The next day was a tough one. Shego remained locked in her parents' room. Jade went up there every two hours banging on the door, demanding to be let in. Shego wouldn't open the door. Sebastian however, had better luck. He went in to give her breakfast, he received no conversation, and he gave her the rest of her meals the same way. Kim on the other hand was scared to go near the door. Is she like this because of our kiss? No, she can't be. She wanted it to. When Jade wasn't there or Sebastian, Kim decided to sit by the door, just in case Shego came out. When she didn't, Kim decided to just talk.

"We're all worried about you. Even though it's just been a day. Sebastian says that you haven't acted like this ever…except when your parents died. He's really worried. Jade is pissed; you can tell I'm sure." Kim chuckled weakly before getting serious again. "I'm worried too."

Inside, Shego paced the room. She heard the pleas of her fellow housemates. Her time was spent plotting and planning, but nothing came. How would she save her brothers? How would she protect Kim? Saving both seemed impossible.

The next day passed the same as the first. The third day almost did as well as the fourth. Jade was beyond pissed now; Kim and Sebastian were only more worried. The only activity that day was when a postcard came.

Sebastian picked it up and read aloud. "Hey Shego! Wes and I are doing great don't worry about us. Just remember what needs to be done. By the way, my neck is fine, so don't worry. Big Blue says that the ball is about one week from today. He'll meet you there and You Know Who MUST be there (or else). Don't ruin our night by doing something stupid. You know what will happen if you do, I sure do. See ya there Sis."

"Hmm, how nice." Sebastian said.

"What ball?"

"Hmm? Oh yes, the annual charity ball. Usually Hego is the one to attend it in honor of the Gordon's. Just one is usually all that goes. This year is Shego's turn, which is why she's here."

Kim nodded. "What's the charity for?"

"Mr. and Mrs. Gordon wanted to help teens who were homeless get an education. The money raised went into building homes where they could live while they went to school."

Then, Sebastian left to give the postcard to Shego but Kim stopped him. "May I?"

Sebastian was a bit surprised but he didn't let that show. He handed the girl the card and stepped aside, silently hoping that Kim would be able to get a reaction from Shego. With the card in her hands, Kim felt that she had a chance of seeing Shego. Spending four days locked in some room did not sound healthy. She was so worried about Shego. What about our night under the stars? Is she regretting what we did? Kim wanted some answers.

She knocked hesitantly on the door. Inside, Shego looked towards the door. "Shego?" She heard Kim's voice. It only made her look away in guilt and want to crawl into some dark, abandoned ditch. "There's a postcard for you. It's from the Wegos."

The news had Shego pulling the door open and snatching the card out of Kim's shocked hands. "You came out." Kim said in surprise. Shego ignored her as she read.

Kim became concerned when she saw sparks fly from one of the older woman's hand. "Are you alright?"

Shego looked at her. "Kim, you need to go."


Shego pushed past her and headed to the room she occupied. There, Shego began to pack Kim's things. "Shego! What's going on?! Why are you making me leave?"

"It's been a week. There's no thief. You're not needed anymore."

If the thief had used a different tone, Kim might have continued to fight. But Shego's tone had been …cold, almost frozen. She didn't even notice when Jade walked past the door. "What the hell is going on here?"

"She's leaving." Shego replied stiffly, not bothering to look at Jade. She continued to pack.

"Leaving? Why? Didn't something happen between you? Something good?"

"Stay out of it Jade, I'm warning you. For once, keep your nose out of my business."

Jade walked to Shego and put her hand on her friend's shoulder. "Talk to me Shay."

Her hand was roughly shaken off and she was ignored. That pissed Jade off. She was about to forcibly turn her friend to face her, but Shego had taken Kim's bags and was making her way downstairs. She managed to grab hold of Kim's communicator and was calling Wade now. It was only a few minutes before a helicopter was in front of the mansion.

Shego forced Kim into the copter, Kim only fought a little. She wasn't one who was good with rejection. Feeling so down, she missed Shego's look of pain and weak apology. "This is for your own good."

