She felt something wet on her face. Drops of water, she realized as she woke up more. Shego pulled herself up in a sitting position. Once she succeeded, she took in what she could. First, it was raining. Second, her legs were in a river while the rest of her sat right on the edge. Third, her dressed was torn and it was fucking cold.

"God damn mountains." Setting her hands on the ground on either side of her bottom, Shego prepared to lift herself of the ground. When she put pressure on her right leg, she nearly fell over. "Damn it."

How her leg felt, Shego suspected that her leg was broken. Well, not really. Hopefully it was only a fracture. She lightly probed her leg, she hissed in pain.

"Okay, there's pain." She moved her hand to closer examine her leg. She could see some swelling. It looked like there was some discoloration, but she couldn't tell if it was from the cold or not. She wondered what else could go wrong. She then remembered the pain in her leg she felt right before she pulled Kimmie over the edge. Moving her leg over, she located the bullet wound on the side of her leg. Thankfully there was no bullet. It was a flesh wound, a very small one. The bullet had barely touched her.

"Oh shit," Shego let go of her leg and looked around. "Princess! Kimmie!" Hearing no response, Shego began to panic, the pain in her leg becoming less and less important. "KIM!"

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck. What the hell do I do!" Seeing no other way, Shego began to drag her body farther from the water. Nearby, there was a little cave so Shego went in that direction. Maybe in the cave she could find something to make a splint with. Once there, Shego tried to look around but couldn't really do much. Dragging her body after falling over a waterfall was no easy task and quite frankly took all the strength she had. She made it to the center of the cave. Despite the lack of light, Shego could see that the cave was spacious and right across from the entrance she came through was another smaller one. Also, right in the center, next to where she decided to collapse was a small circle of stones with a few sticks in the middle. Wanting some warmth, Shego pointed a finger and lit up the sticks. As she fell asleep, she realized that when she woke she would need to go out for some more. Her last thoughts were of the throbbing of her leg.

When she woke up, she felt something on her leg. Her first instinct; it was a bug. Before she could scream and start shaking her leg, Shego braved a look. Instead of a bug, which left her feeling silly, she saw some sticks in the shape of a splint that covered her whole leg. Her mouth parted in surprise as she touched the splint. Then she looked around the cave. She saw no one; she didn't know whether she should've been disappointed or glad. She turned her attention back to the fire and noticed that there were more sticks. The sight made her worried. Who the hell is here?

She heard movement and running purely on instinct she shot a little plasma in that direction. She heard a yelp of surprise and a clatter as objects fell to the ground. "Oh great. Do you know how long it took me to find all these sticks?"

Shego could've giggled from shock, or maybe she was just delirious. "Kimmie?"

"Even though you made me drop all the wood, I'm glad to see you awake."

The ex-thief nearly shit her pants from relief. "Oh my god." She attempted to crawl towards Kim, who saw this and ran over, forgetting the wood. Once Kim met her, Shego gave her a crushing embrace. "I thought I lost you. I thought I was going to die, I thought you were going to die. I thought I lost you." She repeated, burying her face into Kim's neck.

The girl returned the embrace fully, but then remembered that she was angry with the green girl. She put her hands on Shego's shoulders and pushed back. "Shego." Her voice was stern. "What the hell happened?" She felt the tension of the other woman immediately. Was the woman if front of her going to shut her out? Kim reached out and out her hand on Shego's cheek. "I need to know. Please."

When a tear snaked its way down Shego's cheek, Kim let out a gasp. What had made her super strong lover cry and look so…defeated? "You'll hate me. And I'll hate me. But it's okay because I deserve it. I should've told you sooner."

"Told me what?"

"Drakken was going to kill you." It was said as a whisper, but it had been so shocking. It seemed like someone had shot a gun, breaking the silence of their little cave.


Shego moved her face away from Kim, forcing the girl to drop her hand. "Drakken had this stupid plan to kill you. Up until our little fall…" Shego took a deep breath. "I was helping him."

When it came, Shego wasn't surprised. She had been slapped before, obviously, she was a terrible person. When it came, she heard the sound. It was so clear, like a strike of lightning. It was a devastating blow, but she really couldn't blame Kim.

