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Chapter 5

One of the first things westerners brought over from a more industrial part of the world at that time was the street car. Originally, they were pulled by cables running through grooves in the street, but now were powered by the electrical wires running overhead in the streets that weaved through buildings covered in different colors, advertisements, and banners. The shopping district of the city was full of life in the late afternoon, and in the midst of the crowd, two girls walked with the flow of foot traffic.

On the ground level, people handing out flyers thanked those walking by who were gracious enough to receive one. Girls dressed as maids, anime characters, and the occasional semi-provocative furry animal danced around in front of open shops and cafes to advertise their accommodations and services, if that's what one can call them.

One thing that, as a young girl back in the states, perplexed Patricia was the mix between the marketing of food and what adults refereed to as "adult images." Now, in her youth and in her early years of cultural awareness, she understood. Hell, she understood better than most people. She even worked at such an establishment herself.

The mention of her job, as of this moment, was the topic of conversation.

"I'm surprised they let you work there." Hiyori said, brushing a stray strand of hair away from her face that a gentle breeze had provided. "You can't be any older than I am."

"Hmm.." Patricia looked a bit devious. "Yeah…about that…"

"You're older?" Hiyori asked, shocked. Her eyes almost as big as her glasses. "That would a lot of sense, considering you…*ehem*…you know…"

"Oh, you mean this?" Patricia asked, now fondling herself.

Hiyori turned away put up a hand. "Yes! That!" she said. "What did you think I was talking about?"

"I'm just messing with ya." Patricia laughed, putting an arm around her neck. "Truth is, we really are the same age. I just faked my age on the application."

Hiyori looked at her with a blank stare. "Are you serious?" she asked, nearly monotone.

Patricia nodded happily and gave a thumbs up. "With this body, I can do anything!"

"Um….I'm not sure that's…a good thing." Hiyori trailed off. "What if your manager finds out?"

"Oh, he already knows. He was the one who suggested I do it." she said, "There was no way he'd pass up a girl like me."

"Not so loud! Someone might hear you." That would be a valid point, but any passersby happening to walk on the same side of the street as they did were too busy with their phones, looking around, or talking to people around them. Hiyori sighed, a little lost as to what to say. "Um…I guess we all have stuff we shouldn't be doing…"

"You think so?" Patricia asked, "You wouldn't happen to be talking about your doujins, would you?"

Hiyori nervously rubbed the back of her head. "Uh..heh heh….yeah, I guess I am."

Patricia gave her a thoughtful look. "So, how did you get started drawing anyway?" she asked, "I've always wondered."

"Um…" Hiyori looked down at the ground and rubbed her thumbs together. "Do I have to tell you?" she asked. "You're my friend, Patty, but…"

"Hey!" Patricia sounded like she had been cheated somehow. "I told you how I started my job! You tell me how you started drawing!"

"Okay, okay…" Hiyori sighed. "…geez…Well, I guess it started when I was in elementary school…"

Patricia waved her hand up and down in a circle. "Go on…" she said.

"Umm…that was the first time I had ever been to a summer festival without parents. I was with some friends, some were older than me at first, but they decided the festival was boring. I didn't really want to go, but I went with them downtown…" She trailed off and stopped. Her eyes looked around thoughtfully at the stores.

Patricia looked around and tried to see what had Hiyori's attention. "What is it?" she asked.

Hiyori pointed to a small sign for a bookstore that pointed down an alley. She walked up to the sign and peered down the slightly dark alleyway with a few motorcycles and a dumpster filling up the rear. In front of her was a small staircase that led down to a door for a bookstore. The sign for the store looked old and dull, as if it wasn't meant to stand out. Patricia thought that this place would be nearly impossible to see unless you were going out of your way to look for it.

"A bookstore?" Patricia asked.

Hiyori nodded. "They took me here."

"Sooo…" Patricia sounded lost, "What's so special about this place?"

Hiyori blushed. What she was about to say wasn't embarrassing for her, but recalling the experience of being so young at the time when encountering her first doujin made her cheeks a bit red. "It's uh…*mh hm*…It's a doujin store."

"Oh, no kidding." Patricia mumbled. "No wonder this place is so out of sight." She looked at Hiyori and asked, "What happened next?"

