The windmills quietly spun clockwise, and the wind whistled along the air. The stars appeared dimly lit through the fog of the city's glow which had polluted the lower atmosphere. Not one human sound was heard, and that made it easier for the black-haired girl to relax. Nature had wrapped itself around the girl who lay down on her back, resting on a slope of neatly trimmed grass.

The wavy grass tickled against her pale skin as she observed the stars. Eyes drifted into the partly covered crescent moon, and specks of moonlight occasionally shone down like spotlights through the clouds. The sky was always this beautiful, but Homura would like to believe it became much more elegant now that Madoka was a part of it.

She wondered if the other girl was watching her from afar in a realm that exceeded the heavens themselves. Maybe the goddess was looking down at Homura now, with golden eyes and a warm smile that would pierce through the fog and snuggle the tired girl in the cool wind. It had been so long since their separation, and Homura longed to see her dearest friend again.

Normally, Homura would be asleep in her bedroom due to school, but her mind had been restless for these last couple of days. And so, she flew over to the windmills; a quiet place where she could somewhat be away from the rest of the city.

Maybe for this single night, there could be rest from the never-ending battle of Puella Magi and demons; the cycle that would go on forever within this new system that her goddess was responsible for. Admittedly, it was better than the last one, and Homura was not - by any means - complaining, it was just that in the back of her mind she thought it was a pointless struggle. Her original intention was to save Madoka from her fate, and now that was impossible. The only reason she stuck around was because she felt Madoka would want her to continue fighting until her last breath.

Now, it was time to go and look over the city for any demon activity. It was something she regularly did every night. Getting rid of those creatures was her one and only job, and it helped hone her skills.

Homura got up and formed her outfit out of purple light that had enveloped her body. White wings of light sprouted out of her back, and she flapped them, causing her to slowly hover above the ground before shooting up into the night. She flew high up into the sky, quickly passing through clouds.

The view of the city was quite splendid, and Homura allowed the drafts of air to carry her around the city. She was thankful for the pair of wings that allowed her to see the world in a different perspective. Flocks of crows were flying in the distance, and Homura wondered if her wings captivated them. Maybe in their eyes, she looked like a strange giant raven that wandered aimlessly in the sky. In her own eyes, she was just that.

After flying around the city several times, Homura flew over to an observation tower that she always used as a gathering point to meet up with the other girls and lightly rested a heel on the tip of the tower's pole. Demons were concentrated down below it.

The tower was an unofficial rendezvous point for when the girls needed to work together; not that Homura would have the need to do that, but she was the one that kept insisting the most on teamwork.

She didn't want to repeat the past where all the others ended up dead. Instead she let them struggle together and learn how to get along with each other to form an unstoppable team. It was a slow process that involved lots of hard work, but they subtly became better and more effective against the demons. Even Sayaka showed much growth as a person and a fighter. It's a shame they thought Homura was a lunatic though, really. No one ever believed her about Madoka so she remained mostly quiet around them.

Homura raised her left hand in the air. A small purple stick of light formed in her palm before transforming into a bow. She took aim and fired an arrow down into the crowd to get their attention. The demons quickly rose up to meet their adversary. There were many of them, at least three dozen, but numbers mattered not. No matter how many were among them, they'd still be greeted by an arrow that would never fail to dispatch its target. The figures cloaked in white formed three circular lines above Homura and circled around her like hungry sharks around their prey. In this situation, however, prey was predator, and predator was prey.

It seemed like they were inviting her into attacking so instead, she waited for them to make their move. They all shot yellow beams, and Homura covered herself with her wings. The beams of light disappeared after several seconds of failing to pierce through.

Homura uncovered her wings while aiming upwards. The arrow she pulled back on glowed a bright purple, charged with magic, and she fired it into the sky.

Up went the single arrow and down rained thirteen arrows in a circular pattern just wide enough to wipe the demons out. Each arrow struck three demons through their heads as they faded away into nothingness.

Homura wore an uninterested expression on her face. Another restless night, another pointless fight.

Now that the threat was gone, she dived off the pole and took to the skies once more to return to her resting place.

Currents of wind pushed up against her skin as she slowly descended onto the grassy slope. Her wings dispersed and her outfit transformed into her school uniform.

Lying down again, she thought about when her time would finally come. She hoped that fight would be the fight to finally do her in, but it wasn't. Just like all the rest, no matter how many demons came up against her, she'd live to fight in an aimless life.

Homura put her hands behind her head and closed her eyes, finally able to sleep. Her sleeping body was basked in moonlight.