"How could you?" The words were spat out through pain. Kim had even moved away from Shego. Her chest was heaving and it looked like she was about to cry. When Shego didn't look at her, she asked again. "I said how could you Shego? Was this all a trap? Do you even love me? Did you ever love me? How could I fall for this, again!? How could I be so stupid?" She moved completely away from Shego and sat against the wall of the cave. She brought of knees up to her and closed herself off, shielding her from Shego. Silently, she began to cry.

Hearing the sniffles and gasps made Shego feel like dirt. No, she was worse than dirt, she was absolutely worthless. Would Kim listen if she were to explain? Was there a chance that she could ever talk to Kim again? "Kim?" she tried, only to be ignored. Shego sighed. Fuck this…she was going to explain damn it. Kim had to listen; after all, they were stuck with each other…for now.

"Kim. At first, this seemed like a fun idea that was never going to work. Drakken first contacted me about this after the gala GJ had. I had gotten this stupid letter in the mail that I hadn't opened until after I got home that night. I decided to meet with Drakken to hear him out, ya know? Retirement was getting boring, and honestly? I wanted to tangle with you again Princess. We'd get close to each other again and I thought maybe, just maybe I'd find that spark to start my heart up again. There's just something there when it comes to you." She looked at Kim to see if she had any response. Her heart hurt when she saw that Kim had not moved. The sniffles had stopped though, that was something right?

"When he told me the plan, I laughed it off immediately. Kill you? Impossible. Right off the bat, I told him I wouldn't do it. I never kill, never had. He seemed adamant about doing it himself. So I let him think that. No way was he going to do it, he's Drakken! So he told me to observe you for a while before he went through with his plan. So I made up the story about the thief. I'm sorry for lying about that. Even though it was under false pretenses, I really enjoyed our time together. Everything that happened there was real." Again, she checked for a response. None. Sighing, she continued.

"I never expected Jade to come around. I never know when she will. But once she did, I was kinda glad. Now, I had someone who could help me stop Drakken. That was the main goal I had. I couldn't let you know what Drakken had planned. I needed to keep you safe. Before I could tell Jade what was going on she took it upon herself to help me. She has known for a while how I felt about you. How could she not? I tell her everything. So, she tried to get us together. I was really happy, Kim. I had wanted you for so long. Finally, I did. But then, Drakken found out."

"What happened?"

Shego's eyes shot towards Kim. The girl was still in the same position but she actually said something. That was good, right? "He threatened me. Most precisely, he threatened the Wegos. That was when I truly became afraid of Drakken. Something snapped in him. I've never seen him so angry or so dangerous. He was actually using people against me. He gave me a choice. Save them and follow the plan, or save you and they die. I was trapped."

"That's why you stayed in your room, that's why you wouldn't talk to any of us."

"Yes. I needed to think, but I couldn't. So desperately, I wanted to save you and my brothers but I couldn't figure out how."

"The postcard, that was from Drakken." Shego nodded. "You went for them that night didn't you? You did but what happened? You got hurt."

"Drakken upgraded his damn drones and they beat the shit out of me. I had already decided that I was going to stop Drakken by then. I wanted to go in and save my brothers but Drakken knew I was coming. I failed. I had no choice but to go through with the plan. Finally, I asked Jade to help me. That was why she was coming with us. She was my backup. Drakken didn't know about her. Oh my god…"

"What is it?"

"Drakken found out about her. Last night…or is it still tonight? When I left you with Steven, Jade and I were supposed to take out Drakken, but she wasn't around so I went looking. When I found her, she was on the floor and Drakken was completely crazy. Man…she was faking being unconscious. I hope she got away. Maybe she'll stop Drakken."

Kim lowered her knees and looked Shego dead in the eyes. "That doesn't explain our little fall."

Shego was unable to hold eye contact. She felt so ashamed. Shouldn't Kim be yelling at her? "This was my final chance to change what was going to happen. It was my last chance to save you. He told me to take you out onto the balcony" There was no need to include that he told her to dance and tell Kim she loved her. She didn't want to taint those words. "Then he would come out and shoot you. But I couldn't let that happen. Believe me or not, I love you Kim. I wanted nothing more than to kill that fucking bastard. I want to kill that bastard." She calmed down before finishing her story.

