Chapter 5: Walk in the Park

"I have had more trouble with myself than with any other man. "

-Dwight L. Moody


Emerald sat there tap, tap, tapping away with her pencil against her notebook. They were loud irritating thuds against her paper but she didn't give a care as she rested her head in her palm and stared at the dry erase board with a deadpan look. She stopped tapping for a moment as her Honors Physics teacher, Mrs. Hazel, continued to write on the board. She looked around at all her classmates who also awaited her attention, most clicked and tapped away on their cellphones. Taking the freebie greedily. To her right she had Gwen, directly behind her was Peter and right next to him was Flash. They were whispering quietly, occasionally, Flash did get a bit louder. She rolled her eyes and started tapping her pencil again. 'Probably some testosterone fueled debate.' She smirked at her remark and then jolted when she felt Gwen jab the bony part of her elbow right into her rib cage. "You'll get into trou-"

"Ms. Smith, by god, if you don't stop tapping that pencil, I will have to reprimand it from you."

Emerald looked up to find Mrs. Hazel stare at her for a second and then look away with an annoyed expression.

"I'll just pull out another one." Emerald muttered under her breath. There was a scoff from Flash and a slight hiss from Gwen.

"What was that, Ms. Smith?"

"Oh..nothing! Actually. I was talking to Gwen here about how…lovely your hair is." There was a loud snicker from Flash and she slightly turned to glare at him, also expressing to him that he had to play along.

Mrs. Hazel turned around with a slight grin on her face, as if she was truly surprised to hear that. Well, what 50 year old woman wouldn't be? She held the marker up mid-air and cocked her head to the side.


Emerald nodded fast and looked around at her other classmates that seemed to do the same, there were loud mumbles of "Totally or Yeah."

"Of course, Mrs. Hazel. I mean..I could try as hard as I wanted to. But I would never be able to make my hair curl up and balance on my head like that, now that is some true talent."

Mrs. Hazel smiled brightly and then slightly fanned herself as if the paparazzi were swarming around her like an ocean of fruit flies.

"Oh. Well. Thank you so much, Ms. Smith. I appreciate it." Then she put the book down and toyed with her hair for a few moments before raising a finger and pointing to the board, "I will be right back, continue to copy these notes down."

The room was silent for a moment until Peter leaned in towards her shoulder and muttered loudly, "How lovely was her hair?"

Then Gwen turned towards her with a sweet smile on her face, Emerald smirked. "Yes. I'm very curious. Don't leave out the details. Ms. Smith."

Emerald turned her head away from the three around her and then looked around to find the whole class eagerly staring at her with puffed up smiles and glitter in their eyes. Emerald shrugged and then turned towards Gwen while at the same time, she had the ability to view Flash and Peter from the corner of her eyes. Emerald batted her mascara coated eyelashes crazily and gave a big silly smile.

"So very lovely. I mean, who wouldn't want that extra bounce and crazy amount of hair gel?!"

The whole room cracked up finally from holding their breaths and she smirked at the three friends around her until they all turned back towards the board and began to write the notes just as Mrs. Hazel walked in.

"It looks like she added another can of hair gel." Flash whispered under his breath.

"Ha. It seems so." Emerald replied with a silent snort.

There was rapping on the board and they looked up from their finished notes.

"Alright, class. Let's look a little more closely at these Velocity-Time graphs."


Emerald slowly dodged the people walking to and fro their lockers, she ducked as a boy was struggling to balance a pile of books and notes, she strutted up to her locker and began to spin in her combination. '24-16-20'. With a satisfying click she opened up the shutter like locker and stuffed in the binders that she didn't need. As she shuffled through her locker for necessary materials, a certain someone decided to lounge next to her locker, with the door threatening to slam in his face. She sighed heavily and moved the locker shutter a few inches away from his face.


"What do you want, Flash?"


"Then why are you here?"

"Well..I kind of did have something to say."


She slammed her locker door shut and stuffed her necessary items into her bag and zipped it up, slinging it across her back, she turned to find Flash right at her tail. Walking alongside her in the direction to her next class. Flash awkwardly stuffed his hands into his pockets before staring down at her to find her looking up at him with a slightly annoyed look.

"Right. Listen, Em."

"It's Emerald."

"I can't call you Em?"

"…Well. Fine."

"Ok. EM. Listen, I know we got off on the wrong foot."

"Very wrong foot.."

