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Beep. Beep. Beep. Eh, that's odd I can't move to turn off the alarm. What is pinning my arms? I cracked my eyes open to see what was obstructing my movement to turn the now evil alarm off. Beep. Beep. Beep. My eyes snapped fully open when I saw the objects obstructing my arms. Both Kirino and Kuroneko were splayed out on top of me with their arms entwined with mine. Well. This is going to be a long morning.

"Beep. Beep. Beep." I imitated my alarm that was still going off to try and rouse them from their oh so peaceful sleep. Immediately Kirino managed to slip one of her arms out and smack me on the head. "Ouch" How she could take an arm out and slip it back into place so quickly was just baffling. "Hey you two get off of me. I'm going to go insane if I have to listen to this alarm for another minute."

Kirino made a mewing noise and shifted her arms a little. "Ha, an opening." I whispered as I tried to move my hand to the flashing button to turn off the alarm. This was not to be however, as I reached for the button Kirino's voice stopped me.

"Onii-chan, no don't leave me. Don't leave." Kirino mewed in her sleep as she clung on to my arm. My arm immediately halted it's movement and was pulled back into her embrace. "Never leave me again. Onii-chan"

My mind had to take a few moments to register what she said. "That must be against the law somewhere." I said to myself still trying to regain control of my limbs. "At least Kuroneko is still asleep, she would never let Kirino live that one down" I said this as I turned my head to look straight into Kuroneko's lavender eyes.

"I wouldn't let her would I? Since you said so, I must not disappoint you nii-san." She smiled mischievously making me wish I was somewhere not here.

"G-Good morning Kuroneko." I said rather weakly. Ah ha now I can finally turn the damned alarm off. However, as I went to move my hand to turn the alarm off Kuroneko began to pout and held my arm tightly.

"Don't leave me nii-san." She said her voice quivering and tears forming in her eyes. What's with this face? It is too much for young man to handle.

"Alright, fine you win. I won't get up but will you please for all that is holy let me turn off the alarm. I will go crazy if I have to hear it for another second." I said sighing in defeat.

"Fu fu. Sure nii-san" She said grinning in triumph. Finally I reached my arm out and turned off the alarm.

"Ah. Finally my mind can re-Oi w-what do you think you are doing Kuroneko" I exclaimed turning beet red as Kuroneko nibbled on my ear.

"Oh? You don't like that nii-san? You better take good care of us nii-san. Ku ku ku? She whispered into my ear biting down one last time before releasing my ear and going back to her original position.

"Y-you shouldn't do such things unless it's with someone you care about" I sharply replied and turning the other way.

"Idiot" As I looked over to see what she was talking about she was already back asleep gripping my arm just as strongly as before. Huh, I wonder what she meant by that?

About two hours later we were finishing breakfast when I thought of a question. "Kuroneko what kind of weapon do you use?"

"I use these throwing knives" She replied as she pulled out the aforementioned knives.

"Doesn't it seem strange to use something other than melee weapons in a game all about melee combat?"

"Why would I want to carry a big cumbersome weapon as someone of my stature? These knives fit me perfectly."

"Alright I suppose that makes sense." Not really considering the fact that the only thing that makes it cumbersome is whether or not you have a high enough strength stat. "Well let's go out to the fields and start farming some boars. We need to start leveling up so we can hurry and get this game over with." I said while offering my hand to Kirino who was still sitting down. At first I thought she was going to smack my hand a way, but after a second she gently took my hand. I pulled her up and let go of her hand but as I tried to move it back to my side she kept a hold of it. "Kirino?" I questioned, but she looked the other way a slight blush tinging her cheeks.

"Ahh. Nii-san how unfair I want to hold your hand too." Kuroneko whined as she grabbed my other hand causing Kirino to scowl for a split second and tighten her grip on my hand.

"Um. This is fine and all, but I can't open the door." I said while we stood there staring at the unmoving door.

"Stupid. Can't even open a door." Kirino mumbled as she opened the door for us. We walked down the stairs into the main room causing many of the male patrons to stare at me with pure malice. I guess seeing a random guy with two adorable girls holding his hands would make anyone a little jealous. We continued across the room, exited the inn and began walking towards the city gates. Of course the whole time we attracted the ire of just about every male we passed.