"When I saw him with the gun, I couldn't believe it. My heart was going crazy, breaking to pieces and beating so fast at the same time. I did the only thing I could think of; I got you away from him. I admit we both could've died but… You know. I'm not very smart obviously." She tried to make a joke but Kim was not having any of it. She sat stoically. Saying nothing, hardly moving, Shego wondered what was going on in the girl's mind.

"The times we had together, just you and me…was that part of the plan? Was I wrong to believe that you loved me? Was I wrong in giving you the most precious thing about me?" Her voice dropped as she curled into herself again.

"Kim-"Shego didn't know what to say really. "I love you. Please don't doubt that. Everything between us was, is real. It made me all the more determined to save you. At that final moment, I chose you over my bothers. I would say 'I could've let it happen and save my brothers' but I can't. I wanted to save you. I love you." Her throat was hurting and tears welled in her eyes. She felt so much self-hate, so much pain. If Kim never wanted to see her again, she would go. If Kim wanted her to go to prison, she would go. Hell, if Kim wanted her to go to Hell, she would dig her way down. How she wanted to die right now. She didn't deserve to still be breathing. Kim was safe…that's all that mattered right now.

"I- I understand if you hate me. How could you not? Listen, I have no doubt in my mind that Drakken is either dead or arrested by now. He pissed Jade off and she's likely to respond just as I would. So right now, there's a search party probably going on. They'll find us soon and you'll never have to see me again." Shego shifted and leaned against the wall opposite of Kim. Shadows flickered over the redhead's face and Shego observed. Her princess was in deep thought…wait, scratch that. Kim was in deep thought. She lost her right to call Kim anything else. It was really a privilege she never had and most likely never will.

It was a few hours until their mutual silence was broken. Surprisingly, Kim was the one to break it. "Shego?"

"Yeah, Kim?"

"How do the rest of your brothers have powers when you were the one who was closest to the meteor?"

Shego was surprised that was what Kim asked. She was sure the girl was going to scream at her or maybe ask more about Drakken. Before she responded, something in her mind clicked. "That's what you and Sebastian talked about that morning."

Kim nodded. "Okay well, let's see. I never really understood the science behind it all, but after the blast they wouldn't let anyone near me. But at the hospital, Hego snuck in with everyone. We all hugged and talked for a while. When the guys who watched over me came in, they realized that the plasma spread to them, even the Wegos. I felt so bad; I thought that they were going to die because of me. The doctors I had kept saying that I could've died. Thankfully, we all survived with nothing but a color change and new powers. The Wegos' powers took the longest to show. For a while, all that happened to them was a change in hair color."


"Yes Kim?"

"Did you mean it earlier?"

"Mean what?" Shego asked, even though she had a pretty good idea.

"When you said you loved me…"

Shego fought against her pain, ignoring it as she tried to get to Kim. Reaching her destination, Shego hesitantly rested beside Kim, close enough to whisper, but not to touch. "Every time I said it, I meant it with my heart."

Kim nodded but didn't say a thing. It left Shego wondering what was going on in the hero's mind. Without looking at her, Kim reached her hand out and grasped Shego's.

She's doing it because she's scared. That's it. No way she has forgiven you or even wants you around. She's scared…that's all.

"I believe you, Shay- Shego. I really do. But you have to know how betrayed I feel. I don't understand why you never told me. I could've helped."

Shego tightened her grip on Kim's hand and shook her head. "You would've hated me if I told you. You never would've trusted me ever again. I couldn't live with that. I would've lost you forever." She reluctantly let go of Kim's hand. "I have lost you forever. And even though it kills me, I deserve it. I failed to keep you safe." Kim tried to interrupt but Shego wouldn't let her. "I failed. If I had succeeded, Drakken would be dead or dying and we would still be dancing the night away. The Wegos would be safe and Jade would be in that ballroom with us. Everything would be alright." She wiped at her eyes. "But it's not. I'm probably going to jail when they find us. And you? Your life will go on like always."