"Ok. Yeah. Whatever. What I'm trying to say is that I'm sorry if I seemed to be acting like a jerk towards you. I hope you didn't take it's's just-"

"It's just how you are. Correct?" She smirked to find him smirking back down at her.

"Yeah. So…are we friends for sure?" He turned towards her and stuck out his large hand for her to shake. She stared down it and then up at his lean/muscular figure. If you really look past his annoying attitude, he was actually a very..very attractive person. She stared up at his pretty blue eyes and nodded with a content smile, finally allowing his hand to engulf her's in a friendly and gentle hand shake.

"Did anyone ever tell you how soft your hands are?"

She stared back at him with a bit of bewilderment, a blush crept to her cheeks, and she stared up to find him already grinning at her display of embarrassment.

"J-just go to class, Flash." She smirked and then pushed him away and strutted off while turning her head to find him walking backwards and waving a hand.

"See you later, Kat!"

Emerald rolled her eyes and clutched the straps of her book bag a bit closer as she closed in on her next class…Math. Wonderful.


Emerald shifted through her homework at a sluggish and annoyed pace. She pulled her slightly wavy/straight hair up into a pony tail and checked her Math work before finally finishing all her homework and roughly stuffing her binders and notebooks in her book bag. She put her book bag in the closet next to the front door and briefly stared out to find that the sun was beginning to set. She pouted and whirled around on her heel, "Blast you, homework. Who was the idiot who decided it was alright to make students' lives harder?!" She clucked her tongue and then walked into the kitchen, just realizing that she hadn't eaten anything since she got home. She opened up the fridge and pantry at the same time to shift her attention to both one at a time.

"Hmm..noodles..veggies…nooo…hmm…no chicken? Jeez, she just wants to make sure that there is nothing unhealthy to eat!"

Emerald clucked her tongue yet again and then closed both of the doors and decided to grab her purse, she was deciding on walking out when she stopped as an interesting headline from the Daily Bugle caught her shiver inducing green eyes. She narrowed them and then strutted over to the neatly folded newspaper table in the parlor and picked it up.


Her eyes sparked with interest and mischief. Then her eyes laid on the word notorious yet again. She narrowed her eyes and cocked her head to the side, causing her pony tail to bounce to the side. "He is definitely not notorious, maybe wanted…but for stupid reasons. I am definitely against this. I won't hesitate to tell this Jameson person either." She bit her pink bow shaped lips and then set the newspaper down and stuffed her house keys into her purse along with her credit card. Then she opened up the closet that had her book bag in it and shuffled through it until she pulled out her camera from it's bag and strapped it around her neck. Then she dug through the closet until she found her black white laced converse and tied them on. "Off I go."

Emerald quickly shuffled into the city part of Forest Hills and decided to take the subway to the main city, there were probably many interesting things in New York. NY itself was quite the masterpiece. Emerald pulled out a subway token and slid it into the machine which bleeped and clicked, allowing her to pass through the metal detectors without any hassle whatsoever. She stopped at the waiting area where the other folks waited. She sighed and looked down at her watch, 'Is there ever a time where any kind of public transport is early? We need a bullet train.' She lowered her hand and grinned with relief upon seeing the subway quickly pull up. The heavy breeze from the subway's many trailers whirled her tied hair around her face, she gripped her purse tightly and then boarded when the doors slid open.


Emerald plugged in her iPod earbuds and scrolled through her list of songs until she found the one she wanted, then she leaned against the wall of the subway and sighed with relaxation. It was usually quiet on the subways, no one bothered anyone and everyone usually minded their own business…usually. Emerald quietly nodded her head to the song and stared out the window of the subway, she was close to her stop, subways were usually used for close stops. For some odd reason, drowsiness was beginning to overtake her. Maybe it was the slight tumble and wobbling of the subway. Emerald closed her eyes and exhaled, calming her mind as if she was at one of her Yoga classes. Then her eyebrows knitted together as she felt the space next to her warm up. The heat of whoever sat next to her was disturbing her and it felt as if the person was getting closer and closer. Or was it her imagination? She snapped her eyes open to find a man of about his early 30's reaching a hand out to her face, she let out a startled gasp and was about to react when someone did that for her.

Her eyes found a skinny yet toned arm and then she traced her eyes down to his hand which was in a death grip with the man's wrist. The man jumped a bit and turned his head up to what she found a familiar figure from Midtown Science High. "I don't think she would like a creepy guy touching her face without her consent."

