Once upon a time there was a great danger to the human race. Connor Ethan and Kira were chosen to defend earth in a time of need. After accepting their destinies, the trio grew closer as they battled the worst villains the universe had to offer. Their mentor Tommy Oliver soon joined them and became the Black ranger. Not long after Trent Mercer followed them into battle assuming the role of the White Dino Ranger. They used all of their powers to destroy Mesogog. They had absolutely no power left.

That was several months ago.


A spark in the universe of all space and time brings forth a young man who's destiny is to save the one's who need saving.

Even with Mesogog's defeat, the forces of evil aren't finished with the rangers yet. A new villain has emerged and is planning to mold the world into his father's image. Now the ranger's must join forces with Tommy's long lost friend and ex girlfriend to defeat this new monster, and save the world.