"Well….I saw this…." Hiyori stopped herself. "It'd probably be easier if I showed it to you." She started walking forward towards the stairs.

Patricia followed and asked, "Show me what?"

"Like I said, it'd be easier if I showed you." Hiyori sounded steadfast in keeping silent about the rest, she Patricia just shrugged and let the shorter girl lead them downstairs.

Hiyori turned the handle on the door, and from the bottle crack of the door, fog leaked out in ribbons of grey. Patricia jumped back, startled. "Is there a fire?!"

"No, no it's just mist." Hiyori said.

Patricia slowly understood. "Oh…so it's that kind of place….." she said.

Hiyori slowly stepped inside and led Patricia through the dark and foggy store to a rack of manga in the back behind new arrivals. "It should be here…." she said, rummaging through the dusty old mangas. At last, she found what she was looking for. She held up to Patricia an old style drawn manga of two women on the front cover in catholic school uniforms holding hands and staring into each others eyes as their hair swished in the breeze.

"What is this?" Patricia asked, looking it over and turning it around.

"One of the boys dropped it while running out of the store when he thought someone saw him. He was just being paranoid." she said. Her eyes glazed over the manga thoughtfully. "I'm not sure why…but I felt like I had to have this…."

"You actually bought this?" Patricia asked, "That's pretty gutsy for a small girl." She could imagine a small girl with black hair falling over her temples, keeping her forehead bare. Her little glasses on her face being adjusted to see what she was holding.

"Actually, I…" Hiyori sighed. "…I stole it."

This time, it was Patricia's turn to look dumbfounded. "You….stole it? You really stole it?"

She nodded, rubbing the back of her head and putting the manga back on the rack. "Sure did…..pretty weird, huh…heh heh….Yeah I sure did."

Patricia picked it up from the rack and looked it over again. "Soo….why this one?" she asked, still feeling a little unanswered. "Why did this manga make you want to start drawing." She opened it up to a random page in the middle and immediately her face went red, which as hard to see in the dark light, but because she was so fair skinned it wasn't hard for Hiyori to notice. "…I didn't know you could do that."

Hiyori snatched it away from her and tossed it back on the shelf. "Now you know." she said. "That day, I went from a pure little girl to a weird pervert."

Patricia smiled and cocked her head. "Yeah, but….I think I like the weird pervert you turned out to be."

"What?" Hiyori asked. "Patty-chan, don't say stupid things like that. I'm showing an important stage of my life here….I don't even know why I am in the first place…."

"Hey, I'm serious." Patricia said, "I wouldn't have my Hiyori any other way."

"Are you…are you really serious?" Hiyori asked.

She nodded with a smile. "Mhm! Pervert Hiyori is my favorite. If it wasn't for you, I'd be stuck watching Yutaka and Minami fond over each other everyday without someone like you to really make it memorable."

"Ugh.." Hiyori sighed, walking towards the door of the shop. "Now you're just making fun of me."

"No, I'm not, really I'm not." Patricia said, walking behind her.

Hiyori sighed again. "Man…I feel kinda weird now…I thought telling someone might make me feel a little better, but now I'm just more tired." She said, rubbing her neck. What she said was true, in a way. She felt her dirty mind had gotten a little out of control lately, and maybe talking to someone about why might have helped. Now, she just felt embarrassed, like she said something she couldn't take back.

Hiyori pushed the door open and was greeted by the early evening sun and the noise of the moving crowd. Patricia put a hand on Hiyori's shoulder and gently tugged her her back before reaching the street. "Hang on, wait a sec." she said.

Hiyori stopped and turned around. She hadn't planned on listening to another word, but the sincerity in Patricia's voice caused her to change her mind. She turned around, but stared at the ground while folding her hands in front of her. "…What is it?…"

"I really do like you the way you are." Patricia said. "If I had my way, I'd draw ecchi manga too, but I really suck at drawing…haha.." she nervously laughed. "…My point is, you're my best friend, Hiyori. I don't hate you because of they way you are, I love you for the way you are. Sometimes I think that if I had met you sooner…you know? I never got along so well with anyone before….."

Hiyori looked up to see Patricia's face a little red and her eyes started to just tear up. Her face was flush with hesitation and embarrassment. "…..I-I um,….I didn't have many friends back home….Most people thought I was a weird for liking anime and stuff…"

Hiyori slowly brought her hands up and wrapped her arms around the taller girls waist. She broke away after a second and said, "Thanks, Patty-chan… I feel the same way about you too. I've never had a friend like you either."