Emerald swapped her wide green eyes up at Peter and slightly smirked at the man's reaction as Peter lifted the man up without much struggle and pushed him aside, out of the subway seat. He plopped down next to her with his funny ear to ear grin. She cocked her head to the side and then knitted her eyebrows together. "Peter? What are you doing here? I didn't expect to find you around here..or at least not now."

"Just hanging around. I was going to go to the…um..library." He gave her a funny toothy grin before pulling out a Physics book and starting on a problem.

Emerald shook her head and raised an eyebrow, 'Hanging around…sounds familiar. And so does his voice…where have I heard it before?' She decided to shrug it off for now for it wasn't that big of a deal.

"So. What are YOU doing on the subway at this time, now, that's a good question." She snapped back to reality after hearing him question her.

She smirked at his face and then looked down, switching her iPod on shutdown before giving him her full attention, "Well. I was going to go out and get some takeout, then I was deciding to go around..and take know, just the norm."

"Norm? What kind of pictures..?"

"…Interesting pictures."

"Something weird is happening in the pit of my stomach."

"Umm..well, there's no bathroom over here. I can check to see if anyone has a plastic bag they want to give up."

"That's not what I meant!" He couldn't help but chuckle out, the vibrations from his voice sent strange chills down her spine that tickled her stomach, causing her to laugh as well.

"Oh. Then what did you mean? Mr. Specific?"

"I meant that I didn't have a good feeling about what you're saying."

"Then you could've said that instead of complicating the statement."

"Hmmm…I could have."

"A-and by the way. There's nothing to worry about."

"Your fidgeting and expressions tell me otherwise. You're up to something, and I won't leave your side for a second until I find out what."

"Oh…come on! Do you honestly think that…!"

"You want honest. Then..yes. I do think that, you are a BIG troublemaker, and I've only known you for a few days!"

"Whatever, you're just being a worry wart."


"Yes, wart."

"I find that offensive."

Something clicked in her mind but she shrugged it off again before turning to him and giving him one of her sarcastic glares.

"Why, Mr. Parker, do you find that offensive?"

"Am I that repulsive?"

She stared at him with wide eyes before cocking her head to the side and then shaking her head to return back to reality.

"No, silly. It's just a phrase."

"Sooo…you think I'm cute?"

"I never said that!"

"So I'm not charming?"

"I didn't say that either!"

"Now you're admitting that I am cute!? God, Emerald, why do you have to be so confusing!?" Emerald stared at him with confusion, 'He's good at messing with a person's head, I'll give him that!'

"Am I going to have to throw you out of this subway?"

"You would throw me out..?! Out to be ran over by god knows what?! I didn't k-know that you could be so cruel!" Then he made a face as if he would start crying, she was seriously getting annoyed now. Emerald stared dead into his eyes with a deadpan look and then crossed her arms across her chest. Suddenly, his laughter caused her to jolt, she stared at him with an expressionless look and then began to toy with her camera.

"Peter. Now I'm just worried, did know…get high before getting on this trailer?" She seriously stared at him with a concerned look. He stared back and then chuckled some more.

"No, Em, it's nothing. I was just joking with you, I'm feeling very light headed and happy right know. That's all."

"O-ok..because for a moment. I was seriously worried."

"There's nothing to be worried about." He genuinely smiled at her softly and patted her head before she smirked and before she could open her mouth, an old lady a few seats down yelled out at the top of her lungs.


They both jumped in their seats and stared at each other with strange expressions on their faces, then they both slowly turned around to stare at the woman who grumpily sat in the back with her hands folded neatly in her lap. She caught them staring and then raised an extra thin white eyebrow.

"Don't look at me like that, you darn kids! You know what I'm talking about!"

With another awkward exchange of glances, both of them slowly turned back with laughter written all over their faces, her cheeks were stained a nice dusty pink and she stared down at her iPod, playing Scoops. Peter leaned towards her shoulder to observe and then silently went back to practicing on some Physics problems. "I seriously think she needs help." He muttered out under his breath. Emerald took a second to glance at him and then went back to toying with her iPod. "I couldn't agree more." Though, she couldn't help but be a little flabbergasted and flustered at the same time. With the two emotions mixed together, it turned into a horrible concoction…leading into a slight headache. She just sighed deeply and went on her merry way. Landing ice cream blobs into the cone without having veggies drop in.