"I guess cute girls playing these type of games really are a rarity." I said thinking out loud not noticing the instant blushes on Kuroneko's and Kirino's faces. We passed through the gate with Kirino and Kuroneko both seemingly intrigued by what was on the ground and trailed behind me lightly holding my hand. To other people it probably looked like I was leading young children around by the hand.

About 5 minutes or so passed and we finally reached the fields with the boars. "Alright Kirino, you and Kuroneko go out and start killing some boars. If we are lucky maybe we will level up. Don't forget to party up."

"What about you?" Kirino asked questioningly.

"I can solo these things with my hefty bastard sword." I grinned and pulled out my iron hand and a half sword. "A good mix between a one handed sword and a two handed sword. I will be fine alone. I promise."

"Alright. If you say so." Kirino said begrudgingly. Kirino then navigated her windows and sent Kuroneko an invite to her party. Seeing they were doing fine I walked a short distance away and looked for a boar. In the distance I could see several parties and soloists fighting boars as well. I suppose the people determined to beat the game would already be out farming but I didn't expect them to be this early. Wait. Who am I kidding? Of course they would be out already, this isn't a game anymore. If our health falls to zero then our brains will be turned into a freshly microwaved soup. I have to get stronger, strong enough to make sure Kirino can get out. No. I have to make sure Kirino and Kuroneko get out.

As I was having my deep internal monologue, I failed to notice the not so small boar charging me until it rammed into me. This sent me rolling across the ground. Embarrassed I picked myself up off the ground and faced the boar who was still in the process of turning around. Looking at my hp I saw about three fourths remaining. "Alright. I just have to make sure it dies before it can hit me again." I said full of confidence. Bringing my sword up I activated Horizontal. The system assist kicked in as I launched forward slicing a blue line along the body of the boar. The boar stumbled to a stop and attempted to turn around, but I had already activated Slant and slashed at the boars face depleting the remaining hp of the boar. Not realizing it should be dead, the boar tried to get up but its body swelled slightly then burst into white polygons signifying its death.

Hearing a small ding, a window appeared with the words "Congratulations You have Leveled Up". Another window with my stats opened up asking me to allocate the newly acquired skill points. I threw two points into strength and three into agility. This caused my sword which only required 1 strength to instantly feel quite lighter.

I decided to take a look at how Kirino and Kuroneko were doing and was pleasantly surprised. They had already cleared a good section of the field and were continuing at a good pace. They seemed to work extremely well together. Kuroneko would attack first throwing several knives into a boar causing it to start towards her, then Kirino would rush up to it and halt its progress using her dagger allowing Kuroneko's knives to replenish. They would then finish off the boar. Doing this they quickly dispatched several more boars as I watched them.

"Interesting weapon choice, those throwing knives. Not many would choose that as it poses too much of a risk when you run out." A voice mused next to me.

"Ah! When did you get here?" I questioned as I fell to the side. Taking a look at the person who was quiet enough to sneak right up next to me. It was a girl shrouded in a hood, but I could make out shoulder length hair and some curious marks on her cheeks. They strangely reminded me of whiskers.

"Oh, a minute or so ago? You know them?"

"Yeah. The one with the dagger is my sister and the one with the knives is one of our friends." I replied slightly unnerved by her practically shining eyes as she leaned closer.

"Oh so your sister and your girlfriend are her with you, how sweet." She said semi-sarcastically.

"Yeah, I feel kind of bad. I was the one who suggested playing SAO." She stared at me for a minute then smirked. Wait what was she smiling for?

"Oh so now I am your girlfriend? How presumptuous of you." Kuroneko said grabbing onto my arm. Oh lord please don't let Kirino be here.

"Yes aniki tell us all how you came to be a couple." Well damn. My day was going well.

After a large and completely unnecessary incident in which I was thoroughly beaten down by Kirino and Kuroneko. We talked with the woman for a while finding out her name was Argo and that she was an information dealer.

As the sun was setting she left with "Don't forget, I will buy any info you get on people, mobs, areas, bosses. Anything really." We each then got a request asking to accept her as a friend which we all did.

I turned to Kirino and Kuroneko and asked "All right, so do we want to go back to the inn or fight more boars? Because it is almost night the spawn rates of the boars will go up and the players will probably thin out."

"Stay." They both immediately responded and began fighting the boars with even more vigor then before. They look like they are enjoying themselves. I smiled to myself and began sprinting towards a large group of the boars.

"We will beat this game." I said to no one as I brought my sword down onto the head of a boar.