Patricia smiled and wiped her eyes. "Yeah, well I guess we were meant for each other, huh?…hahahahaha…" she laughed.

Hiyori just stared at Patricia's smiling face as she giggled to herself. Her eyes behind her glasses had grown bigger that those words. Her cheeks held onto a very pink tint and her mouth hung open just a tiny bit as she stared at her friend in surprise by the words she said. "…meant for each other…"


It was a good idea. Everyone thought so, but Kagami felt most strongly about the whole thing. The concept of Konata and Misao getting into a bet over their skills in gaming had surprised her a little, considering Misao was never particularly good, but not too surprising. It was a little hard to put something passed Misao in certain situations. Kagami reasoned, as was correct in assuming, that Konata had annoyed the track star. Misao felt her competitive spirit being challenged and decided to throw down her cards. She knew she didn't even have to ask how it happened. Sometimes, you know your friends so well that nothing seems impossible.

All this thinking made Kagami's head hurt, and she rubbed her temples with her thumbs as she sat on the floor leaning against her bed. "Ow…ow…" she moaned, feeling a migraine growing.

Miyuki and Tsukasa both turned to her while cleaning the mess of tangerine peels off the floor where they were sitting. "You ok, sis?" Tsukasa asked, "Want me to get you anything?"

Kagami shook her head, but then decided against her first decision. "Actually Tsukasa, can you get me my medicine from the fridge door downstairs? It's in a white bottle next to the strawberry jam."

"Um…sure, sis." Tsukasa said, wondering what it was she was talking about while slowly getting up to her feet. She left the room and closed the door behind her.

Konata was laying on her stomach with a light novel in her hands, and turned to look at the back of Kagami's head. "Headache?" she asked, "I bet you were thinking too hard that one of your brain cells just popped."

"Konata-san, brain cells don't pop…or any cell for that matter." Miyuki said, rubbing her cheek with a finger, taken back by such an odd statement. "Pardon me for asking, but why do you think brain cells can pop, Konata-san?"

Konata rolled on her back and sat up after setting the book down on the bed. "I know they don't actually pop, silly Miyuki. I just saw an anime once where that happened."

Misao turned around from her game on the TV with a puzzled look on her face. "What anime was that?" she asked, "You watch the weirdest stuff."

"I dunno…" Konata mused. "…I just watch so many that sometimes you see a weird show that like that once in a while."

"You really have too much time on you hands." Kagami said right before grabbing her head and bending down. "..ow..ow…..owwww…..damn this hurts." she sighed heavily before leaning back against her bed. The three other girls in the room stopped what they were doing to look at her.

Konata swung her legs over the bed and put a hand on Kagami's shoulder. "Hey, are you ok? You're scaring me." she said. Kagami just groaned while nodding, but soon after grabbed Konata's hand, squeezing hard. That took Konata by surprise, her face scared and concerned asshe squeezed back in an effort to provide some sort of alleviation from the poor girl's pain. Miyuki looked very concerned and she grabbed her book. Anxiously, she started rummaging through her things. Kagami's face was contorted and tears started running down her face as she tried to bear the pain.

Misao, panicked and surprised by the sudden change, got up and dashed out of the room right after saying, "I'll help Tsukasa find your medicine."

"OW…." Kagami groaned, covering her eyes with one hand.

"Oh my god…" Konata looked her over, eyes wide, "Do you want me to call an ambulance?"

She shook her head profusely. "No, no it should go away in a minute…." she was barely able to say through clenched teeth.

Downstairs, Tsukasa had ran through the kitchen and pulled the door to the refrigerator open as hard as she could. Her breathing was labored as she panted while running a hand over the little bottles in the fridge door. Matsuri was no doubt startled by the sudden commotion in the kitchen, and she got up to see what the fuss was all about. Misao came baring downstairs with lightning speed. Because she was wearing socks, she slid across the kitchen floor and slammed into the sink counter.

Tsukasa looked up from the fridge with a bottle in her hand and asked, "Misa-chan! Are you alright?!"

"Fine!" Misao shouted, one hand holding herself up, the other holding her side. "I'm fine! Go give Kagami her medicine!"

