Status update: If you have been wondering why I haven't been updating, I can honestly say it is not because I have forgot or died in some horrible accident. Due to my high school requiring a senior project, I decided to turn this fanfic into a visual novel. The problem with converting the story to a visual novel is I am going to have to rewrite the story to be almost all dialog, my main weakness at least that is what I think. I plan on starting on the VN around middle or late June. What this means for the fanfic is it will pretty much be stopped unless I you guys really want me to go back and finish writing it after the visual novel is finished. Now, the main point I want to bring up is: If any of you have computer art skills that could apply to making the artwork for the visual novel, or any if you just want to contribute to the making of it, feel free to send me a private message. Sorry if I got anybodies hopes up with this little update. I am not even sure if updates like this are even allowed...Well I hope you guys can bear with me and again if you think you want to participate in any way, art, story, sound, helpful advice, anything at all just message me.

(Don't know what a visual novel is? Google Katawa Shoujo and give it a try. It was what got me started on visual novels.)