Shego held on tightly. Her arms were wrapped around a small body and her eyes were clamped shut. Her head spun as she struggled to think through her pain. People said that pain helped you think clearer. Shego wanted to blast the person who said that. As she saw it, she had two options.

One, continue with the plan. Drakken was inside and was slowly making his way out onto the balcony where Shego was. Once he opened the door, he would pull the trigger.

Two, save a life. She could do it. Maybe. She was Shego! Of course she could find a way. But would she?

She felt the arms around here tighten. In response Shego opened her eyes.

'What am I going to do?'

Kim's eyes widened. As did Shego's once she realized she had spoken out loud.

"Shego..." The redhead started but was unable to finish. The door opened. A man with pale blue skin stepped through and raised a gun. He held eye contact with Shego, Kim being oblivious to the fact. Her back faced Drakken. If he shot her, she would never see her own death.

'Her death.' Shego thought with grief. As her faced contorted in pain, Kim's changed into confusion.

Before she could ask, Shego looked down towards the teen hero. Her eyes were full of pain. The sight made Kim gasp. Never before had she seen pain in the emerald eyes that were usually full of confidence and fire.

Then she turned back to Drakken. "I'm sorry."

The fallen hero's back was pressed, almost painfully, against the stone railing of the balcony. Beyond that balcony was an endless waterfall surrounded by snow covered mountains. Adjusting her grip on Kim, Shego took a deep breath and fell backwards, taking Kim with her. As soon as she went over, Shego heard the sound of the gun going off. A nanosecond later, she felt the bullet as it scraped her calf. The next thing she heard was the screams of her princess.

"Kim!" Somehow, Kim had fallen out of her reach. Desperately, Shego attempted to reach her.

"Shego!" Kim's voice was full of fear and panic. The sound caused Shego's heart to constrict painfully.

"I've got you princess. Hold on!" Shego clenched her fists and laid her arms flat against her sides. She then ignited her plasma full blast. The sudden burst of energy sent her towards Kim. The villainess could've cried with joy as she once more grasped Kim.

"I've got you Princess."

Kim buried her head on Shego's chest. "I know Shego. I know."

"I'll get us to safety I promise." In the back of her mind, she prayed that Kim would forgive her for lying. Shego doubted she would be able to save them. The water had to be close now. They had been falling for a while.

Kim only nodded. Shego moved one of her hands and cupped Kim's cheek. "I love you."

Kim smiled sadly. A tear fell from her eye. "I love you too."

Shego leaned in to kiss the girl who had changed her so much in such a short amount of time. Instead, she closed her eyes and buried her face on the fiery hair that she had always loved. It was the best thing about Kim. Her hair was the first thing you saw.

When it came, it wasn't as bad as Shego would've thought. The water was hard and frighteningly cold. But, as long as she had Kim, she was willing to die.

However, that wasn't the plan. A sudden current hit the couple and they were wretched away from each other. Bubbles flew from Shego's mouth as she screamed for Kim. She reached out desperately. Water flew though her fingers as they missed Kim. A few feet away, Shego could see Kim reach for her too. A new current hit her. She spun and soon, she could no longer she Kim. Before she had a change time scream at the loss, Shego felt herself being thrown by the water until she hit a rock. Unable to fight, for the loss of Kim crippled her, the black, empty, abyss of unconsciousness took her.

Three weeks earlier

Shego entered her luxurious apartment. She walked through the door shutting it behind her. In her hands was the usual mail. Bills, letters from the Wegos, the usual coupons from various food joints, some she kept, and one letter had "Urgent" in bold red letters. Curiously, Shego separated the mysterious letter from the rest, leaving them on her kitchen counter. She turned the letter in her hand, looking for a name, an address, anything! The only thing she saw was the red letters. Just as she was about to open it, her machine beeped. She set the letter down and played her message.

"Shego, this is Betty Director."

Shego smiled. 'Good old Bets.'

"It's almost been a year since the Lowardian invasion. To celebrate, Global Justice will be throwing a gala." She smirked as she heard Betty take a breath. "I don't expect to see you there. I am only making this call as a... favor to one of my agents."

Shego briefly wondered who the agent was. Who would want her at a celebration?

"The gala is in two nights. It starts at 7 pm, the convention center in Upperton. If you are going, behave. If you have any questions, call me back here. And no, I will not tell you who asked that I make this call. Goodbye Shego, maybe I'll see you soon."

The machine clicked off. Shego was surprised. "Well, what do ya know? A gala. Huh."

Kim breathed in deeply. For once, she had some time to herself. All her papers were done, there were no missions from GJ, her parents wouldn't be calling for they were away on vacation, and Ron was in Japan. For a moment, Kim stood frozen. She had no idea what to do. At the moment, she was waiting. Waiting to hear back from Dr. Director. Would Shego go? Why did she ask Dr. Director to call Shego? Kim sighed. This year had been boring; saving the world wise. Without Shego, there was no challenge. Sure her old enemies would try again and again to take over the world, but without Shego and with the backup of GJ, Kim was unstoppable. For a whole year, Kim had craved for a decent fight. One that involved someone at her level and the heat of green fire.

It never came.

Instead, she had to deal with lower challenges. Often, Kim wondered where the green thief was. Obviously she was no longer a thief, right? Well, she certainly wasn't with Drakken. He was a scientist still, just more on the plant life side. He no longer had a sidekick or evil lairs. He started his own company of plant fertilizer. Dominating the world held no merit for him anymore. Back to Shego.

Why did Kim think of her so often?

She shook her head to free herself from thoughts of her old arch rival. She had some shopping to do and Monique was waiting for her. After summer, Monique went to a design school that was in Go city. Currently she was top of her class and working at a club banana near her school. The two friends always made time for each other. When they were together, it was just like being in high school. They would shop at the mall and gorge themselves with unhealthy mall food. Today would be different. Today, Kim had a mission. She needed to look good. She needed to impress.

She heard the whispers around her as she walked through the halls of GJ. People seemed to think that she was to eventually take Dr. Director's place as the head of GJ. The idea had terrified Kim, at first. But as she thought more of it, Kim realized that there was really nothing else she would do with her life. Saving the world was her life. This was who she was. She would never change. So the gala was important. She needed to show people that she could handle this. Kim would be the next head of GJ. Now would be the time to show that she wasn't afraid.

Kim looked at her watch. It was time to meet Monique at the mall. She smiled. She had missed her friend. She seemed to be missing things lately.