Tsukasa ran passes Matsuri, nearly knocking her on her behind, and back up the stairs. She walked up to Misao in the kitchen and held out a hand. "You hit that sink pretty hard there." she said, sniffling still.

Misao gratefully accepted the help up and slowly breathed out while standing up. "Thanks.." she said, "…I got the wind knocked out of me."

"That looked like it hurt." Matsuri said, rubbing her chin. "What's going on this time? Kagami having a migraine again?"

She nodded. "It hit her out of nowhere and she started crying."

Matsuri sighed. "Yeah….she's been having ear aches that give her headaches." she said, sounding sympathetic. "I'm glad I just have a runny nose and sore throat. Kagami has the bad symptoms."

Misao looked up at the stairs and cringed. "Ouch…"

"Come on." Matsuri said, moving towards the stairs. "Lets go check on her."

When Tsukasa burst into the room, she saw Kagami with her head in Konata's lap, crying, as she pulled and grabbed at the blue haired girl's skirt. Miyuki pulled out a bottle of aspirin as Tsuakasa squatted down in front of Kagami, trying to open the bottle. She filled the cap halfway with the silvery liquid and Kagami very enthusiastically drank the funny smelly medicine like a shot down the hatch.

"Thanks, Tsukasa.." she said, burying her face in Konata's lap again, grabbing at her skirt.

Konata, still holding Kagami's hand, had become overcome with fear for Kagami. The sweat building up, the heavy breathing, the clenching at her clothes, the unusually close contact, the desperation in her actions were nearly killing Konata's nerves. She felt like crying as she squeezed back, feeling guilty and useless for being unable to do anymore. Tsukasa and Miyuki both rubbed a hand on her back while she desperately tried to control her breathing and fight the pain with admiration and strength.

Misao and Matsuri both came upstairs to see the ordeal. They all huddled around her and each one of them told the poor girl that they were there for her. Tsukasa started to cry as she watched her sister suffer, and Matsuri politely asked Miyuki to take her out into the hall.

Miyuki got up and guided Tsukasa with one hand out the door and into the hallway. Once outside, Tsukasa wrapped her arms around the taller girl's waist and burred her face in her chest. In any other situation, Miyuki would have reacted differently, but for now she just rubbed Tsukasa's back and patted her on the head behind her headband.

"I should have stayed home…" she cried, "…I should have taken care of onee-chan…"

Miyuki hugged her back. "It's alright." she tried to comfort her, but her choice of words might not have been the most well thought out, especially for someone of her intellect. "There wasn't much you could have done if you had stayed." she said. "Kagami is a strong girl. She'll be alright soon." Tsukasa just let the tears come as her hands moved in opposite directions up and down Miyuki's back, nearly tangling with her hair. Miyuki couldn't help but feel worried, now that she too was outside of the room and unable to see what was happening inside. Tsukasa started to calm down a bit as she nuzzled herself into Miyuki's bosom while having her back rubbed and her hair stroked. Her eyes opened and she took in a deep breath.

Misao put a hand nervously on Kagami's shoulder, but her actions seemed to have no positive affect on the suffering twin tailed Kagami. Her face was still contorted. Konata felt even more uncomfortable now that her skirt seemed to be sliding about half an inch down her hips as Kagami pulled on it. Her hand started to hurt as Kagami's grip took its toll.

A feeling of guilt started to overtake Misao. Earlier that day, she had felt a little angry at Kagami for spending less time with her, and now all she wanted to do was help in any way she could. She stared at the two girls holding onto each other, one crying desperately, the other looking helpless and panicked. She slowly got up and left the room with tears in her eyes and closed the door behind her.

In the hallway, she saw Miyuki comforting Tsukasa the best she could, and turned away to avoid eye contact. She felt her shoulders heave up and down as her eyes watered up. On top of the guilt, a sense of helpless had compounded her anger towards herself and she sobbed. Although she hoped no one would notice, someone behind her did. She felt two arms wrap around her waist from behind, and she arched her back to see Tsukasa squeezing her and looking up at her pleadingly. Misao pushed herself away a little bit to loosen her grip enough around her waist to face her and return the hug. This time, Misao sobbed into her shoulder. Miyuki walked up and began to run a hand up and down her back.

