Death… It's all around us…

The tender warmth that envelops our bodies; the soft lubally that lulls to sleep, a promise of better times. It's like the hymn of the seas, wave after wave, crashing into each other, in the shores. The song that speaks of life and death. How we came to be, how we ended. It's all scripted in the ever ending blue skies.

The skies….

His baby blues fluttered opened. There was green in the sky. It burned bright green. It rained green shooting stars. It was beautiful, yet it was horrifying. It's beauty was embraced by the screams of the dead and the dying.

Everything was ending and he…

He hadn't been able to stop it.


He did stop what he could, but it had been late, the only remedy left was rebirth. And for the earth to rebirth, everything had to die and bloom anew.

"Don't be afraid."

A soft voice spoke in his ear. He saw the green of her eyes, the tender smiles displayed in her soft, thin lips.


It was barely a whisper. Calling forward the ghost of the past.

She smiled at him, placed her soft small hands on his cheek. Somehow, the warmth of the palms of her hands was reassuring.

"You'll be fine."

A soft murmur. He believed her.

Cloud closed his eyes, a soft smile played on his lips.

"You'll be safe with us."

A male voice spoke now, he knew that voice. A tear rolled down his face. He missed the warmth and happy flutters that came from hearing that voice.


He rasped out, his voice gone.

"Don't worry Cloud, we are here. I am here, it's not over yet."

He spoke reassuringly. A hand pressed firmly against his aching chest.

"It's only the begging."

She said, and he believed her.

He could feel it. The earth shifting and changing underneath it. The thousands and thousands of life floating away in the sky, being drawn into the core of the earth. Gaia was calling home all those souls, she was taking everything away. She would soon give birth to new life.

He wondered when she was going to suck him away.

"Soon, we'll be there together with you when it happens."

He didn't know who had said it, but felt the earth melting underneath him. Agony like no other took over him, muted screams escaped his lips. He was fading away, slowly and painfully. She was pulling him into her embrace.

Tender, warm arms embraced him, held him firmly and he could feel their energy, the core of their very being slowly being sucked down along with his.

For a moment he saw their smiling faces before his entire being faded into nothing but a green specter, floating away only to be called back to the center of the core.

It was the end, but it was also the begging.