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**** Chicago, Illinois – Chicago Theatre, 2006 ****

Brian stood on the theatre stage watching as the cast disassembled for the night. He smiled in greeting when his agent, Ted 'Theodore' Schmidt clapped him enthusiastically on the back. He winked as he proudly boasted, "Not bad for opening night."

"Not bad?" Ted echoed, his eyes wide and filled with awe. "We had to turn them away, Brian. This play is going to be phenomenal!"

"It's early days yet... but it was definitely promising." His eyes briefly flickered around the theatre's upper and lower level watching the coming and goings – smiling as he observed how most were talking and gesturing enthusiastically with their hands. That was always a very good sign. He placed his copy of the script in his briefcase, nodding at Michael as he watched him approach. "Mikey, come here. I want some changes made before rehearsals tomorrow."

Michael's eyes widened in shock as Ted gasped from behind him. "Changes? Are you out of your mind, Bri? This was a complete success. Why mess with it?"

"Because it has to be perfect... and it wasn't. There were a couple of scenes in the second act that were stiff. I want them fixed. I have the edits in my script. I'll go over them with you at the party. Also, I don't like the colors on the set background. I'm not sure I missed that initially - but it needs to be adjusted!" He looked at his best friend intently. "You are going to be there, right?"

"Why are you asking me and not your director?"

"Because he already bailed for the party." Brian's eyes scanned the theatre, noting it was nearly vacant. "Get this done, Michael... or I swear this theatre will never see another Brian Kinney play again!"

Ted groaned. "Calm down, Brian. It's just a few little changes, right? No reason to make threats."

"And, certainly not to me..." Michael grumbled. "I'll take care of it, Brian."

Brian leaned over and kissed him square on the lips, making a loud smacking sound in the process. "I knew I could count on you."

"Right." Sarcastically, Michael asked, "Are you actually staying at this party, Brian? I wanted to introduce you to Ben."

He looked down at his watch. "I'll be there for about an hour. Then, I have specialcelebratory plans."

Ted snorted from behind him. "Bet it's a place we all know well."

"Actually, it's back at my loft, dear Theodore. If you insist I'll provide the details of tonight's entertainment to you in the morning." Brian looked at him smugly. "Perhaps I can teach you a thing or two."

"Spare me." Ted shuddered in distaste, his eyes along with Michael's pulling to the form of the elderly man slowly approaching the stage. Their eyes widened on him as the man's slow steps gradually moved him forward. Each of them thinking they should move to help him, but neither of them knowing who this strange man was... and even less his intentions.

Brian was distracted with making certain he had everything secured in his briefcase, wanting to leave now and continue on with his much deserved celebration. It was in the next defining moment, although he wouldn't realize it at the time that his entire existence had changed. A hand fell across his arm, an immediate chill and heat instantaneously beginning to course through his veins. He turned to face who he knew was a newcomer. The touch from neither Ted or Michael had ever reacted such a reaction in him. As he looked at the old man, Brian was staggered by his confusion... and yet, there was something in those eyes. Peering into them closely, he thought them to be blue... or perhaps formerly blue but darkened due to the extend of his years.

"Can I help you?" Brian asked, shaking his head in what was nothing short of bewilderment.

The eyes desperately connected to Brian's, the hand sliding down his arm to open Brian's hand. In the next instant a sparkling object of gold was placed in Brian's palm, the older hand forcing his hand closed. Brian knew he would never forget the man's whispered words for as long as he lived.

"Come back to me," the man whispered, his voice hollow and vibrating from years of a relentless pain.

Brian looked on flabbergasted as the man pulled free and made his way from the stage. He thought to follow and ask him, but he didn't know what to say... or why he should even care to say it. He remained frozen for several moments when he felt Michael nudging him in the side.

"Who was that man?" Michael asked, his eyebrows raised inquiringly.

Brian shrugged his shoulders in his oblivion. He looked down at the delicate, ornate stopwatch – one that he knew would be a priceless antiquity, at least to someone. Brian had the unshakable feeling it was to the man that had placed it there mere moments ago. "I have no idea, Mikey. I've never seen him in my entire life."

"Hmmph. Strange." Michael moved to exit the stage, turning back to look at Brian's still stunned gaze. "Well, are you coming, Brian?"

Brian shook his head as if in some self-imposed stupor. "Uhhh, yeah. Let's get this party started..."

Justin's head leaned back against the seat, an unshed tear hanging in the corner of his eye. A bittersweet smile touched his lips as he clutched the program to his chest. Finally, I see you again, my love. If I die tonight, I do so surrounded by your beauty. You still look exactly as I remember you... except that coldness was never present in your eyes.

He wouldn't give up. Justin knew Brian had felt something... as he knew Brian's inquisitive mind would need to find the reasons why. It may not be tonight, tomorrow, or even a month from now. In time, Brian would look for answers. Their only hope was for Brian to come back and change the treacherous past that had ripped them apart.

As his car pulled into The Grand Hotel, the place of decadent beauty it had all began, Justin knew he would wait for as long as his frail body allowed. Brian would come back to him. He hadto come back to him. Justin's hand clutched at his chest, a familiar pain that had only grown over the decades. It was the incessant stabbing of a broken heart. One he knew could only be mended by having his love back in his arms once more.

Where hope had been extinguished, it had miraculously been reborn tonight.


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