Inside the room, Matsuri had forced Kagami to take a pill as well, and in almost half a minute, Kagami's breathing seemed to slow down. Her crying stopped, her grip on Konata's hand and skirt relaxed, and she sighed very deeply while turning her head on Konata's thigh facing her sister, never letting go of the hand she was holding.

"You alright?" Matsuri asked, putting a hand on her forehead. "Do you know where you are?"

Kagami's eyes slowly opened to see the light brown eyes and short light brown hair of her older sister. "Ma-…Matsuri?" she asked in a hoarse whisper, eyes half open and face flushed.

She nodded and put a hand on her head while sighing with relief. "You really scared us there…." she said. "….is there any pain left?"

Kagami's tone sounded exhausted and childish like sleepy and tired out toddler. "I'm tired…" she said, burying her face in Konata's thigh, then facing her sister again. "…I'm thirsty…" Konata, relieved and now starting to relax, grabbed one of Kagami's twin tails very gently and started running her hands through them.

Matsuri stood up and walked out of the room. Tsukasa was still hugging Misao and Miyuki was still rubbing her back. "Hey, she's ok you guys." she said, trying to get their attention. They all turned to look at her with hopeful expressions. Tsukasa and Misao broke their embrace and the three of them went back into the room.

Inside, Kagami was very groggily sitting on the floor with her head in Konata's lap like before, but she looked as if she had been awake for days. Her forehead was damp and her eyes were red from crying. Konata didn't look much better. Her eyes were still slightly trailing tears as she gazed down at Kagami while stroking her hair. Their hands will still linked together loosely next to Kagami's head.

"Sis!" Tsukasa sat on her knees and hugged her sister. "Thank goodness you're ok." Her sister didn't respond. Instead, Kagami's eyes started to close and she drifted off while lazily snuggling her cheek higher up Konata's thigh. Misao and Miyuki both stood over the rest of them, nervously fidgeting with their hands. Matsuri came back with a glass of orange juice but noticed Kagami had fallen asleep, so she set the glass down on the desk beside the bed.

"It looks like Kagami needs her sleep." Matsuri said. "If you all don't mind, I think Kagami should be alone right now. I probably should have asked mom or dad at work before letting you visit." All the girls agreed. In the back of their minds, they all thought in hindsight that visiting Kagami should have for another day.

Konata tried to get up, but Kagami's hand closed tighter around hers and she adjusted herself to a more comfortable position on the otaku's thigh. Matsuri and Misao picked Kagami up and set her down on her bed while she mumbled something in her sleep. They all left the room silently and gathered in to living room downstairs.

"Sorry to kick you all out like this." Matsuri said to everyone except for Tsukasa, who was standing next to her with a solemn look. "I'll have Tsukasa let you know when it's alright for Kagami to have visitors."

They all nodded and put their shoes on, book bags in hand, and waved goodbye to the two sisters at the door. In a cloud of emotion, the three of them trudged down the street together. Misao and Miyuki exchanged knowing looks.

"That was scary, huh." Misao said.

Miyuki nodded, eyes downcast. "Yes, it sure was." she sighed.

"I hope Kagami gets over this soon." Misao said. "I feel really bad for her."

"I feel the same way." Miyuki said. "I had no idea colds could be so stifling."

"What…uh, what do you think was in that bottle?" Misao asked, "It seemed to do the trick."

"Um….. some sort of narcotic derivative, such as codeine…maybe." Miyuki said, gripping her bag with both hands. "….at least…that's the only I can think of that would take affect like that."

Misao sighed. "Well, whatever it was, I'm glad it was there." she turned around, "Right, Konata?" No one was behind them. Somehow, the short blue haired girl had disappeared. "….Konata?"


A funny noise. That was all Sojiro could describe it. Somehow it was familiar, like the fleeting image of a young childhood memory, yet so intimately familiar and close to recollection that he couldn't help but feel perplexed. As he sat up straight in his chair from his computer downstairs, he gazed up at the ceiling where he thought the noise had come from. The noise seemed to have disappeared just as fast it had entered his ears, and he leaned back slowly in his chair as he considered the possibility he might be hearing things. He considered more sleep a good idea for tonight.

Upstairs, two youths had become enraptured with their first intimate experience. Their first kiss had led to a second, and a second to a third. That third kiss led to an almost desperate passion to be unified somehow together as one in a glowing field of ecstasy.