"Did you just call me a boob?!"

Emerald burst out laughing and gently set her fork down, she honestly didn't want to choke on some delicious Panda Express.


"Is it even…a word..?"

"Yes, Peter. It's a word. It's another more unsophisticated word for bre-"

"I knew that! I didn't mean that, I knew it was a word. But..really…boob? You couldn't think of another word?"

"No! I couldn't! It w..was the first word that popped up into my head that referred someone as a silly person."

"There a million other words you could've chosen."

Emerald stuffed the fork in her mouth and then hastily swallowed the chow mien before looking up at Peter and giving him one of her sarcastic smiles.

"I'm going to shove your fork down your throat if you keep questioning me."

"Jesus. Violent."

"Hey, you gotta move one way in life."

"Look at me. I'm Emerald. The next person in line for Dictator! MY WORD MEANS LAW! I WILL SMITE ALL OF YOU!"

Emerald choked on her Dr. Pepper and began to cough, making wandering eyes shift her way in annoyance, after all. They were the only annoying teenagers in the little restaurant. Peter chuckled loudly and then lowered his head quickly and tried to compose himself, after a while, he looked back up again to see Emerald dabbing at her eyes with a napkin and he snorted out, entering another round of laughter.

"Ha. You snorted."

"Yes, it's a normal human error that happens when you're having too much fun."

"You're having fun?"

"Of course. You're a very entertaining person."

"I'd say the same for you."

"Glad to hear."

Emerald pulled up her camera and began shifting through the numerous pictures they had taken, together, separately, and a just a bunch of other random things. She smiled and he looked up to examine her face.

"You take very nice pictures."

"It's just a natural thing. I think your pictures are great too."

"Who's your favorite photographer?"

"Hmm…there are many, but I'd have to go with Ansel Adams."

A smile grew upon Peter's face as he finished the last of his meal.

"His pictures are astounding. When I look at his pictures, I feel like my eyes just grow wider and wider."


There was a slight cackle.


"Are we going to have another debate, Peter?"


"I thought so."

After they both finished, he took the liberty of taking her trash and throwing it out for her, well, not without having a heated argue, but she soon gave in to his pleas. They walked out to find that the sun was down and that it was kind of dark out, she looked down at her watch to find that the time had passed by so fast. First, they decided to head to the library and study some Physics together, then they took maybe about 10 minutes at a local arcade. She smiled and now here they were, finished with dinner. Peter pulled out his phone, "9:00. Aunt May will probably start worrying if I'm not home by 11:00. Want me to take you home, we do live in the same neighborhood?"

She looked at him with an uneasy expression. She wanted to stay much longer, she wanted to prowl around the streets and alleys for anything interesting. Emerald wanted to take a risk and enter some of her photos for the Daily Bugle. She shook her head and then smiled, trying to convince him in case he had any doubts.

"Nah. I'm just going to..hang around. I think there's a book store down this street, maybe a couple of minutes away. I think I'll check that out before heading home, you know, for anything interesting."

"Interesting, huh?"

"Yup. Interesting."

"I can't help but get the feeling that you're hiding something."

"What is there to hide?" She stared straight into his eyes with a stone hard glare, hoping that it would shake his senses up a bit. Ok, so she was hiding the fact that she was NOT going to the bookstore but INDEED going to do something irresponsible and completely STUPID…but of course, she didn't want him to worry so she left that part out.

Peter stared at her a bit longer and then shook his head, finally, his face lit up again with that sly smile of his. He nodded his head and then breathed out slowly. "Alright, you've convinced me. I'll see you tomorrow then?"

Emerald nodded with satisfaction all over her face, she kept the triumph and the need to pump her fist inside her head, "Totally. I'll see you tomorrow."

He began to walk off but she tugged him back for a second by nervously grabbing onto his jacket sleeve, he turned to face her with his eyebrows shot up, "And be careful."

A genuine smile carved it's way onto his face and he nodded before shaking her held out hand, "You too. Goodnight."


And with that said and done, he was soon out of her line of sight. She quickly turned on her heel and speed walked down the side walk away from Panda Express. She was hoping to find something juicy and worthwhile. Emerald held up her camera and walked and walked through the alleys and deserted sidewalks for something..anything. Soon she found herself near the bustling area of NY, she sighed and continued down towards the safe route. 'That was a waste of time. But patience is definitely the key.' She pulled out her phone to check the time and sighted, "9:30. Perfect." She mumbled obscenities under her breath and kicked lazily at the pebbles at her feet and sluggishly walked towards the subway station, it was her fastest bet home. "I should get going now, no use in sulking around." She let out a ragged breath and stuffed her hands in her pocket.


