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"You must stop this game, Shaylynn." Sebastian pleaded as Shego made her way out of her bed. She chose to ignore her lifelong friend and made her way out of the room. The butler stubbornly followed her. "You cannot continue to fight this man by making your own rules! Miss Possible's life is at stake. Maybe even your own life. Can't you see that?"

Shego growled in frustration. "Of course I can!" She turned and faced the old man. "I'd risk my life for hers. I'd willingly die just so she could get away. That's why there's a chance that whatever I plan will work. It has to."

The man's eyes widened in shock. "Is that how the game will end? Your life for hers? What makes you think you will win if you are not alive to see it through?"

"My death will give her time. She's Kim Possible. She can do anything. That includes saving the day and her life, and winning this damn game."

Old brown eyes misted as Sebastian continued his plea. "You don't have to die, Shay. You cannot let it come to that."

Shoulders sagging, Shego looked away from her friend. "If it comes down to my life or hers, I'll gladly give mine." She looked up and directly into Sebastian's eyes. "You have to get that in your head."

Without another word, Shego turned and left Sebastian behind. She spent the majority of the day in her gym that was set up in the basement. It was high tech and extremely spacious. She worked her way to a sweat, even though her body screamed out for her to stop. But she refused. She needed to train. She needed to be able to protect Kim.

"If you pass out, you won't get much done you know." Jade said as she walked into the gym. She had on shorts and a sports bra. She walked by Shego and made her way to the treadmill. "Shut up." Shego huffed as she lifted more weights. Jade only rolled her eyes. "Look, I don't know what your plan is but I know that when you need help, I will be there." Jade let her words fade before continuing. "I'm just not sure if Kim should." Shego ignored her and continued her workout.

Jade went on talking. "You're right. Training builds up strength. But you need to rest. You took a lot of blows. Even I got worried there for a minute."

Shego slowed down as she remembered the night she was horribly ambushed. She had made her way back to the hideout she had last met Drakken. He was too dumb to move anyway. But maybe not, because he had been waiting. Her brothers were no longer there. Only synthdrones that could fight and repel her powers. It was an embarrassing loss and only made Shego angry. The attack also had her feeling…vulnerable. But she chose to repress that, instead she focused on her anger. Her anger fueled her as she continued her workout. Jade noticed but didn't say anything.

"Anyway. I came here to talk about your date with little Kimmie. What exactly were you thinking?"

"It makes it seem like I'm going through with Drakken's dumb ass plan. It also allows me to keep an eye on her." Shego huffed.

"Yeah…but a date?"

Shego shrugged as much as she could while running. "It's what she wants."

"Just what she wants?"

Pressing on the machine, Shego hopped off the treadmill and grabbed a towel. She avoided answering some more as she went to grab a bottle of water. Her actions only made Jade smirk. "I'm not hearing an answer!" She teased.

Shego growled. "Don't be annoying."

"Don't be a bitch."

The thief sighed and ran a hand through her hair. Would it be bad if she admitted that she really wanted this date? Would Jade laugh if she told her friend that her heart nearly burst with happiness and shock when Kim had requested their time would be a date? "I want Kimmie." She said in a whisper. "We both know that. I have to keep her safe. That's all that matters to me."

Jade walked over to her friend and put an arm around her. "I know. And I promise you, we will keep her safe."

Shego nodded then Jade asked the one question that had been in her mind since Shego was attacked. "Why don't you tell her about all of this? She should be able to help, right? She is a little teen hero isn't she?"

The green hued woman's fists clenched, a look of determination came onto her face. "I am going to protect her. No matter what. That blue bastard will never lay a hand on her." She then looked at her friend in a look that Jade had never seen. It was… desperate. "If I tell her the truth, the whole truth, about this horrible plot that I went along with, I'll lose her. She'll never look at me with kindness, only hate. She would never give me the chance to be with her that I now have. I can't lose that Jade. I can't lose her."

Jade only took Shego completely into her arms and stroked raven hair. "I know, Shay, I know. No matter how this plays out, I'll help you protect her." She then pushed Shego away to look in her eyes. "We will stop this blue bastard."

The two girls smiled and began to make plans against the big blue dolt.

"Girl. I cannot believe you. You work fast." Kim giggled at her friend. "Like for real Kim! You go over there to demand answers and you get a date! Why can't I find me some handsome man?"

Kim rolled her eyes at her friend's self-pity. Although, on the inside, Kim was ecstatic. She had a date! With Shego! She felt like her heart was going to explode. And due to her hero days, Kim knew what an explosion was like. "Yeah. I'm pretty happy about it too."

Monique gave her a look. Again, Kim rolled her eyes. "Alright! I'm soooo happy. I really like her Mo!

The African girl laughed. "You don't have to tell me. I can see it in your eyes, girl. Speaking of, when is your date? What are you doing?"

"We're going to a ball."


"Heh, yeah. And it's in a few days, four I think."

"You are so lucky we're at the mall, you need a dress girl!"

And so, the friends spent almost the next two hours shopping for the 'perfect' dress. The day was amusing because Monique had plenty of questions about Shego. Kim only gave out so little. She was not sure how Shego would feel if she was talking about her. Monique also tried to find out more about Jade, which amused Kim even more. After finding the dress, Kim felt like walking on air. She hoped Shego liked it too. The friends then parted ways, Monique going to work and Kim off to a mission.

"What's the sitch Wade?"

The boy looked slightly confused. "There's a message for you from an unknown. They say that they want to meet with you, only you. Uhm," he pressed on his keyboard. "They also say that they have 'important information on Shay'. Do you know a 'Shay'?

