I am a huge Young Justice and after buying then watching the first season on DVD, I decided to write this fic. It is set toward the beginning of the series. I hope y'all like it. Also it was named after and inspired by the song " Girl on Fire " by Alicia Keys. If you haven't heard it look it up.

Diclaimer: I don't own Young Justice


Monica and John Connolly sat at their dinner table with their five year old daughter, Sabyn. She pushed away her empty plate that use to be full of hamburger helper.

"Can I have desert now?" she asked

"No; you can have celery with peanut butter" John suggested.

"But I want ice cream," the child whined, green eyes pleading.

"You had ice cream for your after school snack" Monica pointed out, taking a small sip of red wine, " And all that sugar will keep you up way pass your bedtime " she patted Sabyn's hand affectionately, " We can't have that because Mommy and Daddy have to get up early for work"

"So!" Sabyn pouted.

"No ice cream" both of her parents decided firmly.

" I WANT ICE CREAM! " Sabyn chanted, banging her fist on the table.

John and Monica dismissed it with a scoff and scowl. They would just let her have her little tantrum, knowing it would just tire her out. However, this time was different. Sabyn was hot with fury; literally. Her silky, black hair was smoking. Monica yelped, tossing her wine on the girl, the alcohol reacted with the smoke, creating a neon purple flame on top of the girl's head. She screamed, crying. John rushed to the back, turning on the ceiling sprinklers. They sprang on, dousing the kitchen in water. The flames did not go out, growing even bigger. Within in seconds Sabyn's whole body was ablaze but she did not feel the effects. Thinking quickly, Monica grabbed the table cloth and proceeded to swaddle her child. The fabric sizzled, catching on fire a well. A flame nicked Monica's arm. It spread throughout her whole body. Soon Monica Connolly was nothing but a pile of ash.

Sabyn woke up with a gasp; her sheets were soaked with sweat. She glanced at her Wonder Woman alarm clock; 5:45am

"FUCK!" she hissed under her breath, realizing she was late for work.

Well I hope you guys like it despite the shortness. Please read and review :D