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Pale long fingers twanged at the thin strings on his guitar. A melody soothed the fidgeting girl who was sitting across from Genkaku. She still continued to shiver and wheeze.

The red head let out a small sigh getting up to move closer to the girl and drape his lanky arm around her frail shoulders. Hibana trembled, nuzzling her face into his side.

"It's alright kid. Ya just got a cold." Genkaku said soothingly while petting her hair. The child had been sick for a week with a high fever, runny nose, and a sore throat. Now normally the Uber Monk wouldn't care, but since this was the person he was stuck with it was his duty to take care of Hibana.

She was normally not a whiny kid, but when she got sick all she wanted was someone to be there and sooth her. Sadly only Genkaku was. He had given her medicine and had even draped his large coat over her to keep Hibana warm.

It was weird to the other two Undertakers that The Uber Monk and The Punisher would spend time together without killing anyone. The red head didn't even take a second thought to their words because in this prison no else seemed to give a damn that there was a little girl here so he took it upon himself even though he wouldn't admit it aloud.

"Hibana you better be fucking glad I didn't leave ya with those two dumb fucks!"

"Geny I can't help I'm sick." The young girl coughed out turning her gaze upward to look at his face. Genkaku could not stand that look! Fucking puppy dog eyes! Dammit it made him feel all soft and guilty on the inside when she did that.

The pair sat in silence for well over five minutes before her even breathing told Genkaku that she was asleep. He didn't move from his sit, fearing that it would wake the sleeping punishment.

He hated this girl with everything he could muster for some how she made him care.

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