She was watching the helicopter fly away when Sebastian and Jade came out. "What the hell?!"

"Why is Miss Possible leaving?"

"Sebastian get me my catsuit, Jade, don't follow me."

"Now wait just a damn minute!" Jade yelled as she followed Shego back into the house. "What the hell is going on? One minute you're locked in that room, the next you're kicking out the best thing for you!"

"Jade! For once, just listen to me! I have to do this. Just trust me."

Sebastian came into the room where the two friends were fighting and handed Shego her suit. "Please try to be home before dinner. I plan on making your favorite."

Shego gave him a weak smile. "I'll be back." She then took Jade aside. "I need you to stay here just in case something happens."

Their fight was forgotten, for now. "What's going on?" Shego shook her head.

"If what I plan tonight works, I'll tell you everything, I swear." Shego pleaded her friend. As always, Jade gave in.

"Fine, but I swear if I get chewed out by Sebastian for letting you do whatever you plan, I'm going to kick your ass."

"Yeah yeah, just keep your eyes and ears open."

"I will."

"She did what?"

Kim nodded sadly. "She did. There's no use asking again. I just wish I knew why."

Monique sat with Kim as she spilled her guts. She told Monique how Shego had hired her to protect a house from a thief, who supposedly did not exist, about the time she spent with Shego, enjoying every moment, meeting Jade and her messed up scheme, about the kiss (both of them) and the day she left.

"So yesterday Shego freaks and sends you packing."

"She packed everything for me."

"Nw girl, nw." (A/N Nw=no way) "Green girl has lost her damn mind."

"No, there has to be something. Something about the postcard she got. As soon as she read it, she freaked."

"Girl, maybe you should go check on her." Kim only gave her a look. "What? Just check on her. Forget about the kiss and possible rejection for a while. Obviously this girl was bothered by something personal. She might need someone."

"She has Jade." Kim said grumpily.

"She might want you."

And that conversation was why Kim was heading back to Shego's house. This time she did not call for a ride, she didn't even let Wade know. She took her own car, straight from the mall where she had been talking with Monique. As she drove, Kim wondered if Shego would be mad at her for coming back unannounced. It only took her a second to realize she didn't care. Monique was right. She needed to figure out what was wrong with Shego. What she saw was something she could have never anticipated.

At the door, Jade was surprised to see Kim. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to see Shego. I'm worried about her."

"Well don't. She isn't good for you." She began to close the door, but Kim put her foot against it.

"Weren't you the one trying to get us together?"

Jade scoffed. "I was wrong. She's in some shit that you don't want."

"Let me in."


Kim pushed with all her might and ran passed the knocked down Jade. "Shego!" Kim called as she ran through the house. "Shego! It's Kim; I'm here to see you!"

Remembering where Shego's room was, she went there first. The door was opened slightly and Kim walked up to it. She softly pushed it open and peered inside. One the bed, Shego lay resting. Sebastian was holding her hand and stroking her face. Stepping inside, Kim could see that Shego had quite a few bandages on her arms, neck, and legs. Her soft gasp alerted Sebastian.

"Miss Possible, what are you doing here?"

Kim let her shocked body fall into the unoccupied chair that was also beside Shego's bed, presumably Jade's, who had come to the room.

"She's here uninvited and unwelcome."

"I'm here for Shego." Kim said softly, still shocked. "What happened?"

"She got the shit beat out of her, that's what happened."

"Jade." Sebastian reprimanded, which had no effect on the girl whatsoever.

"She left to somewhere after she sent you away. A few hours later she come home bloody, battered, and bruised. Since then she has been in and out of unconsciousness."

"Oh my god."

"Yeah. And something tells me that somehow, this is your fault." Jade said.

"Excuse me? How would this be my fault?"

Jade narrowed her eyes and came up to the redhead dangerously. "Shay was doing fine. I came to see her and how she was doing. The minute I get here I see that she's got this problem that's messing with her life. And that problem was you."


"What shit she's in now is worse because of you too. You should just leave. When she wakes up, I can guarantee that she won't want to see you. I can also guarantee that I won't let you anywhere near her."