Yutaka had crawled out from under the kotasu and sat up next to Minami with her feet still under the furniture. Minami sat turned the other way leaning against the table. Their hands shook, and their eyes felt heavy with a lack of cognition as they looked each other over, each experiencing a slight dampness around their faces from immense invisible heat. Yutaka's big round eyes looked up at Minami with such pleading that Minami thought she might not be able to control herself anymore than she already had. Her light blue eyes, half closed, danced vibrantly behind her mint green bangs as the distance between them closed again.

Their moist warm lips met yet again, but this time, did not separate. At first, the kiss felt like blissful unity, but now it didn't feel as if it satisfied either of them. Instinctually, something within themselves prompted both of them to part their lips just a tiny bit, and their tongues touched the tips of each other, causing an electric stunning shock to pulse between them.

Their eyes closed even more, and unable to control her voice any longer, Yutaka let out a small yet rapturous moan of satisfaction.

That moan was, in a mild way, Pandora's box.

Yutaka's vocal expression of pleasure cause Minami to invade the smaller girl's mouth more, pushing her tongue back with her own. This time, it was her turn to moan, but her sound of pleasure was quieter and deeper. Yutaka could feel it more than hear it. At last, when the air in their lungs screamed for release, they broke their contact and gasped for a few seconds.

Lost in another part of their minds, their hands wrapped around each other. Minami could feel herself stretch her leg out across the floor just as much as Yutaka could feel herself gently settle her body over Minami's thigh with her knees straddling either side. Neither of them consciously made the movements or even knew they had, but that didn't matter. In that moment, nothing mattered more than how the other was feeling. Nothing at all.

Again, they closed their distance. Again, they become enraptured in their movements. What was different this time, however, was the almost involuntary slight hip motion back and forth.

Not passionate or fierce, but tender and gentle. Slowly, very slowly and very gingerly, Yutaka rocked back and forth on Minami's leg. Her breathing became more labored as the seconds passed, and a new and much more expounding and profound feeling of heat started to grow from the inner core of her body.

Minami could feel Yutaka moving against her and the smaller girl's knee gently applying pressure between her legs. This new sensation made her cringe. Something inside her fought what was happening, and something else inside of her fought what was fighting this from happening. She wanted more than anything to ride it out to the end. Whatever that end was didn't matter. As of this moment, she couldn't, nor did she want to stop for whatever reason. Not even a natural disaster could rob her of the experience she was currently undergoing as each second passed.

Suddenly, without warning, and completely casting aside all sense of harmony, Yutaka broke their kiss and wrapped her arms around the taller girls neck as tight as she could. Her eyes closed as tight as they could and she let out a quiet squeal as she held her breath. The heat had exploded from within herself like a bomb. Her body felt tense and tight one moment, then trembling uncontrollably the next.

Minami's eyes shot open wide as her head reeled back as the ceiling come into view. Her arms gripped the girl tight around the waist and she felt her back arch up as she gasp for air. Something just snapped inside of her like a chain that had been holding something down for eternity, and now the powerful force that had just been released was being diffused throughout her body.

Almost in the same instant, an even more sudden sense of relaxation and sleepiness overtook the two girls. Yutaka slumped back on the floor and Minami leaned back against the table with her head resting on the surface. They both felt like they were about to fall asleep right before blinking a few times and slowly sitting up.

They looked at each other, confused, but overcome with a glow of calmness and serenity that faded over themselves like light. One thing they both did understand was a love had been awakened between them. They felt liberated and changed somehow, and overcome with the urge to wrap their arms around one another.

They did just that, each breathing heavily with closed eyes as their embrace calmed their nerves.

A sense of reality and perspective caught Minami by surprise, her mind sharpened enough to feel her other senses about her. There were only two things that seemed to be out of place. A wet sensation on her thigh and a wet sensation between her legs that wasn't there before.

Very gently, she pushed Yutaka back to look down, and what she saw confused her. For a brief moment she just blankly stared at herself until the reality of it all hit her like a metal pipe to the side of the head.

With wide eyes, she looked at Yutaka and squirmed. The smaller of the two was confused, but realized as the coolness of the air made everything clear for her. Yutaka too shared that same expression and felt the embaressment of her actions and physical state come together.

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