The message instantly grabbed Kim's attention, which Wade noticed. "Should I read the rest of the message?"


Wade was a little taken back but went on. "Okay, they say to meet in an hour by the old bridge." Kim was about to take off when Wade stopped her. "Are you sure you want to go? I could contact GJ for some back up."

"Wade, it's fine. I think I know who it is. If I need help, I'll call. Okay?"

The computer master still seemed unsure, but he trusted Kim. "Alright. Keep me posted."

Kim nodded. "Will do!"

Kim disconnected the call and immediately went out to her car. The bride mentioned was about 45 minutes away. Her thoughts were racing. Was it really Jade? What happened with Shego? Was she alright? She hoped nothing had happened. When she arrived, Kim saw that she still had about 10 minutes. So she figured walking around would pass that time. It was 15 minutes before someone called her name.


The red head turned in shock. How had someone snuck up on her? She then heard laughter. "Relax 'Pumpkin'. It's just me."


"Yes me. Look," She frowned. "Shay doesn't know I'm here and she can't." She went on before Kim could say anything. "Don't go to the ball. There's nothing good for you there."


"Don't go. How can I say it any simpler? Are you stupid or something? Don't go on your date! There's no purpose to it."

Kim grew suspicious. "Why don't you want me to go?"

Jade glared at her. "You're going to screw things up. Shay can't be distracted that night. You won't help her by being there."

"Why do you hate me? How would I mess things up for her? What are you even talking about?"

"Don't worry about it. Just don't be there. Call her and cancel."

Shego's friend looked dangerous. She was angry and Kim could see that anger radiating from her. For one second, Kim considered doing as the girl before her said. But only for a second. The only way Kim would cancel would be if Shego told her to her face. "No. If Shego doesn't want me there, she should be the one to tell me. And I have a feeling that the only one who doesn't want me there is, you."

Unbelievably Jade began to laugh. "Oh, you stupid bitch. I may not like you but I'm trying to help. Really. There are plans that night that are going down. Shego doesn't need to be distracted."

"Why do you keep saying that! What happens at a ball that's so important that Shego can't be distracted!"

"Don't yell at me Miss Priss! You know what, screw it! Talking obviously won't get through your head." Jade went over to Kim just like an animal stalked towards its unsuspecting prey. "Look, if I see you there," Her voice low and threatening. "I'll beat your ass. And you should know, when we spar, I manage to beat Shay's ass. I'm better than her, and I'm better than you." In Jade's mind she corrected herself. Obviously, Shego was the stronger one but Kim didn't need to know that. Then, to anger Kim some more, Jade reached out and petted the girl's head and smiled. "Now, go be a good little Kimmie and run along home."

Kim was infuriated. What the hell was this girl's problem!? Before she could yell some more, and maybe throw a punch, Jade had already left her. So, to no one in particular, Kim threw her hands up and yelled, "What the hell!"

Shego felt ridiculous. She was in her room, pacing. In her hand was her phone. Not a cell phone, her home phone. She was nervous. "Nervous? Me? No. I'm just pacing for no reason." She nervously blabbered to herself. "All I have to do is call her and give her details about our… the date." As she still remained nervous, she growled. "What the hell is wrong with me?"

Finally fed up with herself, Shego stopped her pacing and dialed Kim's number.


"Kim…It's me."

On the other side of the line, Kim had a moment of panic as she thought of Jade's words. Was Shego going to cancel? "Hey…"

"Hey. I just wanted to call and give you details about the ball."

Relief washed through Kim. "The ball is in four days. But it won't be in Go City."

"Why not?" Kim asked. She couldn't help but smile a little when she heard Shego laugh.

"These rich bastards want to show how rich they are by making the ball as elite and exclusive as possible. But anyway, this year it's up in the Alps. To make things easier, I want to leave two days before. We'll hop in my jet and I can get us there in no time. That way you can explore the mountains and I can catch up with some people."

Kim pouted as she held onto her phone. She hoped that her and Shego would spend time together. Oh well, at least she had the date to look forward to. She would see Shego in a dress, sexy as usual. Her hair would be done up most likely. And maybe they would dance. To feel Shego's arms around her was something that Kim had come to yearn for. That was also the second thing she looked forward to on this date. The first being the feel of Shego's li-.

"Princess, you there?" Her princess hadn't spoken in some time. Shego wondered if she had said something that Kim hadn't liked. Would Kim change her mind? Silently, Shego hoped that she would. If Kim wasn't there, Shego would completely ignore the ball and hunt Drakken down.

"Yeah! Sorry! I was…thinking."

Ooooooh. Shego smirked. Was little Kimmie fantasizing? "It's alright Kimmie." Shego purred. "Look, come back to my house tomorrow. Make arrangements today and we'll go from there. Okay?"

Kim nodded…then realized how stupid that was. "Yes. So, I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Of course Princess."

Shego hung up with phone with a smile. Then her thoughts came hard. Kim had agreed to go to the Alps with her. The little hero really wanted this date. All the thief wanted was to keep Kim safe. Could she do that and at the same time enjoy this opportunity to know Kim?

Despite it being early, Shego showered and went to bed. As she tossed and turned, going over and over her plans in her mind, Shego found it hard to sleep. But once her thoughts turned to the Alps, Shego found a smile. She thought of Kim, who would be beautiful of course there was no denying that. And for one night, she would be Shego's. "Mine…" Shego whispered as her smile grew.

Her last conscious thoughts were of her and Kim. They were holding each other closely. Shego and Kim were smiling as they whisked across the dance floor, dancing the night away…