Kim stood up and got into Jade's face. "Now wait just a minute! I care for her too. I never want to cause her any problems. I'm here because I wanted to see her, I needed to. I won't leave until she tells me to." With that, Kim defiantly plopped down into the seat.

Sebastian was about to, again, reprimand the ladies but a groan stopped him. "Oh my head. All this yelling is so not helping me."

"Shego!" Kim leaned up in her seat and took Shego's hand.

Said thief raised her brows at this but said nothing. "What happened? Are you okay? Is there anything I can do for you? Oh Shego, what happened?" The thief winced from the flood of questions. Should she tell Kim? She shut her eyes as she thought of the previous night.

After she had sent Kim home, Shego had run off to Drakken. She planned on breaking her brothers out. Drakken must've finally grown some brains because he had synthodrones waiting for her. Their fighting had gotten so much better because Shego got the shit beaten put of her. She didn't even see her brothers. All she saw were synthodrones with better fighting and weapons, deadly ones. She was so deep in thought that she didn't notice that both Jade and Sebastian had left. She also didn't notice that Kim had brought her other hand to cup Shego's cheek. When she did, she opened her eyes.

"Shego…" the younger woman softly pleaded. "Please tell me what happened."

Those damn olive eyes were so tempting! Shego wished she could tell Kim. But the message last night was clear. Drakken's hold on her was too strong. To save her brothers, Shego had to give up Kim. A tear fell down her cheek as she turned her face away from Kim. Kim only saw Shego shut her eyes; she didn't see the lone tear as it made its way down Shego's cheek.

Kim sighed and lowered her hand. Shego's turning away from her hurt, a lot. She felt like she wanted to cry too. "I can't tell you Kim. Besides, it's not that big of a deal. You've sent me home with a lot worse." And that was true. But it had only happened once. Both women remembered it well. It was another reason Shego couldn't stand the disgusting place called Bueno Nacho.

"Just watch, in a few days I'll be up and ready to go to a ball filled with people I hate." Her tone was joking, but both women knew it was fake.

"Jade seems to think that this is because of me. If you told me what happened, I could understand why she seems to think that."

Shego groaned mentally. Damn Jade. She sighed. "Jade is just worried about me. I left her behind yesterday and she's pissy. Don't take anything she says about this to heart."

"Okay screw her, I need to know what happened to you Shego. I… I care for you so much now."

Slowly, the redhead's fingers laced themselves with Shego's. The action caused Shego to look down at their hands. The sight made Shego want to bring their hands up and kiss Kim's lightly. "I care for you too Pumpkin. I really do, I thought I've made it obvious."

"You practically threw me out of your house."

Shego huffed indignantly. "I packed your bags and called you a ride."

Before the two could start a happy, playful argument, Shego continued to speak. Her heart broke as she put Drakken's plan in motion. "Listen," She put a hand to Kim's cheek, which the redhead leaned into. "In order to prove that I'm okay, let me take you out once I'm better."

"Take me out?"

"Yeah. There's this stupid event I have to go to-"

"The charity ball?"

"Yeah… How do you know about that?" Shego asked as she cocked her head slightly in confusion.

"Sebastian told me about it when the postcard came."

When Kim mentioned the card, Shego's demeanor changed. Her eyes hardened and her mouth turned down. "Shego, what is it?"

The thief blinked and shook her head. "Nothing. Look, do you want to come with me or not? Going with you would make it so much better." Shego added sweetly.

"Will you be okay for it?"

Again, the thief huffed. "Of course I will! I heal fast. I should be fine tomorrow. These people just think I need to be cared for like a baby!" Shego stated loudly, hoping that Jade and Sebastian could hear her.

Kim chuckled at the woman's childish antics. She was honored by the invitation. Plus, seeing that Shego was okay made her feel all the more better. "I'll go with you."

No Kimmie…change your mind! "Are you sure?"

"Of course." Kim laughed. "Why wouldn't I? Just one condition though…"

Shego frowned. "What is it?"

"I want this to be considered a date."