Emerald crouched down on her legs, her muscles screaming in pain because of the constant walking that she had been doing, she held her camera up to her right eye and stared through the view finder at the scene in front of her. From the rounded corner of the alley she was in, she had two men in the perfect angle doing…what? They seemed to be arguing, she had to take pictures as well as some notes. So, she pulled out a little notebook and began writing down information.

"There isn't anymore time, Marty. We need to act now! Our voices need to be heard. The Radicals can't just stand by without screaming out!"

"…I know, I know."

"Alright! If you know! Then at least tell me what's recently been happening."

"Well. The the Boss was thinking of getting that know."

"Wait. What stuff?"

"The stuff that that Conners guy made, that turned him into that…freak."

"Why would you guys need that?"

"I haven't found out enough yet! Alright! All I know is that a certain group of people who hung around with Conners are going to be hurt! That's all I know!"

"When is this going to happen, though?"

"I can't tell, not soon, that's for sure. There's still a bunch of planning to do."

She heard enough. Were they talking about that crazy man…Dr. Curt Conners? The scientist who caused most of NY to be evacuated? All she knew was because he had turned himself into a freak Lizard thing and wanted to spread this strange gas throughout the city to turn innocent people into monsters like him. But what had been is motivation? Why had he done it? Yes, Emerald had indeed been busy, she had looked up the recent accidents. Including the one with that dreaded bridge. The bridge where her parents had died, and where she had almost lost her life. But she was now interested in knowing why he did that, there was definitely more research to be done. Emerald held back the emotional tears that threatened to emerge and shook her head, she needed to get some pictures. 'It looks there's going to be an important exchange here.' She pulled up her camera and watched through the view finder to see that one guy looked down at some kind of paper. No doubt something important.

Emerald timed herself and snapped it right when he handed the paper to Marty. A slight gasp escaped her lips once she realized that the camera had only acted naturally, since it was too dark. It had automatically turned to Night mode. There had been a bright flash. Her breath stopped and her body froze, she felt the cold beads of sweat forming on her forehead and her eyes widen. "Hey! Who's there! Show yourself!"

Emerald sucked in a breath and stumbled back onto her bottom and began scooting back as fast as she could.

"There! There they are! Get um!"

She gasped again and stumbled to get up, she ran down the alley she came from in hopes of losing the two gang members, if they saw her face, she would definitely be stalked afterwards, beaten to a pulp and left to die. Even if she was a girl. These people did not care for who they harmed, not one bit. Innocent didn't' run through their head. Emerald pulled her hood up to cover her face and began to urge herself to run faster, despite her calfs screaming in pain. She strapped her camera tightly to her body and took sharp skid to the right and sighed with relief once she heard the heavy footfalls behind her cease. She slowed down to a quick stop and turned around to see that they were no longer behind her. She cocked her head to the side and shook her head. 'Have to be alert. They could be anywhere. Man, I wish these guys were stupid.'

Just when she thought it was safe to move one, there was a click of a gun being loaded and then suddenly, there was pressure applied to her back. She felt the breath flutter out of her as she immediately froze up. That was definitely no cricket, it was too sudden…and too cold. That was indeed what her second thought was, a gun.

"Well, well. What do we have here. An eavesdropper."

"What do you want to do with her, Marty?"


"Ya. Look at her ass, it's too round to be a guy's."

She gritted her teeth at their remark and then countered, she quickly spun around and clumsily roundhouse kicked the one who seemed be enjoying her posterior view. She quickly made a beeline down the alley again, stumbling over her own feet more than twice. Emerald gasped and wheezed for air, it's not like she didn't exercise, she hadn't in a while, she was just out of shape…and not by body structure, but more internally. Right when she thought it was hopeless and that they would eventually catch her. There was a popping noise from above and suddenly, a strange tug pulled her up so quickly, she couldn't even comprehend what happened until she let out a little yelp and was pulled up into the familiar arms of Spider-man.

Not realizing that it indeed was him, she began to uselessly pound mercilessly on his arms and chest.

"Let me go! I didn't mean any harm! I just needed a story! Let me go!"

"Hey! HEY! It's me!"

