enough money? Saori offered to get it for me. She was going to play with me as well but they ran out when she bought the one for me, so she told me to take it and play it rather than wait for her to get one."

"You are going to stay with us now that you found us, right? I think Kirino will be much happier if you stay with us. You can stay in our room if you want." I said completely forgetting the fact that there is only one bed.

"Hmm...If nii-san wants me so badly then I can't refuse." She coyly replied.

"Please don't give people the wrong idea." I said while sighing. Oh what a joy it will be figuring out the sleeping arrangement.

"How can it be wrong if it is true?" I simply shook my head and noticed that the food was placed in front of me while I was busy being shocked by the appearance of Kuroneko. I picked up the wooden tray of food and began walking to the stairs. Kuroneko quickly picked up her tray that had been sitting next to her and caught up to me. We walked up the stairs and headed to the room. I really hope she does not freak out on me because of Kuroneko. I steeled myself for the potential storm and opened the door.

"You took for ever. What took you so long? Didn't I tell you I was starving?" Kirino spouted off as soon as I stepped through the door. She was laying on the bed looking through her inventory.

"Well, we have a guest who will be staying with us from now on." I vaguely answered.

"Who in the hell is important enough to inter...oh." Kirino stopped in mid sentence as she turned to face us her jaw dropping.

"I believe I am the person who is important enough to interrupt your bestial eating habits." Kuroneko said quite haughtily. Oh lord they do not need to start fighting. Please do not let them fight. I took a look at Kirino to see her reaction and to my immense surprise she was crying. As in there were actual tears flowing down her eyes.

"Kirino?" I asked extremely concerned.

"Calm down you stupid beast. Refined beings don't show such emotions in front of others." Kuroneko said with her eyes starting to water as well. A mans worst nightmare is having to deal with a crying woman especially teenagers. I was about to have to deal with two of them. Alarms began blaring in my head warning me to hurry and defuse the situation lest I get caught up in a flood of tears and emotional conversations.

"Why don't we all sit and eat. You can tell Kirino all about how you came here." I quickly said crossing my fingers hoping it would work.

"O-Okay. Let's eat." Kirino said as she wiped her tears away. I mentally jumped for joy celebrating a job well done as we all sat down and ate our dinner.

After averting the grave crisis of teen drama, another crisis reared its ugly head. Sleeping arrangements. Crap I knew I forgot something.

"Nii-san where am I going to sleep?" Kuroneko asked me piercing my eyes with her own.

"Ah, well about that. We only have one bed and Kirino is already sleeping there. I suppose you can take my spot on the floor. It has the extra blanket and pillows so it should be comfortable." I said thinking that would be the logical choice.

"Idiot. Why should she sleep on the floor. She will sleep on the other side of the bed. I don't mind sharing for one night." Kirino said making it sound like that was the only right choice in the world.

"So nii-san has to sleep on the hard floor? Such a cruel little sister you are. Shouldn't you offer your nice older brother a spot on the bed so he can sleep comfortably?" Kuroneko said with a sly grin.

"A-Are you suggesting he sleep with us? As in the same bed?" Kirino sputtered out, her face instantly blossoming a deep crimson.

"Of course. We wouldn't be doing anything naughty now would we nii-san?" I gulped and stood there shaking my head. "See he wouldn't do anything. So will you let your poor nii-san sleep with us?"

"F-Fine, but if he does anything I'll kill him. I swear." Kirino said in a small voice as she got into the bed and turned away.

"Good. Now nii-san you get in." Kuroneko said, a glint in her eyes.

"Um, I think I should be on the end." I replied thinking of how Kirino would probably kick me if I accidentally touched her in my sleep.

"Nonsense, now get in there." I steeled myself for the worst and carefully got into the bed when the worst possible thing for me happened. My finger accidentally brushed against Kirino's back. When I did not instantly receive reprimanding I continued settling down until I was comfortable. "Ku ku ku. Now it's my turn." Kuroneko gleefully said as she practically dived into the bed and snuggled up to my arm.

As much as I cursed my luck, I could not dispute the fact that this was indeed rather nice. Granted, who would not find being in bed with a teen model and a cute loli wonderful? Just before I fell into oblivion I could feel another pair of arms grasping onto my other arm and snuggling close to it. I smile as I plunged into the dark abyss of sleep.