"Help! Germany, I got captured!" This was the third time this week. Germany let out a sigh. Of coarse he would have to get him. Honestly, you know the rest.

Italy heard a scream from a near by ally way. Curious, he walked over to look. To his surprise, he found his older brother Romano. It looked like Romano was being beat by the mafia.

Italy watched for a moment as Romano did all he could to stop them. His tactics were only half working, for every person he knocked unconscious, three more would jump on him. He knew that eventually his brother would get knocked out. Sighing, Italy went to go join the fight.

Germany was walking home from the market when he heard something come from an ally way. He went to go look. TO his surprise, there stood the two Italians he had gotten to know. They were standing amidst unconscious bodies panting heavily. From what Germany could gather, the two helpless boys had beaten up all those men by themselves.

Later that night hen Italy crawled into Germany's bed like he always did, Germany asked him a question, "Italy, are you pretending to be weak?"

Half asleep, Italy answered, "yeah, why?"


"So you'll stay."

This puzzled Germany, "Is your brother strong too?"

"Mm Hmm."

"Why do both of you hide your strength?"

Italy sighed softly, "We made a promise."

"What was your promise?"

"We both agree that men want too look after someone. We thought you would leave if there were two semes. So we promised we would be weak for you."

Truth finally dawned on Germany. All those times when Italy would do something that seemed inhumanly stupid, he did it on purpose. He let himself be captured so that he could be with Germany. That also explained why he could run away so fast when he could barely keep up with Germany on walks.

Disclaimer: I don't own Hetalia.

I like writing kinda ooc fanfics. It kin of shows you both sides of the story and breaks stereo types. I think that this particular one explains a little more about Germany's relationship with Italy. Also if you squint, it mentions Romano taking an oath to be weak for someone to stay. In my mind it is implying Spain.