She immediately stopped pounding on him an opened her eyes to see the glassy yellow lenses of Spider-man staring down at her. Externally, you couldn't really tell if he was upset or not, he was wearing a mask! But from the tone of his voice…he was beyond pissed. She was suddenly finding the goons a lot more comfortable and open. "You.."

"What were you thinking?! ARE YOU CRAZY?!"

"Oh god, please let me go! I think I'd rather face their wrath."

"Answer my question, Emerald."

He gripped her arms with both hands and refused to let go with out a proper explanation. After hopelessly struggling, she sighed and then looked down at the ground.


"OK! I just needed a story! I saw the headlines on the Daily Bugle. They said that they needed photographers and I thought..why not! I could make some good cash! So it said that they needed something interesting and I thought that NY and it's alleys were quite the catch and decided to hang around here and I did find what I was looking for so can you now let go of me!?" Emerald was beyond proud of herself, she said that under one breath, 'I better get a pat on the back for this.' She looked up to find Spider-man shaking his head.

"You could have found another interesting story elsewhere!"

"I wanted something that would stand out! I wanted to show Jameson that I can indeed take the risk!"


She looked down for a second, he quickly released her from his stronger than iron grip and then began pacing back and forth.

"I knew I was right when I said that you were a danger magnet. It seems that everywhere you walk, you pull something bad towards you! How is that even possible!"

She winced with every syllable and then sat down on the ground, her legs folded up to her chest. "You're mad, aren't you?"

"I'm beyond mad! Emerald! I'm really mad! You could have gotten hurt, you could have gotten killed! I CANNOT believe what you just did!"

"You act like a parent! What's it to you anyway! I'm just a regular girl!"

"No! You're not! You're different! For…ah…for some reason, you're just special in a different way. There's something about you that casts you out from other people."

Emerald glared up at him for a second to see that he had stopped pacing to examine her, he grew close to her and sat down across from her, she looked down at the brick building they were on and sighed. Toying with the scraping texture of the building.

"With great power comes great responsibility."

She furrowed her eyebrows together and looked up at him to see him staring off into the horizon.


"My uncle told me those words before he was killed. He told me that if you have power…use it for good. And not for the evil. To respect it and take the gratitude, even if it's not in the form that you want it to be in. I listen to those words every night, and I meditate and reflect on those words. I want to help people, I want to show people that there is someone out there that is there for everyone and that is willing to risk his life for their safety. I just want people to understand."

She suddenly felt guilty, she felt horrible, she felt stupid. Emerald had the urge to claw at her being, to rip at her skin, to regret that she had gotten mad at him for caring so much about her. He was just afraid to lose people important to him. He was right, the one that should be angry, was him, not her. She smacked her forehead and he snapped his head to stare at her. "I'm…s-sorry, Spider-man. I'm so…sorry." Then the tears began to spill out uncontrollably, she shook her head and used her palms to continuously wipe away at the never ending flow of salty tears.

Spider-man scooted closer to her and began to wipe away her tears, he shook his head and wrapped an arm around her shoulder, rubbing her arm to comfort her. She leaned ageist his chest and soon the hiccuping began. "Hey, hey. You didn't say anything at all. Why are you crying. Don't cry, I don't like seeing you cry. When you cry, it hurts me. Dry up." He wiped up the remaining tears and stared down at her, she looked up at his lenses and then smiled slightly. "I'm sorry."

"You have nothing to apologize for."

"For being stupid."

"Well..maybe that. But don't worry about it. Shouldn't you be getting home though. What time is it?"

She pulled her phone out and stared down at the time. "10:00."

"Come on. Hold on, I'll take you home."


"Can you stay with me…please?"

She stared up at Spider-man, his looming tall figure casted a dark shadow on her figure, he nodded and urged her inside her home.

Emerald walked up to the fire place and began to light it, she flipped up the switch and sat down on the comfy arm chair. Emerald turned her head to see that Spider-man had lurked his way already into the chair, he aimlessly stared into the fire until she cleared her throat.

"So you saved all those people on that bridge accident, right?"

He looked at her, he seemed to be hesitant before he nodded, folding his legs up in a pretzel style.


"Including me."

His head snapped towards her with what seemed like astonishment, he cocked his head to the side and then stared back into the fire.

"You were there?"

"I was."

"I see…"

"Can I tell you..a story?"

He turned his head to her again and leaned on his palm, towards her.

"About what?"

"My parents."


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